Robot mower owners share their thoughts on ownership

Robot mower owners share their thoughts on ownership

Robot mower owners share their thoughts on ownership

Robot mower owners share their thoughts on ownershipOwner satisfaction: We surveyed 110 robot mower ownersStudies suggest lawns mowed with robot mowers might be healthier: these lawns remained denser and had fewer weeds.

Robot lawn mowers are becoming increasingly prevalent.

These mowers come equipped with GPS tracking and anti-theft and remote-control assistance, leading to forecasts that the global robot lawnmower market will surpass $4 billion by 2028.

We wanted to know how owners of these tools felt about their purchase. We asked 110 robot lawn mower owners to share how satisfied they are with their automatic lawn mowers on a scale of 1 to 10. We also asked that they share the features they enjoy and what brand and model they own.

This post analyzes the findings and provides insights into robot lawnmower features, performance, and popular models.

Survey ResultsHow satisfied are you with your robot mower?

How satisfied are you with your robot mower? (Scale of 1-10)

10 : 39 responses

: 22 responses

8 : 21 responses

: 19 responses

: 4 responses

:  2 responses

: 1 response

: 1 response

: 0 responses

: 1 response

Key Insights

Most-mentioned features: Users who loved their robot lawn mower praised its GPS navigational function, remote control by phone, and automated scheduling.

Popular Robot Mower Models

Of the many robot mower models mentioned by the homeowners we surveyed, a few received repeat mentions. In no particular order, here are the top three mowers mentioned most often in our survey:

Luba lawn mower: LUBA 2 AWD 1000Premium solution: Luba 2 awd 1000 for lawns up to 0.25 acres

Many homeowners championed their Luba lawnmowers, so we took a deeper look at a version that received high praise: the LUBA 2 AWD 1000: Perimeter Wire Free Robot Lawn Mower.

This robot grass cutter is a premium robotic solution for lawns up to 0.25 acres. Its all-wheel-drive system and adaptive suspension help to overcome challenging slopes (up to 38 degrees). Potholes? No problem.

The Luba lawn mower owners praised its 3D Vision and RTK Fusion-mapping system. Luba claims the perimeter can be set in as little as 18 minutes; the autonomous mower can create multiple routes and no-go zones that can be managed with the Mammotion app. 

It also offers mowing schedules and cutting heights to specify a particular schedule and height for one area of the lawn and a different schedule and cut for another section.

"Hey, Alexa, the lawn needs to be mowed."

Yeah, it can do voice commands as well.

Luba lawnmowers are powerful, but like most robot lawnmowers, they come at a high cost — prices start around $2,000 and extend beyond $4,000. At 60dB, an IPX6 waterproof level, and smart rain detection, homeowners can mow at a time that works best for them based on the weather and without interrupting their neighbors.

Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 115HSimple setup: Husqvarna 115H is easy to set up

One homeowner summarized well how respondents who own Husqvarna's 115H robot lawn mower feel about their machine:

"I didn't find set up difficult. I've got a small lawn and needed something simple that wasn't overly expensive. My lawn looks good. More time with family, less time on the lawn. Works for me."

Many survey respondents found the 115H a reliable and efficient robotic lawn mower. Starting at $699, many felt this model proved affordable. It can tackle a yard up to 0.4 acres and efficiently cut on slopes with up to a 30 percent grade. The tool mows quietly, with a noise level of only 50-60 decibels.

The lawn mower can be controlled remotely or through a smartphone. The guide wire system makes it easy to install and routes the mower in an efficient pattern to cut the lawn. The Husqvarna Automower 115H (4G) is a top-rated product combining innovative technology and practical features. Other respondents mentioned the 310 Husqvarna as a model that worked well for them.

Greenworks Optimow 50H robotic lawn mowerPerimeter wire: Greenworks optimow 50H uses a perimeter wire for guidance

The Greenworks Optimow 50H robotic lawn mower is designed for lawns up to half an acre. Like Husqvarna's 115H, it utilizes a perimeter wire to help guide it and is also excellent for sloped lawns with its ability to handle slopes up to 35 percent. The 50H robotic lawn mower can keep your lawn presentable with a brushless motor, which increases torque, extends the run time, and reduces sounds.

The mower has 4G connectivity and GPS tracking; it also comes with theft prevention. The mower has adjustable cutting heights from 2.4 to 4 inches. The Optiomow is IPX5 waterproof and handy to program according to your preferred time schedules.

Features and Benefits of Robot Mowers

Robot lawnmowers include several features that enable a faster, easier, and more efficient cut. Here are some of the benefits respondents mentioned of owning their robot mower:

  •  Convenience:  Robot lawn mowers save homeowners time. Programming a timer control allows the lawnmower to start and cut at a preferred time. The robot lawn mower will then cut on the designated path and return to the docking station to recharge.

  •  Efficiency:  There is no need for an operator to be present or other resources to maintain your lawn efficiently.

efficiency benefit: No operator needed for lawn maintenance

  •  Quiet operation:  Robot lawn mowers operate at low-decibel levels and won't disturb neighbors.

  •  Anti-Theft Mechanisms:  Many robot mowers come equipped with anti-theft devices, such as alarms and GPS tracking, which is comforting for those who worry about theft.

  •  GPS and Navigation Systems:  Modern GPS and navigation systems ensure that robot mowers cover all the lawn areas, avoid obstacles, and move around complex landscape designs.

  •  Remote Control Capabilities:  Robot lawn mowers can also be controlled via a smartphone app so that you can start, stop, and monitor the mower's progress remotely.

  •  Automated Scheduling and Mowing Patterns:  You can schedule times of daily mowing via automated scheduling, which will ensure lawn cutting whenever you want. The automated lawn mower allows you to cut your lawn through its various options of customizable mowing patterns.

Quick Summary

Survey Results
Most common satisfaction ratings: 10 (39 votes), 9 (22 votes), 8 (21 votes), 7 (19 votes)
Popular Models
- Luba LUBA 2 AWD 1000
- Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 115H
- Greenworks Optimow 50H
Key Features Liked
GPS navigation, remote control via smartphone, automated scheduling
Benefits of Robot Mowers
- Convenience: Saves time
- Efficiency: Operates without supervision
- Quiet operation: Low-decibel levels
- Anti-theft: GPS tracking and alarms
- Remote control: Smartphone apps
- Automated schedules: Customizable mowing patterns
Market Forecast
Global market expected to surpass $4 billion by 2028

We surveyed 110 homeowners who own an automated lawn mower to rate how satisfied they are with their robot mower on a scale of 1 to 10. We then looked at three popular robot grass mowers and discussed the features and benefits that make them so popular.

Ultimately, many homeowners seemed satisfied with purchasing a robot lawn mower. Connect with GreenPal for top-notch lawn care solutions

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