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Online Marketing for Lawn Care Professionals (101 Infographic)

Look, online marketing is a valuable asset for lawn care professionals who are looking to grow their businesses. But if you don’t know what you are getting into, you can spend a lot of money on the wrong type of advertising. And no one wants that! So what can you do to avoid such costly mistakes? Well this infographic is a start.

What types of online advertising are there?

Well, you may have already guessed that there are a lot of ways to advertise online. Some examples of online marketing that lawn care professionals may utilize are email marketing, targeted banner ads, social media ads, and video advertisements on YouTube

What types of email marketing are there?

This might shock you, but there are actually many types of email marketing. These include: individual emails, newsletters, responsive templates and campaign follow ups. You can also upsell your current lawn care clients by offering services like fall clean up

How can I market my lawn care company on social media? 

There are a lot of ways to market your lawn care company on social media including SMM or Social Media Marketing and SEO or Search Engine Optimization. 

Can I use my website to advertise my lawn care services?

Yes of course! Websites are an excellent low cost, long term strategy to grow your lawn care business. You can use blog posts to help your customers better know their lawns, infographics are great too! One great way lawn care companies can grow their business is through case studies. While case studies take a bit of work, they are very convincing, and if done effectively can really net a lot of attention. 

Online marketing is crucial for lawn care businesses looking to expand. Options include email marketing (like newsletters and individual emails), social media ads, and video ads. Using your website effectively through blogs, infographics, and case studies can also boost your business. However, it's vital to understand these strategies to avoid wasting money on ineffective marketing. 

At the end of the day, there is no shortage of ways to market your lawn care company online. For example FaceBook can be a great way to market your lawn care company. And doing so the right way can actually be very cost effective. But be forewarned, if you don’t know what you are doing you may waste a lot of money on the wrong type of marketing.  

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