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How to Maintain and Care for Your Snowblower (Illustrated)

  • by
  • Gene Caballero
  • December 05, 2021

As winter rolls in and it gets to be that time of year where you need to start planning for snow removal. One of the things you may be wondering is how do I maintain my snowblower so that I know that it will work when I need it. Well this infographic has got you covered, here is what you need to know about maintaining your snowblower. 

What should I do to ensure my snowblower is ready to blow when the snow comes?

The steps that it takes to maintain your snowblower are nearly the same as caring for your push mower. With a few differences. 

In general, you want to prepare your snowblower by:

  1. Changing your spark plug,
  2. Inspecting the belts and replacing them if needed.
  3. Check to make sure the paddles are functioning properly, 
  4. Inspect the shave plate, 
  5. Flip over your worn skid shoes, 
  6. Check for damage to the shear pins,
  7. Change the oil,
  8. And add an additive to make sure your fuel doesn’t go bad. 

Be Prepared With Extra Shear Pins

Shear pins are designed to break and if they do break to protect bigger parts of your blower. You want to be prepared with extras. That way if one breaks while you are using your blower, you can quickly replace them. 

Paddles Are Another Common Part to Malfunction

Consider having extra accessories such as parts for the paddles of your blower. This is another common part to break. 

Maintaining Your Snowblower this Winter

By taking these steps you can ensure that your blower is ready to go all winter long. No matter what the weather turns out to be. It’s better to plan ahead and be prepared rather than to get caught in a snowstorm without the equipment you need. And if you have not already, be sure that you have a snow removal crew ready to help you when the time comes. 

This infographic was produced by Sears, check out their blog for more great info. And share this infographic with your friends and family so we can all be a little safer this winter. 

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