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8 Pro Tips for Marketing Your Lawn Care Business on Facebook

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If you are like most lawn care pros, you have been using Facebook for years. 

Unfortunately, many lawn care pros don’t have a Facebook page for their business.

The truth is, Facebook is an excellent place for lawn care and landscaping professionals to market their business's


If you don’t know what you are doing, you can waste a lot of time

Fortunately, we have spoken with the experts, and they gave us these 8 tips!

Look, if you want to know how to market your lawn care business on Facebook, then keep reading. 

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Facebook Logo

#1 Get On Facebook Maps

“If someone is trying to look for a lawn company on Facebook, your Facebook page company information should appear in the search results. Make sure that you have added all the relevant information such as your business address, email, and phone number.” -Hamna Amjad, Social Media Consultant at Gun Made

Start with the simple things!

If your lawn care business is not on the map, how can anyone find you?

This might not seem like a huge step, but if you miss it. You are not making the most out of Facebook. 

It's simple, put your business on the map!

Pro Tip! While crafting your posts on Facebook, consider these copywriting tips for lawn care providers. 

#2 Join Local Facebook Groups

“You'll be surprised how often people use these groups to ask for recommendations, so the more you get involved then the more people will have you in mind when they come to need your service. As time goes on and as you keep a consistent presence within these groups, it's not uncommon that folks begin recommending your services - sometimes even tagging you or posting a picture of previous work you've done, which is free advertising for you.” -Jamie Founder of Peak Social 

Look, Facebook groups are a tremendous asset for business owners of all types. 

Much like marketing your lawn care business on LinkedIn, you can use groups on Facebook to share your expertise and offer your services.

By joining local Facebook groups, you can keep an eye out for requests for lawn care in your area. 

Join local groups that are in your: 

  • County
  • City or town
  • Region or service area

#3 Join Lawn Care Groups

"Lawn care companies should join groups about lawn care and become a regular contributor. One of the best things you can do for your business is to form a community of people that trust and support you. For example, a lawn care company could join Lawn Care Fanatics and regularly post their best tips about keeping a lawn looking fresh. The key is to post regularly, such as once a week, and provide genuine value. Many small businesses use the Facebook contributor tactic to grow their brand and business." -Grant Aldrich, Founder of

It's true, there are 100,000's of homeowners in lawn care groups that want to know how to make their lawn look its best. 

And you can really show off your expertise by participating regularly.

Come up with fun content such as:

  • The weed of the month,
  • Pro lawn care tip of the week,
  • or show off how to get some great stripes.

#4 Start Your Own Facebook Group

“You can provide value for your customers and show your expertise by designating your own Facebook group with unique tips and advice. You’re showing your expertise, which can impress more customers, get you more paying customers, and create a loyal connection to your business.” -Ben Reynolds, Founder of Sure Dividend

You might be catching onto something by now....

Facebook groups are a great way to market your lawn care company.

And if you are really ambitious, you can start a lawn care group of your own. 

In your newly formed Facebook group you can share lawn care tips, and answer questions that your followers might have. 

This tip goes great with tip #7.

#5 Ask For Reviews

“Asking for reviews from your past customers is also a great idea to promote your business on Facebook because reviews are actually being read by people before they hire you. People vouching for you means that your company is legitimate and most of all, worthy of praise.” -Andrew Raso, CEO & Co-Founder OnlineMarketingGurus

Reviews, reviews, reviews!

Think about it, when you buy a product on Amazon, what do you do first?

You read the reviews! Your customers do the same thing when they consider your services. 

Asking some of your best customers to leave you a 5-star review on your Facebook page can have a huge impact on who your potential clients choose to mow their lawn.

#6 Use Videos!

“The best way for a lawn care company to promote themselves on Facebook is to record a video with a clear offer and pricing. Then promote that video as an ad to their target audience in a certain area of town or city.” -Brian Robben, CEO of Robben Media

Creating videos for Youtube or TiktTok to market your lawn care company

Share them on Facebook!

No doubt about it, videos are a great way to get your expertise out there and share it with others.

By creating videos, and targeting your audience properly, you can build highly valuable, unique content for your Facebook page

That will be sure to grow your audience and your client base. 

While you are at it, check out the next tip.

#7 Use Facebook Live

"For landscapers looking to make the most out of Facebook, turn to Live videos to share helpful tips and tricks with local homeowners. The more relevant to the current season the better. Try to aim for videos at least three minutes long to ensure the greatest potential for reach and keep each of your videos focused on one specific topic to keep people engaged. Be sure to offer people the opportunity to ask questions and be sure to sign off with your website and a call to action."  -Jay York, Founder of Grove Brands

Why not go one step further, and use Facebook to create live videos to market your business?

Most people don't know this, but Facebook has a huge audience for live streams. 

Pro Tip! Always create content that targets people in your service area or region. Creating local content increases the chances that people in your area will see it.

#8 Work With Influencers

“Lawn care companies should use influential figures in the city to spread the word about their business. If you're a lawn care company in Seattle, seek out the most influential figures in your area on social media and see if they're willing to post some content about your services to their audience in exchange for some free or discounted service. An example of an influential figure may be the top real estate agent in your area, a model, or athlete.” -Kyle Dulay, Co-Founder of Collabstr

Want to go one step further?

Get with an influencer! 

Truly, there is no shortage of influencers to choose from, and there are many ways to collaborate with them. 

For example, you can create content that responds to a video created by a local construction company with a larger following. If your video catches their eyes, they may make a video in response to yours. Thus bringing attention to your services. 

Or you could just pay an influencer, or offer free lawn services in return for them promoting your business.

REMEMBER! Find an influencer in your lawn care businesses service area. Even if that influencer has fewer followers, their following is more likely to need your services.

The Bottom Line On Marketing On Facebook

No doubt about it, Facebook is a great way to get new lawn care clients.

But as with any tool, whether it's a commercial weedeater or Facebook. You need to know how to use it for it to be effective.

By using these 8 marketing tips on Facebook you can help you take your lawn care business to greener pastures.

Looking for more great lawn care business tips? Check out our lawn care pro content hub.

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