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How many times can you sharpen lawn mower blades? {What You NEED to Know}

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It’s true, knowing how to sharpen your own lawn mower blades can save you a lot of money. 

In fact, for an optimal cut, you want to sharpen your blades after about every 25 hours of use

But when is enough... enough?

When have blades been too overused to sharpen again?

And how many times can you sharpen your blades?

Well, there is no simple answer, but below you will find what you NEED to know. 

Dull blade vs. sharp blade before and after photo on GreenPal

How many times can you sharpen a lawn mower blade?

Well, the simplest answer is as long as they provide a quality cut and are safe to use. You can use your lawn mower blades indefinitely. And as you grow your lawn care business, you will become more familiar with how frequently you need to sharpen them for optimal performance. 

There really is no fixed answer. Most landscapers report sharpening their blades 10 times or more. The amount of cuts you can get out of a blade can be determined by a variety of factors including terrain.  

For example, in sandy areas, like those in Florida. A set of blades may not last long enough to sharpen more than a handful of times. 

This is because sand will quickly tear the blades apart. And they will not last as long. 

For those areas a product like LaserEdge, a self sharpening blade, may be best. 

Get this even small factors like the type of grass you are cutting can impact the longevity of the blade.

Really, it comes down to whether or not you are able to get a quality cut with them or not. There are a few things to consider when it comes to determining if you should replace your mower blades. 

Lets take a look at a few of them. 

Blade Basics 101: Master the Blade

Look, this may not be all that surprising. Lawn mower blades can make or break the quality of the cut of our lawn! 

I don’t care what your gear is. Even if you have a $5000 commercial mower, if your blades aren’t up to par. The quality of the cut will suffer. 

If you want that perfect level cut, you need to care for the blades on your lawn mower. 

So how many times can you sharpen your blades? Simply put, there is no fixed answer. 

But there are some signs that you should learn to identify that will tell you it’s time to get a new set. 

Those signs include: 

  • Chips on the edges of blades, 

  • Bent blades,

  • Blades that are too thin (less than 1/2 an inch wide).

Chipped lawn mower blades can be resharpened as long as they can still be baalanced

Balanced Blades Are Essential for A Level Cut

One of the biggest factors that determines whether or not you need to replace your blades is whether they are balanced or not. 

If your blades are not balanced, you will have a hard time getting a level cut. 

Additionally, unbalanced blades will add extra wear to your lawn mower, especially the lawn mower deck components like the spindles. 

To determine if your lawn mower blade is balanced:

  • Sharpen your blades removing any chips or dulls spots,

  • Place a screw driver through the center of your blade,

  • And check to see it remains level or tips to one side. 

It is normal for blades to become slightly out of balance over time. Simply remove some of the material from the heavy side until the blade remains flat. 

If however you have too many chips on one side of the blade, it may be time to replace your lawn mower blades. 

Pro Tip! Always keep your blades balanced, otherwise you will end up wearing down your equipment faster. An unbalanced blade is more likely to break other components of your mower

Bent lawn mower blades need to be fixed or replaced for optimal cuts

Is your blade bent?

Although most lawn care pros will be hesitant to admit it, bent blades are a common occurrence

Blades are frequently bent by hidden tree stumps, rebar or other large objects hidden in the lawn. 

While a major bend in the blade may be impossible to correct, smaller imperfections in your lawn mower blade can be corrected with the proper application of force

However, for the average DIY homeowner, replacing your blades and avoiding the spot that caused the issue in the future. 

So, when should a mower blade be replaced?

The simplest way to put it is when they have become too damaged to provide a quality, level cut of the lawn safely

Sharpening your lawn mower blades is a great way to get a longer life out of them. And there are a lot of different methods people use to sharpen their blades

Whichever method you choose, there will come a day when you have to bite the bullet and get a new set of blades

For homeowners, this is likely to be a rare occurrence. Lawn care professionals on the other hand are no stranger to buying new sets of lawn mower blades. 

Most lawn care professionals even keep several sets on hand so they can swap them out when they need to. Looking for more to read, check out our ultimate list of lawn care tips

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