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How Lawn Care Pros Can Use Zapier to Save Time and Grow Their Business (5 Tips)

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Below you will learn 5 ways you can use Zapier to automate your lawn care company. 

With so many tasks to manage when running your lawn care company, it’s needless to say that things can get overwhelming

Fortunately, there are plenty of tools and applications that can help simplify your workflow!

And Zapier is hands down one of the best!

So, how can lawn care companies use Zapier to grow their business?

Well, let’s find out!

#1- Use Zapier to Gather Leads Across All platforms

“Use Zapier to gather all inquiries and leads from email, website, advertising, and social media into one place and never lose potential customers in the system.” -Daniel Morris, Owner of

Look, no one wants to take the time to dive through all of their emails, Facebook messages, and texts to keep up with potential leads. 

But, with Zapier’s automated tools. You can collect leads from all of the platforms you use to communicate, automatically!

Better yet, when you are ready to kick up some more business. You can go into the data collected, and use Zapier to automate a marketing campaign, or simple email blast.

What's the benefit? By keeping up with all of your leads, you can maximize your lawn care companies growth, without loosing potential business. 

#2 Use Zapier for Collecting Customer Reviews

“My best tip on how one can use Zapier to generate more business is to use it for review collection. Small business owners often forget to collect reviews and using Zapier is a good way to make sure these are collected.”

“So: After marking a project as complete, set up a Zapier connection to Gmail that sends a review request to the client. Thank them for trusting you with their business and ask for help spreading the word. Good reviews will help you get more views on review sites and more business. “ -Oskar, Founder of

No doubt about it, asking for reviews can be awkward. 

But, at the same time... 

Having good online reviews is a critical part of growing your business's online presence and brand authority. 

Zapier solves this problem by allowing you to set up a system that automatically reaches out to your clients after you complete a task and ask them for reviews. 

Eliminating the awkwardness you may normally feel when asking for a review, simplifing client care

#3- Use Zapier to Control Smart Sprinklers and more.

“As Zapier is an application-link network. Lawn pros can buy Lono devices that run on the Zapier network. This allows users to use this tool to control water sprinklers according to their timeline. This device can be connected with Google calendar or any other automated integration making it very useful.” -Miranda Yan Co-Founder of VinPit

In the modern age, there is smart tech for everything, and the same is certainly true for lawn care tech. 

Zapier can help lawn care companies automate their client's irrigation schedules by integrating smart tech like Lono sprinkler systems. 

By connecting all of your client's irrigation tech to your Google calendar with Zapier...

You can save time on skipping watering on rain days. Or doubling down when the weather gets warmer by managing all of your client's irrigation schedules in one place

Without having to go to their houses one by one!

However, you will still have to winterize your client's irrigation

#4- Automate Multi-Platform Marketing Content

“Zapier also has workflows to help users promote and publish marketing content.  Zapier can automatically send your content where you want it to be distributed.  For Example, you could create WordPress (website) posts from new YouTube Videos, post your Mailchimp emails campaigns on your WordPress website.” -Alex at Cardinal Digital Market

This is awesome, but if you run a blog or market your lawn care company on Youtube

Zapier can help push your content automatically across several platforms. 

Look, no one wants to spend all day creating and cross-posting content on each of their platforms. Fortunately, with Zapier you no longer have to. 

For example, let's say you post a video to Youtube. With Zapier you can forward that video to your blog and create a blog post. Additionally, you can also automate the video to go out on each of your social media accounts. 

Better yet, you can forward your new video to all of your leads you used Zapier to create in Step #1. 

Ensuring that you get the most out of each video you create. 

#5 Automate Tasks From Invoicing to Restocking Supplies

“The point of a program like Zapier is to allow you to set off a chain reaction of actions. I've seen it explained as setting up a rube-goldberg device: if this action A happens, it should make action B and C follow automatically.”

“You can set up workflows that for example will create a new invoice when you add a new customer contact. You could also set up automatic reminders for restocking supplies when a certain number of contracts are in the books, meaning you never run out of fuel or fertilizer during your busy season.” -Andrey, Founder of Inc and Go

Zapier integrates with over 3,000 apps, so there really is no limit to number of ways in which the program can help your lawn care company automate tasks. 

Andrey brought up a good tip. You can use Zapier can remind you to purchase supplies based on the number of clients you have served, or contracts you have filled. 

For example, you can set Zapier to remind you, or your crew to sharpen your blades after 25 hours of cutting time. Or you can set Zapier to automatically purchase weed eater string for you every 2 weeks. 

There truly is no limit to the tasks that Zapier can help your lawn care company accomplish on a day-to-day basis. 

The Bottom Line: Zapier Saves Lawn Care Pros Time

Zapier is a great automation tool that can help you get more out of your lawn care company while saving you time. 

And no doubt about it, if there is one thing we could all use is more time. 

Whether you are a solo-preneur managing 30 lawns, or an enterprise lawn care company with 1000’s of clients. Zapier is one tool you should not overlook. 

Looking to optimize your lawn care company even more? Here are the 6 best route planning tools.  

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