Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Long Beach, CA as of Apr, 2024

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Carrillo Landscaping Lawn Services in Long Beach, CA

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Our lawn care team at Carrillo Landscaping has spent years taking care of lawns around the Long Beach CA area. We’re based out of Sherman Place in the Whittier neighborhood of Long Beach and can provide lawns on either side of the Pacific Coast Highway with lawn care services and lawn mowing services.

The Carrillo Landscaping approach to your lawn is thorough and provides help for everything you need when it comes to maintaining your yard and keeping that space looking attractive. We love helping homeowners around Long Beach with everything from grass cutting to weed removal and everything in between.

The specifics we follow for lawn care in Long Beach include points relating to how well your lawn works. We recognize that every lawn in Long Beach is different based on aspects like how the grass grows, how water drains, and the type of soil in a space. You’ll need a lawn care team that will identify everything surrounding the quality of your lawn. That’s where Carrillo Landscaping will help you out with managing your site.

We will provide lawn care and lawn service solutions based on your budget. Everything from mowing grass to aerating your soil to seeding the space as necessary. We’ll also clean out any weeds, crabgrass, thatch, or other stuff that might get on your yard. Our lawn care and lawn service team will keep your space protected without worrying about the quality of the landmass in question.

You can get any lawn care services in Long Beach cared for when you reach us for help. Maybe you have a lawn near El Dorado Park West, and you want that lawn to look as green as the grass around that park. You might also have a home in the Los Altos area that has several trees around that need to be groomed alongside your lawn. We will cover everything around your property surrounding the quality of the grass and anything else growing where you are.

We also offer commercial landscaping, lawn care services, and lawn mowing services. Do you have an office center near LGB that needs to be cared for? Our lawn care and lawn service team will visit your property and plan out any lawn care work on your schedule. After all, a well-groomed business spot is one that people are more likely to trust and support thanks to how classy and beautiful the space looks.

Everything we do is made with the safety and comfort of your lawn in mind as well. We offer great lawn mowing services and lawn maintenance services that ensure your spot will not experience lots of fatigue or wear.

Carrillo Landscaping to help you with making the most out of your lawn in Long Beach CA. We want to help people around the Long Beach area with everything you need extra help with when making the most out of your lawn and giving you the space you deserve. You will love the effort that we will put into getting your yard to look attractive and organized. Get quality lawn care services and lawn mowing services when you hire us today.

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Johns Care Lawn Services in Long Beach, CA

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Every homeowner in Long Beach CA wants their home to feel as luxurious as the RSS Queen Mary. But while a homeowner might think about decorating the inside of one’s home to make the space look beautiful, many people in Long Beach forget about what’s on the outside. Those who do think about the exteriors of their homes might not focus on their lawns all that much.

Lawn care in Long Beach is very important. The mix of green and brown lawns around Lakewood Village clearly shows how much work goes into making a lawn look nice. Don't settle for a poor-looking lawn. You can get expert lawn care services from Johns Care. We provide lawn care services and lawn mowing services that tackle your lawn maintenance needs. Let us build a love you'll love in no time.

Johns Care is a lawn care business based out of Baltic Avenue near Silverado Park. Our trained lawn service experts can provide grass cutting and lawn care services to properties in Long Beach regardless of which side of the Los Angeles River the house is on.

Johns Care can provide lawn service work and do just about anything you need. We want to make your lawn look its best by providing amazing lawn care services in Long Beach. We provide lawn care services and lawn mowing services to all homes in the area, including the beautiful homes in the Naples neighborhood and the classy properties in the Wrigley Heights area. The thorough lawn service approach that we put into our lawn care work makes our lawn care services at Johns Care all the more helpful for your living needs.

We offer lawn mowing services alongside other conveniences like weed removal, pest control, and surface edging. We can handle all types of properties in the city, including ones that have unique grass materials that are not native to the area. We can analyze every kind of grass we come across to figure out how it grows and what needs to be done to keep the grass growing evenly and with care.

Our thorough approach to lawn care is a point that cannot be ignored. You need to ensure your lawn is treated well and that you can get the service you need when maintaining your lawn the right way. Johns Care will help you with all your needs no matter how thorough they can be. We’ll talk with you before you start about a comprehensive lawn care plan we have for maintaining your lawn and correcting any issues.

You can confirm the lawn care or lawn service plan and the cost involved with us before we start. You might be surprised at how affordable our lawn care services and lawn mowing services are. They are as easy to pay as they are comprehensive.

Contact Johns Care if you need ongoing lawn maintenance in Long Beach too. We'll help you as long as you need us. We want to be the lawn care and lawn service team that you can trust when it comes to managing your lawn and giving the space a beautiful look that it needs. Our lawn service work will complete the task of producing a luxurious area you will love.

With GreenPal, managing your lawn care needs in California State has never been easier. Whether you need lawn services in Compton or are searching for a dependable yard maintenance provider in Torrance or Huntington Beach, GreenPal ensures your lawn care is hassle-free.

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Keep It Clean Lawn Services in Long Beach, CA

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How big is your lawn?  Keep It Clean assume that your lawn is smaller than the fields at LGB. But you don’t need to have a huge yard to take advantage of what we offer at Keep It Clean. You can trust us with your lawn even if you have a small grass island to work with at your Long Beach CA field.

Do you have a home in Memorial Heights that has a front yard but not a back yard? You don’t need a full-size lawn to utilize our grass-cutting services. We’ll give you help for anything you have on your lawn even if it’s minimal.

Perhaps you have a larger lawn in Los Cerritos featuring a backyard with some bushes and trees and a front space that is divided by a sidewalk. We’ll help you with every part of the yard from mowing the lawn to edging the spaces next to the sidewalk and other paved spots.

The best part is that you won’t have to wait all that long for us to come to your Long Beach home. We are based out of the Freeway Circle region on 68th Way. It won’t take long for us to travel down the Long Beach Freeway or the Artesia Freeway to get to your home. We’ve taken care of homes in just about every part of Long Beach, and the odds are we’ll be able to fit your space as well.

What is particularly useful about our services at Keep It Clean is that we help with keeping the drainage in your lawn under control. We know that you can’t always get water out of your home, and the Los Angeles River isn’t going to help all that much. We’ll aerate your soil and analyze the drainage to figure out what works for your space when managing water. Our effort will assist you in producing the best lawn that you could ask for.

Finally, as the name of our business suggests, we will always Keep It Clean when it comes to your lawn after we finish. We will clean up any grass leaves, twigs, tree branches, bush leaves, and other things that are left on your lawn after we are done taking care of the space. We know that this debris can cloud up your yard after a while and possibly cause some bacteria to develop depending on the quality of the surface. But you don’t have to worry, as we will clean everything around your lawn and ensure your space is spotless after we finish.

You’ll love what we at Keep It Clean have to offer for your home. Get in touch with us when you’re looking for a team that can help you with everything you need surrounding your lawn maintenance solutions in Long Beach CA. We can help you analyze your needs through a no-obligation analysis of your lawn to see what may work best for your lawn care needs without being costly.

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Lawn Care Direct Lawn Services in Long Beach, CA

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I want to give you a bit of a background on what I do here at Lawn Care Direct. My name is Alex Torres, and I started Lawn Care Direct as an offshoot of my California Locksmith Company. I know, these are two different fields of work. So what made me interested in starting a lawn maintenance team in Long Beach CA?

I started my work out of the Upper Westside region of Long Beach as a means of providing homeowners around the city by keeping their lawns attractive. I wanted to expand to lawn care to help people with keeping their yards beautiful and unique. But the most critical part of my work is that it is designed to help with keeping even the toughest lawns looking attractive.

I’ve worked with many lawn care groups over the years before I started my separate business. I’ve discovered over the years that a lawn is only as good as the soil it is on. The yard has to be cared for well with soil that is loose enough to handle water and grass that is long enough to protect the bed but not too long to where the surface would become unwieldy and hard to utilize. I love helping people with caring for their lawns, and my work at Lawn Care Direct shows.

More importantly, I notice that every neighborhood in Long Beach has a unique style to it. The lawns are reflective of those neighborhoods based on how well these spots are laid out. The lawns at Poly High often get more shade and are therefore more likely to grow fast. Meanwhile, the greens around Old Lakewood City tend to be a little more compact. The spots around the coast like Belmont Shore are loose in quality too.

But it does not matter what your lawn is like in general. I’ll be there to help you with mowing your lawn, and all your other yard maintenance needs regardless of where in Long Beach you live. Are you in Bluff Park or Lindbergh? That’s a trick question; I’d take care of your lawn no matter what neighborhood you live in.

I am also on demand for your sudden lawn maintenance needs too. Do you have someone coming from outside the state and you need to make your lawn look attractive? You can talk with me for help with getting your lawn maintained well enough in this case. I am available online or by phone when you need someone to get out to your home as soon as possible. The prompt response I will provide will see that you’ll have the help you demand right away. The fact that I’m based right here in Long Beach also ensures that you will not have to wait all day for me to get to your spot.

Talk with me at Lawn Care Direct if you need assistance with maintaining your Long Beach lawn. My attention to detail and the thorough approach I put in will work for your needs.

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George Iseles lawn cut in Long Beach CA
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I spend quite a bit of effort with my working at the LA Fitness on Stearns Street, so I expect a lawn care team I hire to put in as much effort in my lawn. Carrillo Landscaping gets the job done every time they come to my home on Los Santos Drive while I’m out at the fitness center. I can call them every few weeks before I travel there for my workout. They are very punctual and prompt to where they’ll get there, mow my lawn, and clean up before I arrive. I even asked for them to give me the grass clippings, and they were more than happy to oblige.

Sebastian Smith lawn mow in Long Beach CA
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I asked Johns Care about what they can do for my Cal Heights home. I told them that my home was bearing severe dandelion infestations around my backyard and that they weren’t going away. They said to me that pulling them out was making it worse and that the weeds needed to be dried out. They let me know all about how a sensible plan for lawn care can keep those weeds from growing back. They helped me with removing the weeds, and a few months later my lawn looks spotless. Better yet, the grass is growing normally once again.

Brian Abraham lawn care service in Long Beach CA
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You can tell that the people at Keep It Clean have been working on lawns around Long Beach for years based on how professional they are. I hired them to come to my home in Bixby Knolls to restore my yard after a long drought, and they were very thorough in what they did for my space. They talked with me about loosening up my soil, mowing the lawn only at the right height, and using a new irrigation schedule. The team has been helping me every month with regular mowing, and they always come ready, and at the time they say they will.

Mike Mallorca lawn mow in Long Beach CA
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My home in the Artcraft Manor neighborhood near the airport has never looked better thanks to Lawn Care Direct. I took off on a flight from the airport not long ago, and I noticed when flying out that my lawn had the greenest look on my block from up high. The team’s bi-weekly mowing service was a big part of what makes it easy for me to get the lawn care help I need. The active effort Lawn Care Direct puts in also ensures my lawn will be trimmed around all the ends and that my space will be aerated depending on its needs.