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​How To Repair Lawn Patches So Your Yard Is Lush And Green

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​How To Repair Lawn Patches So Your Yard Is Lush And Green

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How To Repair Lawn Patches So Your Yard Is Lush And Green

Having a lush and beautiful lawn is a dream for some homeowners.However, it is all too common that the average lawn is full of pitfalls and flaws. One of the concerns that homeowners often face are brown spots in the lawn. Although these spots are unsightly, there are ways to treat this problem and restore the lawn to it's once lush glory.

Identification Of Problem
It is important to identify the source of the problem. Brown patches in a lawn can be the result of mold, fungus, or insect damage. Identifying the problem will allow the owner to specialize the treatment. The local garden shop or center will carry supplies that will remedy many of these minor issues. If treatment of the area is a failure or the area is too large for the treatment needed, it may be necessary to remove the damaged areas for repair.

Prepare The Area
The best way to prepare for new grass or sod is to completely dig out the damaged area to a depth of 4". Fill this area with a quality compost and nutrient rich soil. The soil should be loose but not full of air pockets and voids. When the soil is watered, it will compact naturally. Additional soil can be added after a light watering.

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Choose Your Method
There are a few options when it comes to gaining a lush lawn. Installing sod is a more expensive way to gain a lush lawn, but it is instant and requires little additional care above watering. If there is a problem with a sod yard, the affected area can be removed easily and replaced with a fresh and healthy piece of sod. Sod comes in long thin rectangles that are rolled up like a jelly roll. Cutting the precise sized replacement piece is simple when using this method of replacement.

The other option, planting seeds, takes longer with more daily care until the root system is established. However, the cost of seed is measurably lower than sod, and can be purchased in a variety of grass types, application types, germination periods, weather zones, such as lawn care in Atlanta or lawn care in Roswell, Georgia, will vary somewhat from a local lawn care service in Tampa or lawn care in Brandon, FL.  Seed is spread lightly across the affected area and then watered gently. Many people choose to lay a specialized cover or old straw over the area to protect the vulnerable seeds from birds and the damaging effects of being exposed to the sun. This cover is also beneficial in helping to keep the moisture in the ground which helps the seeds to sprout and take root. 

Protect And Care For Your New Grass
After replacing damaged spots with either sod or seeds, it is important to protect the area until it is hearty and established. This may involve such things as:

  • Stake off the area from foot traffic with wooden stakes and running a string around the area.
  • Do not cut the new grass until the root systems are securely and firmly in place.
  • Water often enough that the seed or sod does not dry out but is not drenched or in a pool of water.
  • Do not use fertilizers with an NPK number.
  • Use an eco-friendly and gentile fertilizer such as a natural seaweed fertilizer.

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Having the lushest lawn on the block is possible by replacing the ugly brown spots in the lawn with new lush green growth. Removing and replacing damaged spots in a lawn is as easy as identifying the problem, removing all damaged areas, laying sod or planting seeds, and protecting and watering the new grass until it is established. With this knowledge now in your lawn care file, there is no excuse for any lawn to resemble a brown spotted disgrace.

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