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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in McKinney, TX as of Jul, 2024


Howards Lawn Care in McKinney, TX

Hired 27 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.29 Reviews)

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read over our profile! We are considered the best lawn care service in McKinney for one reason: we show up and do the job right! It is too often that we hear horror stories of people in a pinch not getting what they bargained for. We’ve heard terrible stories about busted sprinkler pipes from careless lawn mowers, pool systems clogged with grass clippings. We even heard one time of a so-called professional landscaper running over the garden hose with the lawn mower and then charging the client for repairs! Enough with the horror stories. We have a squeaky clean track record of never doing things like that. No a’m no sir, and we can prove it to you by one simple fact: we joined GreenPal. Although we are getting more clients than ever before, you can best bet that we are making sure each and every person only has good things to say about our work. We can’t afford to really, one upset customer equals one bad review! And I’d hate for our good work to be eclipsed by a bad experience. We are a trustworthy yard cutting service, and we’ll prove it to you if you come by our shop. Right next to the weed whackers we have a big chalkboard that says “Yards destroyed by our company” and under that it has a big fat zero. True story.

As I mentioned before, we have a shop where we clean and store all our equipment. We are big believers that the tools make the man, and therefore if we use cheap equipment, we’ll deliver you a cheap job. But that’s not our style, the only thing cheap about us is our prices, I can promise you that. We have fresh blades installed in our mowers, fresh wire in our weed whackers, and top off the gas tanks for efficient mowing. All of this is to give you the peace of mind that the yard maintenance company you hire is professional, reliable, and will leave your yard looking like it should be on the cover of a magazine. If you’d like a portfolio of our work, then all you’ll have to do is turn to Stonebridge Ranch Country Club. Yep, that’s right, we actually do routine lawn maintenance on that course every once and a while. How would you like the same company that takes care of that grass? If you’re ready, message us for a free quote. After that, we’ll schedule a time that works for you, and we’ll take care of the rest. This is how life should be.

Also , if you need local grass cutting services in Burleson TX GreenPal services that part of the Dallas TX and we can also do local residential lawn care services in Wylie TX.


Quick Trim Lawn Care in McKinney, TX

Hired 87 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.99 Reviews)

What’s the best thing about hiring out for your lawn maintenance? Well, besides not having to wake up early, or buy a lawn mower if you don’t have one, or sweat and spend a whole Saturday mowing and cleaning the mess? What about the fact that you won’t have to touch a lawn mower at all, or even put on shoes to get the job done! That’s the beauty of GreenPal. Even in a tight pinch you are one internet connection away from a freshly cut lawn. There’s another excellent benefit you get from joining GreenPal though: after all this time you finally found a quality lawn service in McKinney! We are taking on more clients this season, and we’d like to fit you into our schedule. What makes us so different, you may ask? Well, besides our spotless record on our profile, we actually have a client that speaks for itself. Our proudest client right now is a doozy, and it takes up most of our Friday to do it, but I think it is a testament to our abilities. If you have kids in soccer then you’ve seen our work without even knowing it! That’s right, we take care of the beautiful Al Ruschhaupt Soccer Complex once a week so your kids can play on a well-manicured field.

Our next proudest client will be your lawn. There are some differences between mowing a whole soccer field and a lawn, and we know that. For starters, we won’t bust out the big hog (our Toro driver) to eat up your grass. That might take the dog with it if we’re being honest. No, what we’ll do first when you hire us off of GreenPal is develop a strategy on how to properly mow your lawn. A lot of people don’t know this about lawn mowing services, but we do this so we know how short to cut it and still keep it healthy. Did you think we just show up and start hacking away? That’s a good way to get blackballed from the neighborhoods, to be honest. But, if a landscaping maintenance company is okay with being so negligent with a lawn, I don’t see why they should be able to still work. That’s the thing about the lawn care service industry, you technically don’t need much to start one. Other than a permit to work and a few other legal documents, any Joe with a lawn mower from Home Depot can develop a logo and call himself a professional landscaper. Not us. We’ve done our homework all to make sure that you will be satisfied with our service. We didn’t get the Al Ruschhaupt complex because we faked being landscapers, I promise you that. Whenever you are ready, message us for details on our services. We offer lawn mowings, leaf and waste removal, edging, pruning, and will fertilize your lawn with our working compost piles (that’s black gold guaranteed to make your plants strong). Let us know and we’ll be ready to tackle your lawn this season!

Also , if you are looking for grass cutting services in Benbrook TX near me good news we mow yards all over DFW and also can help you out with affordable lawn care services in Wylie TX.


TruLawn Lawn Care Services in McKinney, TX

Hired 98 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.39 Reviews)

Everyone loves a green lawn. I don’t know what it is, but maybe it’s just the fear of having a big old patch of dirt that makes people want to keep grass on it. Whatever it is, we just have to accept the fact that it feels good to have soft, green grass in front of the house, and we’re the best lawn maintenance in McKinney you can ask for. Just ask your fellow citizens! If any of you have been to Gabe Nesbitt Community Park and played on that beautiful plot of grass, you already have proof that our method works. It took us a good while to revive it from last year’s winter, but as you can tell we brought it back to life. If we can bring an acre park back to life, your yard will look like a million bucks.

We are a full range yard maintenance company. Sure, a good portion of our business comes from lawn mowing, but that doesn’t mean we don’t offer other services. In fact, this past month or so we’ve only had a few lawn mowings and a ton of calls asking to mow down and remove trees that fell from the hurricanes. There was a weekend there for a while that had a contract with the government to help move the broken trees out from the road. Truth as it is, we had our work cut out for us. Another thing I want to say about our business is that we want to be a professional lawn mowing service every time all the time. That means that we go above and beyond even for the simplest lawn mowing. We’re not just a couple guys with cheap lawn mowers. Our equipment is specialized, down to the kind of weed whacker we use. Maybe it’s not the cheapest solution to maintain equipment in the short game, but this company is our dynasty, and we take great care of each piece of equipment we use. When it comes down to it, we can talk all we want about the best lawn care service in McKinney, but being the best won’t make your lawn look nice. Cutting it the best way possible will. So really, the only way to know how we call ourselves the best is by giving us a go! At this point, any lawn care service is the best yard maintenance company, but let us show you how it’s really done.

Also , if you are not near McKinney , TX we also do local lawn care services in Burleson TX near me and also offer affordable residential lawn maintenance services in Frisco TX.


Walkers Lawn Care Services in McKinney, TX

Hired 48 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.49 Reviews)

Hi there, as a lawn care professional in McKinney for over ten years, I understand if you want a break from your routine. It takes a lot of time and energy to cut your own grass, so I’m here to offer you an affordable solution. You can see that with our prices, you won’t be breaking the bank just because you want some extra time with your family. And, you can see from our pictures that we are a legit, best lawn mowing service in McKinney right now. We can tell you this with confidence because every member of our landscaping team is certified to tackle any lawn mowing by himself. It just works better if we work together, but this overtraining really helps us cover every aspect of our services. If one of our workers makes a mistake, he’ll have four other maintenance men behind him to correct it. That’s just the way we do business, with thoroughness and completeness.

As of now, we are serving all of McKinney, especially neighborhood homes around Pecan Grove Cemetery. That’s where we recruit our new maintenance men. Just kidding! That is just a routine client, and we’re happy to do it. If you live in the area, then we’d be the best option for you. Because we’d be close by already, it would turn out as a cheaper price on your end. Plus! And this is just a little selfish, we wouldn’t have to spend so much gas driving across the city! We like our gas to be used in lawn mowers, not the trucks. The most important question you need to ask yourself, though, is what YOU want. Is it a cheap lawn mowing on a Saturday to take one thing off your To-do list? Are you worried that your grass might not make it through winter? Or maybe you want some new trees put in and aren’t sure exactly how to do it? Whatever it is, we can do it. If it involves plants, yard maintenance, or gardening, we can handle it. It’s been our business for over ten years. I’m telling you, there isn’t a breed of grass we haven’t dealt with. Thank you for taking the time to read through our bio, and we look forward to meeting you!

If you are not near McKinney , TX we also do grass cutting in Wylie TX near me and no worries if you do not live in that part of the DFW area we can also help out and assist with the best grass cutting services in Burleson TX.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 27 reviews)
Raymond Underhill Lawn Mowing in McKinney TX
“I had been using GreenPal for a few months already, but I didn’t even think about using it to hire someone for High Pointe Church of Christ! The idea came to me when we were looking for lawn equipment for our day of service for the church, and when the best we could come up with was a few shovels and rakes, we knew we were going to have to either buy a lawn mower or rent one out. That’s when it hit me! I could hire someone to take care of the grass! So we set it up right away and by that Sunday our beautiful church was ready for worship. It was such a site, we couldn’t have for a better lawn care service in McKinney to do the job, they were such good people and we invited them to worship that very day. The Lord gained three new Christians that day, and the church got a new spring cleanup as well.”
Wallace Thompson Grass Cutting in McKinney TX
“This is exactly what I needed in my life. I had been so used to calling each and every city I have properties at to make sure that the landscaping is up to standard. What used to take me a full day’s work now takes me a little less than two hours. Forget about finding a new landscaping company in the city, you never really know where they are located. When I started buying property in McKinney the first landscaping service I called charged me an extra “driving fee” because it took him an hour to get to Skyway Villas. Well if I had known he only does lawn mowing in southeast McKinney I would have called someone else! It’s crazy how easy GreenPal can be, honestly. I don’t have to talk on the phone, and I can do it without scavenging for a phone book from other cities to find the best lawn care service option. Totally saves me time.”
Raymond Faulkner Yard Cutting in McKinney TX
“Hi there! We live out in Russwood Acres and we wanted tell you all how great your service is! My husband recently retired and we were all set to start an RV trip to the west coast, but my husband was worried we’d get fined from the city if we let the grass grow too long (you know how McKinney is, the grass grows like nobody’s business!) As a retirement gift, our sons signed us up on GreenPal and taught us how to use it. It’s amazing! My husband takes care of all of it in the morning and talks with our gardener for a bit, and he lets us know how the house is doing. Even though we haven’t even met the man, we feel like good friends. As of now, we have yet to come back from our trip and decided to spend another few months on the road. We’re writing this review from Wyoming.”
Winifred Schull Lawn Mowing Service in McKinney TX
“The last thing I needed to worry about was cutting the grass. I go to Collins College, and if that isn’t enough on my plate I don’t know what is. But we just so happened to rent a house that apparently has mutant grass, because after the first two months living there the grass reached up to our knees! We found GreenPal on accident, really, but we gave it a shot. They have so many cheap lawn mowers that I think it pushes the price down, so it’s really cheap for four roommates to split every month or so. Plus, we just have the lawn care service cut it as short as possible without killing it, so really we only ever need to use it like at most a month and a half. So thirty bucks between four people every so often? That’s a good deal in my eyes, thanks GreenPal.”

lawn-maintenance-in-mckinney-TX-lawn-service-in-dfw This is your city page for McKinney, Texas! Here you are going to find just a few of the best lawn care services your city has to offer! From simple, cheap grass cutting or complete renovation of your landscape, we can help you connect to the very best in the business. How can we be so confident that we’ll find what you’re looking for? We’ve done our homework. Each landscaping company on our website was handpicked to represent GreenPal. And when we say handpicked, we mean filtered out from dozens of other yard maintenance companies vying for a spot on our website. Each lawn mowing service goes through a series of interviews, inspections, and a trial run before being able to bid for your jobs, all so there’s less stress of your end of the deal with a shady landscaper. There’s no limit to what you find on GreenPal! Gardeners, landscapers, we even have a few cities that feature certified Feng Shui experts!

GreenPal is a simple concept. You post a yard maintenance job and landscapers in McKinney pitch you offers. From there, you can read each company’s reviews, profile, past jobs, and choose the best one. After that, you and your new lawn maintenance team will schedule a time (all through our website or app by the way!) and you are set. Oh, there is one more thing: payment. Instead of leaving money under the mat, or finding time throughout your day to turn back home to pay for the maintenance, GreenPal has taken care of that. Once you agree to make the lawn mowing appointment, GreenPal can automatically draw from your account and deliver to the company, like Paypal or Venmo! This is the way lawn care service should be in 2018. With amazing technology like Paypal or Uber, we saw no reason to continue hiring lawn mowers the old fashioned way. That’s why we set out to make a great system like GreenPal. Especially for a booming city like McKinney, there will always be more and more options to lawn maintenance. But with GreenPal’s services, you’ll be able meet and connect with yard maintenance professionals all throughout Collins County. Also if you need affordable yard maintenance services in Wylie, TX or if you are in search of a reliable grass cutting service in Burleson TX nearby me GreenPal can eliminate the headache of finding local lawn mowing company in that part of DFW as well.

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About McKinney Texas

McKinney is a city in the U.S. state of Texas, located mostly within Collin County..

McKinney began as a promising settlement for people looking for a bit of land. In the 1840s, the landowners of the area offered a sweet deal: 640 acres of land, a gun, and hired help with building a log cabin. With that offer on the table, Collins County saw a steady stream of settlers for the next few decades.

The Texas Legislature decided to make McKinney the county seat for several reasons: the town’s founder, Collins McKinney, was a major player in drafting the Texas Declaration of Independence from Mexico in 1836. The other reason was for horse riders’ sake. As a general rule, most county seat towns were situated where a messenger could ride between two county seats and make it back home in a day.

Thanks to the Houston and Texas Central Railroad company, McKinney’s cotton and oats production skyrocketed from previous years. Although the soil was fertile, a decent rain would slog the plains in and out of the city, making it impossible to export goods by horse carriage. With the railroad, that issue was virtually wiped out, and farmers could focus on their production instead of the distribution.

Today, McKinney is a fully fluctuating city. In the past decade from years 2000-2008, McKinney has seen at least four of the ten spots for U.S. Census Bureau’s list of fastest growing cities in America. Among the burgeoning art life like the Heard Opera House, McKinney is also home to a wildlife sanctuary that institutes good hunting practices and environmental impacts of the human population. Source: Wikipedia McKinney, TX

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