Should your lawn care company haul off the lawn clippings?

Written by Gene Caballero on September 29, 2014

Do you have your clippings bagged when your lawn is cut each week?  A bagged lawn always looks slightly better, but who should have to deal with the clippings?  Is this necessarily the responsibility of the lawn care service provider?

Should he provide this service for free?

When I operated my landscaping business for 15 years, we would always haul off the clippings as part of the service. However, friends of mine in the landscaping business would just dump them on the street curb for the municipality to come and collect them.  The problem with the latter is that you may have to look at an unsightly pile of grass clippings for days.    When I asked those contractors how the heck they thought it was OK to leave clippings on the street they would say that they only charged for the lawn mowing and not the disposal of the lawn clippings.

So the answer is that no two lawn care companies are the same.  Some charge for haul off, and some includ it in their pricing.

When we quoted a new yard we would figure $5-$10 extra per service for lawn clipping disposal.  It really does take more time for the lawn care professional to deal with the clippings.  First, they have to load them on their truck, ride around with the clippings accumulating all day. and then dispose of them in some fashion at the end of the day.  We had some crews followed by an empty tuck to deal with all the clippings we created.  This is all very costly to the lawn care company.

Ideally, you could start a compost pile in the back corner of your yard and not have to pay the extra charge.  This is also obviously better for the environment as well.

After speaking with several landscapers and customers, I have come t the conclusion that it is reasonable for a lawn care service provider to charge 10%-20% extra to haul off the clippings when they are done with the service.

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