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Lawn Works Lawn Services in Louisville, KY

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Hi there, thank you for considering Lawn Works for affordable lawn care services and lawn mowing services in Louisville, Kentucky. We have been rated as one of the best lawn care and lawn service companies in the region. We offer many lawn service options for lawn care in Louisville. We love providing lawn care and lawn service to customers in the area and want you to benefit as well. 

Get lawn care in Louisville that you'll love. We provide quality lawn care and lawn service work that will take your lawn from old to new in record time. We know how to provide quality and professional lawn care services you'll love.

Plus, all of our lawn care services are affordable. Any lawn care or lawn service job you hire us for will be affordable for you. We also provide a range of lawn mowing services and lawn care services for all kinds of properties.

Whether you need ongoing lawn mowing services for your home or lawn care services for your business or field, we offer lawn care and lawn service in Louisville that is affordable and done at the highest standard of lawn care.  

When I started this lawn care and lawn service company, I was already working in landscaping for five years. I figured I could do something better than what was going on in the lawn care and lawn service company. Maybe it’s just my own beliefs, but to me, providing lawn care services and lawn mowing services is a lot more than just cutting grass. 

I wanted to change all of that and provide real professional lawn care services that produce great results. So, I went out and started my own lawn care business.

Now we serve almost fifteen lawns a week and provide a range of lawn mowing services and other lawn service work. Our lawn care professionals care deeply about the lawn service work we provide.

When we bring someone new on to the team, they go through strict lawn service training that teaches them how to do more than mow a lawn. We teach them the basics, but we teach them how to treat our clients and their property. We believe this is a huge deal.

That is why we believe we offer a distinct advantage against our competitors. Not only do our lawn service, landscaping, lawn mowing services, and lawn care services follow industry-leading practices, we also provide passionate care. Something that is lacking this day in age. 

For lawn service in Louisville that you can trust, contact our lawn care company. We believe in providing lawn care in Louisville that meets all needs. If our lawn care services do not meet your standards, we will work until they do or you can get a refund. 

Our lawn service and lawn care company truly believes in our abilities and have a reputation to prove it. Get quality lawn service from a committed lawn care company. For lawn care services that won't be too expensive, contact our lawn service company.

Mostly our lawns are in the Thixton area, but any part of Louisville is open game to order the best lawn mowing in Louisville. We don’t call ourselves the best for nothing either. We have a spotless record for customer service, and that isn’t smoke. If you go over to our profile, you will see tons of reviews saying just that. If your neighbors say we are the best landscaping in Louisville, shouldn’t you believe them 


ZZZ Lawn Services in Louisville, KY

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Overgrown lawnsproblem trees, ugly bushes, whatever it is we can make them pretty all over again! We offer more than just cheap lawn mowing services near you and lawn care services near you, we are a lawn beautification service! If your lawn isn’t as pretty as you want it to be, don’t waste your time with lawn service amateurs who just happen to own a cheap lawnmower. Go with a lawn care company like us who can guarantee a job well done.

For lawn care services and lawn mowing services you'll love, contact our lawn service company. We provide a range of lawn care services that are inexpensive. The lawn care in Louisville you get should be worth the money. 

We offer a complete lawn care package you can hire us for to receive full-scale work on your lawn. Many of our packages include deep discounts, deep lawn service work, regular lawn mowing services, and other lawn care services. 

There is no lawn care or lawn service job too small or too big for us. If it is just quick lawn service work, help with a lawn care project, or lawn mowing services, we’ll do it faster than you’ll notice we’re there. If you need a whole lawn care job of your yard like new turf, we have friends throughout the city that can get anything from astroturf to marble statues.

We don’t mess around. All of our lawn care services come backed with guarantees. We believe that opens the door for us to do a bad job. Instead of guaranteeing that, we guarantee you this: we will do the lawn care job right the first time every time. No callbacks, no coming home to a terrible lawn. Instead, the only thing you’ll be mad about is that you didn’t get to see us work!

One of the best parts about our lawn care company is that we are one of the most affordable lawn care and affordable lawn maintenances in Louisville, Kentucky. We decided a long time ago that we want people to trust us for long term lawn care work. And part of that comes from having a decent price for lawn care work. Honestly, that is how we got so much lawn care business and doing several lawn mowing in Hurtsbourne. Some of our best lawn care customers are some of our oldest, and they have been loyal to us ever since.

If you are ready to join our team and have a great looking lawn year round, send us a message and we’ll give you a quote as soon as we can.


Baer's Lawn Services in Louisville, KY

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I can be your best and last landscaper in Louisville that you will ever look for. Once you see how we work, you won’t be happy with anyone else. That is because we are committed to great customer service and great lawn mowing the kind that your dad would be proud of.

I have been mowing lawns since I was a kid, so you could say that becoming the best landscaper in Louisville, KY is in my blood. I can remember waking up well, getting woken up by my dad every Saturday to go mow the lawn. When I was a kid I hated doing it, even tried hiding under my bed when I heard my dad coming. But after a while it became a therapy, and when Walkmans came out it made it even better.

Shoot, I even mowed lawns to pay my way through college! I got a business degree from Bellarmine University, but really they should have given me another one. I mowed so many lawns in my four years at Bellarmine that I should have gotten a PhD in landscaping!

Until that happens, know that I am probably the most experienced man in lawn mowing in Louisville. If you can find someone better than me at my job, then you go right ahead. When you hire me you’ll see exactly why. I am a God fearing man, but when it comes to my business I can’t afford to be humble. If I did no one would know how good I am at my trade.

If you are doubtful about my abilities, go ahead and check my profile out. I have posted my best work up there just for you. Other than that, I can’t wait to meet you! Even if it is for a routine lawn mowing, I’d love to show you what I can do.

Reside outside of the Louisville area? No worries. GreenPal has a vast network that extends its services. If you're situated in Jeffersontown, Kentucky or in search of lawn care services near Owensboro, KY, GreenPal has you covered. Our local lawn care providers are trained in the nuances of each region, ensuring your lawn receives the care it deserves, wherever you are!


Greenway Lawn Services in Louisville, KY

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If you are tired of getting jipped by cheap lawn mowers in Louisville, KY, you are not the only one. It never fails that someone who calls me has had a problem with another yard maintenance service in Louisville. Apparently, GreenPal has been the solution for most people who have been scammed, and by the time they find me they tell me all about it. There are some crazy stories in the lawn care industry let me tell you.

I’m just one of the many honest and reliable landscapers in Louisville on GreenPal. I have a record of working on lawns throughout the city, from the smallest patches of grass to the big ol historical houses we have. I think I’m a little bit different than your average gardener though, because I like to share with my clients what I’m doing. A lot of lawn mowers and landscapers won’t tell you their secrets and what they are putting in the soil to make the grass grow good, but I will. All you would need to do is ask me and I’ll tell you.

I know that if you had the time, you would make your grass look as beautiful as the fairways at Valhalla golf course. But lawn mowing is down the list of things to do. You would rather relax or hang out with your kids after work, not slave away again behind a lawn mower. So that is when you hire me, and I can take care of all your problems in a few hours.

Call me when you have weeds to be taken care of, lawn mowing, sod, and mulching. I am capable of handling any job in the yard. If you have a big job to do, I have a network of professional maintenance men to help me with any job you could want. We are here for you, and when you hire us through GreenPal we won’t touch a mower to your grass without knowing what you want from us.

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Lee Cisneros lawn mowing service in Louisville KY
local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Louisville-KY affordable-lawn-services-in-Louisville-KY residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Louisville-KY affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Louisville-KY grass-cutting-businesses-in-Louisville-KY

My lawn has been in terrible shape for years, we just kind of got used to it looking so bad. But my sister was appalled when she visited and hired a local lawn care company in Louisville to come over the next day. She’s kind of dramatic. As much as I like to pick on her, she was right. The lawn care company she found was just outside of Lynnview and their lawn care staff came over within a few days and completely changed our yard. I was embarrassed and happy to see how much prettier and cleaner our house looked from just some pruning and lawn mowing services. They did a great job and provided great lawn care services. My sister uses GreenPal for her home, but we use it now for ours.

Jeff Rollins lawn care in Louisville KY
residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Louisville-KY residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Louisville-KY local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Louisville-KY lawn-maintenance-in-Louisville-KY affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Louisville-KY

Amazing lawn service! I have hired Lawncepts five times so far and have been happy every time. I joined GreenPal after I had an awful run-in with a cheap landscaping service near me and also some other lawn care services I got from other lawn care businesses. They claimed they were the same company that takes care of Spalding University, and being a loyal alumnus I decided to go for them. BIG MISTAKE. My flowers were destroyed, the trunk of my tree was cut up, and grass was left everywhere. I went right to work finding a replacement, and I stumbled on GreenPal. I posted my job with pictures and Lawncepts reached out to fix the job for free. It worked, because the times I have hired them for quick lawn maintenance my yard looks amazing. That’s all I can ask for, it just sweetens the deal that he does it for thirty bucks.

Kristine Womack grass cutting in Louisville KY
affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Louisville-KY affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Louisville-KY local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Louisville-KY local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Louisville-KY local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Louisville-KY

It’s okay for homeowners, but since everyone practically has an email or phone number through Yelp it’s kind of redundant. However, it comes in handy for people like me with properties all over the city. I don’t know how i found GreenPal, but I signed up right away. If there is something better that would cut down the amount of time I spend looking for contractors, I would but GreenPal does it best. It used to take me forever to call all the options for local yard maintenance in Louisville, KY, but now I just schedule it through GreenPal. I even found a neighbor that is a reliable yard mowing service in Hopewell, so you can’t beat that.

Richard Cason grass cut in Louisville KY
local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Louisville-KY local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Louisville-KY affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Louisville-KY cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Louisville-KY lawn-maintenance-in-Louisville-KY

Worth the money if you are going to need cheap lawn mowing for a while. I know from experience that a lawn care company in Louisville will drain you for everything they can if you let them. I have had it done to me twice where I hire a landscaper near me to come out to Medora cheaped me out on a good lawn mowing, and disappears no matter how many times I call. At least with GreenPal they stay on the website and you can rip them a new one with a review. That and of course if they get enough bad reviews they are removed. That’s the least you should expect from something like GreenPal, and they hold up.