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Best Sprinkler For the Lawn


Best Sprinkler For the Lawn

In this brief guide you will learn everything you need to know when it comes to finding the best sprinkler.

It’s true, the right sprinkler system can make or break your new lawn!

And the wrong sprinkler, just may break itself.

If you are like most homeowners across America. Your lawn is a pride and joy, and knowing which sprinkler to chose can make all the difference.

Are you ready to learn more about which sprinkler is right for your lawn? 

Then let’s dive in!

Why is finding the right sprinkler for your lawn so important?

Look, when you are looking at watering your lawn. Finding the right sprinkler is important for several reasons. 

The right sprinkler will:

  • Conserve water, helping both you and the environment, 

  • Make sure that your lawn gets all the water it needs,

  • And, displace water evenly. 

As a general rule, your lawn should get about one inch of water per week, so the right sprinkler is important! 

There are three types of lawn sprinklers to choose from. 

When choosing which type is right for you. Keep in mind, your watering needs will vary based on what part of the country you live in. For example, a lawn in southern Georgia won’t have the same watering requirements as a lawn in Northern California. 

So, whether you are laying down sod, or trying to turn your brown lawn green again. Let's find out which one of these options will work perfectly for you. 

3 Sprinkler Options for your Lawn

1. Oscillating Sprinkler: 

The most famous type of sprinkler for lawns is the oscillating sprinkler. 

Here’s the deal, the oscillating sprinkler does a great job of watering in a rectangle pattern

Better yet, it can water up to 4,000 square feet with high enough water pressure! 

Cons of the oscillating sprinkler: The problem is that due to the curving of the water. A lot of the water will miss the mark and at the end of each cycle, and puddles can develop. 

This is especially true in cheaper models. 

Pro tip! When buying an oscillating sprinkler. You need a model that has at least 15 spray jets for good coverage, and a model that goes back and forth quickly without pausing. This will prevent puddles.

2. Stationary Sprinkler:

The stationary sprinkler is designed for small areas and it can have a pattern that is circular, rectangular or square. Best of all, children will love this type of sprinkler and will play with it for hours! 

This sprinkler is that it is quite cheap and works well when there is little pressure.

Cons of the stationary sprinklerThe bad thing about this sprinkler is that it can clog easily, and usually has a plastic frame that does not last very long. 

Additionally, they offer a limited range so multiple sprinklers may need to be used for any sizeable area. 

3. Pulsating Sprinkler: 

The pulsating sprinkler model shoots a jet of water in a circular area. This sprinkler can deliver up to 10,000 square feet of coverage. But that is only with a high enough water pressure. 

This sprinkler is very good for spaces that are rounded or in an irregular shape. It can cover any size arc over that area, and the water rarely sits in puddles on the lawn. 

Cons of the pulsating sprinkler: The problem is that this sprinkler is noisier than other types of sprinklers. Additionally, it doesn't work well under low pressure conditions.

What is the best sprinkler for the lawn? 

In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with the oscillating sprinkler. It offers a supreme range of coverage and is built to last. However, the type of sprinkler that is best for you truly depends on your budget and lawn. 

In my experience, it’s best to spend a few extra bucks and get a sprinkler that will last. 

Alternatively, you may want to consider getting irrigation professionally installed.

Bottom Line

These three types of sprinklers for the lawn differ in price and capabilities.  

However, if you can find the right one for your yard, you will be able to water your lawn without wasting water. 

As you know, wasted water is bad for the environment. Additionally, it is bad for your lawn and it is bad for your wallet. 

So naturally, the right sprinkler will water all the lawn, without missing anything. While also minimizing the waste of water hitting sidewalks or driveways. 

Find the right sprinkler for you and your lawn, and will both be very happy.

It is all part of a good management plan for your lawn, courtesy of Your GreenPal. If you need help watering your lawn or struggle with any lawn care task, consider hiring a Pro through GreenPal.

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