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Tactics to Improve Blog Readership

This infographic covers 10 tactics to improve your blog's readership so you can; engage your readers, increase sharing, and earn more links. 

If you are running a website, a powerful blog can help you: Earn more traffic, Build your brand, Attract links, shares, and boost rankings, Grow your audience, Create affinity and serendipity. 

How can a blog help you build your brand and business? 

Simply put, an informative blog helps build a loyal base for your business and website. Engaging blog content brings readers that are willing to invest in your brand, and purchase your service or product! 

But how do you create content that improves readership? 

Here are the 10 tactics covered in this infographic: 

1. Find your blog niche: Differentiate your blog with unique content, focus and voice. Don’t just copy what everyone else is doing. Create a blog with a unique voice, that way you stand out from the pack! 

2. Hit the Forums: Participate in forums and add value to conversation on other blogs. This will help build an audience for your own site. Forums are a great way to meet niche readers who are specifically interested in your brand of content! 

3. Never use a subdomain for your blog: Keep your blog as part of your main site, behind the main domain name. That way your entire site benefits from the blog. You want your blog to drive your brand to your customers “doorstep”. 

4. Connect with professionals: Mention, quote and reference influencers. Target mid-level, niche influencers. These experts can help you spread awareness of your brand. 

5. Create quality content: Do less with more. Spend time making remarkable content that really stands out. 

6. Illustrate your blog: Make your own visuals and data to use as a reference for your content. Illustrations are an excellent way to enhance your content. Be sure to use descriptive alt tags. 

7. Collect the emails: Invest in email subscriptions. Collect emails and keep your blog readers engaged. Soon you will build a healthy list of email subscribers that love your blog who will read every post you write! 

8. Encourage content re-use: in the footer of your blog put repurposing rights, so that others will re-use and share your content. 

9. Challenge thought leaders: Controversy is king. Respectfully challenge others in your niche with insightful notions and theories.


10. Get Social: Use social media to share your content multiple times, not just once. 

Using the 10 techniques in this infographic will help you build an engaged readership over time. Which will eventually create a blog that drives your website, and more importantly your business.

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