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Advanced Enterprises Lawn Services in Kent, WA

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At Advanced Enterprises, we are a quality lawn care company based in Kent, WA. We know what makes your grass ticks and how to best treat it so it grows lush, green, and healthy. For year, people have trusted us to provide the best lawn care services, utilizing our local knowledge and expertise to ensure your satisfaction. 

Not only do we provide affordable lawn care services in Kent, we also serve customers in Seattle. Everything from lawn mowing services to weed control is available when you hire us.  

We based near 272nd Street in the Highpointe region of Kent. Our lawn service staff knows that properties come in many sizes, from the small lawns around Lake Meridian to the larger yards closer to the Berrydale and Lake Morton areas. We also know that people have a mixture of different types of grass on their yards, including Kentucky bluegrass and ryegrass installations.

Before we start any job, we identify your grass type and build a lawn service treatment around it. Our lawn care business checks checks for weeds, thatch, or pests around your yard. We also check its condition and determine the best course of action. We then perform lawn mowing services or lawn care services that are right for you. 

We can clean up your lawn before we start working on it. We’ll clean off the leaves and branches at the start. We’ll also remove any weeds with our spot treatment service. You’ll find through us that the process of removing weeds, pests, and other stuff entails a more intricate approach than you might expect. Our work ensures the root of the problem is cleaned out without leaving behind any weed roots or seeds, or residues from an ant hill.

Our aeration and drainage support service is particularly useful for people in places like Soos Creek, where flooding can be a concern. We can loosen the soil around your yard. We’ll also check on any unique drains you have around your yard.

You can reach us for help with all the unique things that we’ve done for your yard. You can also ask us for support if you have a commercial property in Kent. We can help you with your commercial site whether it’s a hotel off the highway or a warehouse on 212th Street.

We also offer useful rates for lawn care services and lawn mowing services that you can afford. You can ask us to provide you with details on how much it costs for serving your yard. Every property will be charged a unique total based on what its yard requires. You’ll discover through us that you don’t have to spend as much money on yard care services as what you might expect.

Contact Advanced Enterprises for help with your yard today. We are available to assist you with all the distinct yard maintenance services you might hold in Kent. You will love the hard work that we will provide for your yard and how well the place will look when all is handled well.


Vibrant Green Lawn Services in Kent, WA

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There are plenty of great reasons to renovate your home in Kent, WA. Maybe you want to make your property more energy-efficient. Perhaps you want to repurpose one or more rooms in your home for new functions. You could also be bored with the regular layout of your home, and you want something a little more unique.

But have you considered how your yard looks too? Your yard is just as crucial to your renovation work as anything else around your property. If anything, your yard might be even more important, what with it being the first thing people will notice surrounding your yard. You can ask us at Vibrant Green to come to your home and help you renovate your lawn.

Our lawn service team provides lawn care services lawns around all corners of Kent, including commercial yards around Scenic Hill. We know that every property has a unique need for lawn care services. You can ask us at Vibrant Green to check on the quality of your yard and to determine what would work best when caring for your place. We can either make your private home look beautiful or make your commercial site look attractive to possible customers.

Our lawn renovation service is among the most popular yard maintenance efforts we have to offer at Vibrant Green. We will cover every step of the renovation process. We can install new sod around your yard as needed. A new layer can provide you with a green lawn that can resist weeds and diseases.

You can ask us to cultivate your lawn if your grass is not growing well. Our cultivation process includes removing dead grass spaces, tilting the soil, and then applying new grass seed. We’ll ensure that the new grass matches up with the rest of the grass around your yard.

We also offer other lawn renovation services like core aeration and full de-thatching. Our work cleans up all the undesired growths that are showing up around your yard.

You can also ask us at Vibrant Green for help with all the other basic lawn maintenance needs you have at your home in Kent. We can help you with everything from lawn mowing to landscaping edging and trimming. You can ask us to check on the groundcover materials around your landscape. We can even power wash any hardscape decorations you have around your landscape without damaging your flowers, bushes, or anything else around your yard.

Our team is available for all the unique lawn care needs you have in Kent, WA. You can reach us to help you with maintaining and restoring your yard whether you’ve got a modern property in The Point or something older in the Benson area.

The careful work we provide to homeowners around the Kent WA area deserves to be noted. Contact us at Vibrant Green to learn more about how well we can work for your yard and what you can expect out of our services. We are available for homeowners and business operators throughout the Kent area who need help with all the outstanding lawn care services you need.


Hickeys Lawn Care Lawn Services in Kent, WA

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One of the most interesting parts of the soil around Kent WA is that the soil has evolved over the years. The land around the Seattle area has changed to where it is a little warmer than it was a few decades ago. Take a look at the USDA Hardiness Zone map from twenty or thirty years ago, and then look at today’s chart. The soil is progressively becoming warmer than ever before.

You might be having a hard time caring for your yard in Kent, WA. The issue could especially be the case if you’ve been around here for a while. Maybe you’ve noticed that some of the old methods of lawn maintenance aren’t working as well as they used to. The good news is that you can ask us at Hickeys Lawn Care for help with maintaining your lawn and fixing all the problems that might appear around your yard.

We serve homeowners around all corners of Kent WA, including people around the lakes where the soil can be a bit moist. Properties around Lake Meridian, Soos Creek, and Lake Youngs often bear with soft dirt. We can check on how soft your yard is before we start mowing. The key is to ensure the soil is hard enough to where it will be safe to get the lawn cut. We also use gentle materials in the lawn mowing process.

You can also ask us to help with treating your soil in many ways. We can loosen the dirt around your yard if it is too hard. We’ll also check on the pH level of your land and figure out of any new dressing materials need to be applied along your yard. We’ll check on how well the lawn is growing and then add something of value. Our thorough analysis ensures your yard is cared for the right way the first time around. More importantly, we respect the fact that every yard in Kent WA is unique in some way. We never do the same thing for multiple yards in the area.

Our team does well with yards of all sizes throughout Kent. You can ask us at Hickeys for help with a large lawn in the East Hill area. You can also reach us if you have a smaller property in Signature Pointe. No yard is too large or small for us. We will prepare a lawn mowing strategy that fits in with what your property requires regardless of what the place might be like. We want to see that your yard is supported to where it looks as great as it is supposed to.

We can also provide you with a free estimate and review of your yard at the start. We’ll check on the quality of your soil and how hard or soft the bed is. We’ll come up with a unique lawn care plan based on what your site needs. You’ll also know what it will cost for services, although our services don’t cost anywhere near as much as you might assume they would.

You will love the careful and controlled work we have to offer here at Hickeys Lawn Care. Ask us for help with your yard maintenance needs today.


Matt's Mowing Lawn Services in Kent, WA

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Not all properties in Kent WA are in busy neighborhoods. Look at the Meridian Heights region, and you will see many older properties that feature large lawns. These yards take an extra bit of time to cut, but the result is always worth it.

Maybe you might not have much time to mow a lawn a large as what you’d see in Meridian Heights. Perhaps you have something smaller in the Scenic Hill area, and you still don’t have the time to mow that lawn. You might be busy with work or school to where you can’t find the time to get the lawn cut. Fortunately, you have an ally in us at Matt’s Mowing who can help you cover the unique lawn mowing and yard care needs you have.

We’re available to mow lawns of all sizes around the Kent WA area. Matt Himple and the rest of us at Matt’s Mowing know that your yard has unique needs that need to be cared for.

Our lawn mowing work focuses on cleaning up your yard, maintaining our mower, and going over your yard with a suitable pattern. Matt and all of us at Matt’s Mowing will see that your yard is cut right the first time around. You’ll find that the grass will look uniform around your entire yard.

You can even have us come to your home while you’re out at work. We know that working at Boeing, Microsoft, Nintendo, REI, or wherever else you might work at in the Seattle area can take up lots of your time. Fortunately, Matt’s Mowing are devoted to mowing the grass. We can come to your home while you’re out, leave a message when we come over, and then leave another message when we are done mowing and cleaning up.

You can also ask us to help you with maintaining the trees around your yard. We can work on trees around Lake Fenwick and other lush sites around Kent. Our tree service will cover everything from cleaning off your lawn bed to trimming off any dead branches from your trees. You can also ask us to remove any weeds and suckers that may be growing on your trees. We’ll remove them to ensure the rest of the tree will not lose its critical nutrients for its health.

You can also reach us at Matt’s Mowing about checking on the landscapes around your yard. We can trim bushes and remove weeds from all around your garden bed. We can clear out all the weeds while ensuring those growths aren’t going to come back. After all, pulling out the weeds on your own will only cause the weed seeds to spread further. We’ll help prevent that annoying problem from being a hassle at your yard.

Contact us at Matt’s Mowing to learn more about what we can do for your yard maintenance needs. Our team will help you with finding many solutions surrounding your work and what we can do for you.

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Lena Smith lawn cutting in Kent WA
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The team at Advanced Enterprises knew what my yard around Lake Winterwood needed. They saw that my yard was dealing with a few discolored spaces, but they were able to clean up those spots before they could get worse. They helped with aerating the discolored spaces. They also removed the old thatch growths around my yard. The comprehensive approach they provided ensured that my yard would look beautiful. But the best part is that my yard hasn’t dealt with any new forms of discoloration or wear since. They took care of the problem from the inside out the first time around.

James Taylor lawn maintenance in Kent WA
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The people at Vibrant Green understand everything I need for my yard. I appreciate how they offer more than a basic lawn mowing service. I asked for help with restoring a few parts of my Salt Air Hills yard that had been damaged by white grubs. They cleaned up the areas that the grubs had infested and replaced the old grass bed. The new grass space matches up with the rest of my lawn. They did a great job, and the areas around the old infested spot are still healthy. I haven’t dealt with any new pests coming along my yard ever since they helped.

Jessica Campbell grass cut in Kent WA
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Hickeys Lawn Care gives me all the lawn mowing help I need. They come to my home in the Seven Oaks area every two weeks. They check on how well my lawn is growing and figure out the best height for getting the lawn cut. The grass cutting team always cleans off their mowing equipment before they start working on my hard. I love how the group also trims the grass around my utility boxes and all those other places that are hard to reach. Everything looks uniform every time after they finish mowing. I would recommend Hickeys to anyone in Kent who needs help with their lawns.

Robert Cates lawn mow in Kent WA
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I always seem to screw up every time I try to get the lawn cut at my property in Camelot Square. I asked Matt’s Mowing to see if they could care for my yard instead. I found that they were very professional and thorough with my yard. They cut everything evenly, and they trimmed the edges along my property. They also cleaned up after they were finished. My grass finally looks beautiful, thanks to Matt’s Mowing. I’ve since signed up for a monthly mowing service, and I found that their rates are incredibly affordable and never get in the way of my budget.