Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Boston, MA as of Jan, 2023


Southie Lawn and Snow Lawn Services in Boston, MA

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Boston is home to some of the oldest lawns in the country. You can travel to an older neighborhood like Packard’s Corner and find many yards that date back to the nineteenth century. These include lawns that haven’t had new layers of sod added in generations.

Such lawns can be difficult to care for because of how fragile they might be. Repeated rain and snow storms can do a number on many of these yards. But it’s not impossible for your lawn in the Boston area to be cared for, as even the oldest lawn in the city can look like new when you ask us at Southie Lawn and Snow for help with your lawn maintenance demands.

Our team covers all lawns from yards around flats in Boylston to tree-laden campus lawns near Salisbury. We provide a thorough approach to lawn care throughout the entire calendar year.

You can ask us at Southie Lawn and Snow for help with your lawn mowing efforts in the spring and summer. We care for all grass types in the Boston area. You can also ask us to mow your lawn if you’ve got a property off of Clam Point or Neponset. We also serve rental properties near the bay or one of the many college campuses in the region. Our grass cutting team works with the newest mowing materials, including many electric mowers.

You can ask us to aerate your lawn or to power rake your yard to remove leaves and other bits of debris. Our team has the expertise necessary for removing even the most difficult growths from your yard. We know that it is often difficult for people to care for their lawns on their own, what with some of the oldest yards in the Boston area being so fragile. Our team will remove all the things from these properties to ensure they are easy for us to mow.

We can also remove snow from your property during the winter season. We can plow snow around the front of your property and on your driveway. You can ask us to clean out snow and ice from your landscape, trees, and roof. Our work will clean off all that weight without damaging what’s underneath. We also offer a deicing service that will remove ice buildups from your home, thus reducing the chance that ice might cover your property.

You won’t have to worry about spending far too much money on our services either. We’ll talk with you before we start about what we can do for your lawn. You’ll know what it will cost before we start. Even better, you’ll find that our services don’t cost anywhere near as much as you might assume they could.

Our team at Southie Lawn and Snow want to help you keep your yard and landscape looking its best all year round no matter how old it may be. You can reach us for help with your landscape maintenance work throughout the year.


Proper Lawn and Property Services Lawn Services in Boston, MA

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Our name Proper Lawn and Property Services is appropriate in that we offer the proper lawn maintenance services that all homeowners in the Boston area can benefit from. You can reach us at Proper to take advantage of what we have to offer here in the area.

Our team is out of the City Point neighborhood of Boston near Castle Island. We’re not too far off from Joe Moakley Park. We know that it’s not always easy for people to care for their lawns in the Boston area. Look at some of the baseball diamonds at Joe Moakley Park, and you’ll see plenty of worn yards that look discolored due to all that foot traffic.

The work we provide at Proper Lawn and Property Services is all about keeping your yard green and beautiful no matter what type of lawn you have. We can trim large trees in Dudley Square or clean up gardens and landscapes in Upham’s Corner. We also serve apartment complexes and businesses around the Boston area.

Our team’s work covers more than the traditional grass cutting effort. You can also ask us to trim your bushes and remove weeds from your property. We have an aeration service that helps with restoring the soil quality around your yard as well. Our aeration and drainage work will help your property stay comfortable during the summer season when the rains get to be a problem. Our work can also prevent flooding.

Every task we offer at Proper works to the letter. You can talk with us about what we can do for your lawn before we start. We’ll adhere to the rules you ask us to follow when caring for your lawn. You can ask us to take care of specific lawn care tasks based on your budget as well. We’ll let you know what it would cost for services when we start working on your property.

You also have the option to contact us at Proper Lawn and Property Services about cleaning snow off of your site. We can remove snow and ice from your roof, your trees, and your driveway. We have plows on hand to clear out snow, so your property can still be accessible even during the strongest snowstorms in the winter.

We can clean up your lawn after the winter season as well. We will remove thatch and other unhealthy growths from around your property. Our team’s work will clean up all the stuff that might be difficult to care for on your own. More importantly, we’ll ensure your grass stays healthy even after we clean it all off.

Our staff at Proper Lawn and Property Services offers year-round services that will ensure you make the most out of your lawn in the city. Talk with us today to learn more about the services we have to offer and how we can support your property and give you a quality service that you can afford.


Bay View Turf Lawn Services in Boston, MA

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Many things can influence the quality of your yard in Boston, MA. One of these entails how your lawn may be naturally acidic. It may be difficult for your grass to receive the nutrients it requires due to this pH imbalance. There’s also the potential that the soil around your yard is compacted, thus making it hard for your grass to receive the water it requires without possibly flooding. Even an entirely loosened soil bed could become compact again during the winter season.

The hassles that come with caring for your lawn are frustrating enough as they are. But our team at Bay View Turf respects the unique needs you have for your yard and will help you with maintaining your lawn the right way every time. Our team at Bay View Turf can serve your home in the Boston area by providing many useful treatments.

We can start by providing a lime treatment for your yard. A lime treatment will entail limestone to neutralize the pH level. Our work will make it easier for your grass to grow.

We can also aerate your lawn at any point in the year. The aeration process entails removing old plugs from your yard to help allow grass seed and fertilizer to enter your grass bed well enough. The work will enable the grass to grow faster.

These services make up online a small part of the extensive array of yard maintenance solutions we have to offer. You can ask us at Bay View Turf about many other tasks from mowing your lawn to removing weeds from your landscape. We proudly offer a complete service that serves everything you need for your home. We can review every inch of your lawn to figure out what your home needs, so we can provide you with a comprehensive approach to treatment that you will appreciate.

You can ask us to help you with your lawn no matter how large or small it might be. Our team will care for all lawns of various sizes, including larger yards in the Brook Farm or Roslindale areas or any rental properties you have along the bay. We can come to your home at any time you ask us to go over. We can even reach your property while you’re out of town for any reason.

Our team can also give you a thorough estimate for services. We can talk about what it would cost for our lime treatments, aeration services, lawn mowing efforts, and much more.

You can reach us at Bay View Turf for help with your lawn care services today. Contact us to see how well you can ask us to help you with your lawn maintenance needs. We can serve your home at any time of the year and let you know all the things that you might need help with, so you’ll get the support you need.


Donovan and Sons Lawn Services in Boston, MA

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There are many unique properties in the Boston MA area that deserve nothing but the best lawn care services. Our team at Donovan and Sons and can help you regardless of what home or business you have in the region. We have a thorough series of services that will cover every part of your home no matter where you are.

Our owner Jamal Donovan and the rest of his team at Donovan and Sons can support homes around the bay. We offer support for homes on Harbor Point and City Point among other sites where the sand from the nearby beaches can get in the way. Our work can help with cleaning out the debris from a lawn before we start mowing. The work ensures that the lawn mowing process is easy to handle without annoying bits of sand or other debris getting in the way.

We’re available to care for homes in some of the oldest neighborhoods in Boston. Neighborhoods like Mission Hill, Codman Square, and Upham’s Corner feature older grass beds that are often fragile. Our work will focus on gently trimming even the most sensitive bits of grass around your yard. We help with not only grass cutting, but also with power raking a lawn to clean off leaves, branches, and other things. Our work is thorough yet gentle.

You may also have a rental property somewhere in the Boston area. Boston is home to an assortment of appealing rental properties, including ones near Castle Island and Marina Bay. Many of the top rental homes in the region include ones near some of the most prestigious universities in the area. You can have us come to a rental property on Kendall Square near MIT or at Spring Hill near Harvard among one of the other beautiful campuses in the city.

We can arrive at a rental property when you ask us to come over. We can let you know when we show up and leave. You’ll also get before and after photos of our work. You can ask us for help at any time, although we are always available right before the college semester begins when people are getting ready to move into these rental homes.

You don’t have to make as much money as your typical MIT graduate to afford what we at Donovan and Sons can do. Our team offers some of the most affordable rates for lawn maintenance services in the Boston area. We can talk with you about scheduling a distinct schedule for rates. Our plans will ensure you have the help you need.

We can work on any large or small yard in Boston as well. You could even ask us to work on an athletic surface like what you’d find around the southern end of Harvard’s campus.

Every lawn in Boston, MA, deserves to have access to the best lawn care services in the city. You can reach us at Donovan and Sons to help you with all the unique needs you have.

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Catherine Stivers yard mowing in Boston MA
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Southie Lawn and Snow have been serving my business in the Jones Hill neighborhood for the past three years. The team shows up at my property every two to three weeks to trim the grass outside my restaurant and to groom the bushes near the windows. They clean off after they finish as well, so my business will look beautiful all the way through. The team’s rates are very affordable and have never cramped my business’ budget. My company always seems to get more customers not long after the people at Southie come over to care for the lawn and all the other features around.

Lucinda Archibald lawn maintenance in Boston MA
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The work we’ve received from Proper has helped us with keeping our lawn looking outstanding. The team here at Proper has been working hard on our property in Meeting House Hill by not only mowing grass but also be trimming our bushes. The team’s work is comprehensive and technical. I like how the group cleans up both before and after they start working. They also ensure my yard stays green and fresh after they clean and that they don’t scratch or scrape the grass bed. The careful work they have provided is thorough and useful, and I much appreciate the hard work they put in.

Jane Jones yard cutting in Boston MA
residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Boston-MA residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Boston-MA local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Boston-MA residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Boston-MA local-lawn-care-services-in-Boston-MA

I like how the team at Bay View Turf respects the needs that my lawn has. I’ve hired other lawn care providers in Boston over the years, and all they do is mow my lawn. They never look at what’s causing my yard in Melville Park to grow weeds or to flood. But everyone at Bay View Turf goes a step above and checks on what’s causing my yard to flood and struggle at times. The people here have been accommodating and understanding of the needs I have for my lawn. I would recommend the people at Bay View Turf to anyone who needs support for their lawn care demands.

Artie Cody yard cutting in Boston MA
the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Boston-MA local-lawn-care-services-in-Boston-MA the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Boston-MA local-lawn-care-services-in-Boston-MA affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Boston-MA

The careful work that the people put in at Donovan and Sons to help clean up my home in Cambridgeport was thorough and useful. The team helped me with removing the weeds from my garden and with trimming the bushes that were covering up my front windows. The team also cleaned up the driveway and edged the grass all around. The lawn mowing effort was also useful, especially since they did not leave lots of grass stains around my yard after they were finished. I would recommend the team at Donovan and Sons to anyone in Boston who needs help with their lawn care needs.