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Tech Startups and Major League Baseball

  • by
  • Gene Caballero
  • August 14, 2022

Look, tech startups and major league baseball have a lot in common! How? Well this infographic explains it all. From starting out your business from an idea, to taking your company public. Business and baseball have a lot in common. 

How do I start a tech company? This infographic covers 8 steps you can use to take your tech startup from an idea, to the major leagues.

The first step of starting a tech startup is to simply have an idea. This idea is your company in the tee ball phases. Sure you are beginning to play ball, but you are still using a tee to play. You need to take that idea and share it with others. Then there are the little leagues of tech startups.

The second step to taking your tech startup to the big leagues is to get a co-founder. Then begin laying out your plan. You and your partner are entering the little league stages of your tech company. Now that you can play ball without the tee, the game is beginning to get a bit exciting! But don’t get too far ahead of yourself. Taking your tech startup to the top requires a few more steps and a lot more time. 

The third step is to get seed money for your startup. This is similar to playing baseball in highschool. Your little tech startup is beginning to take form in step four!

Step four launch a beta version of your product. Now you are in the college leagues. This beta product is like playing baseball in college. Sure you have it out there, but this is far from the major leagues!

Five, you are building your base of customers and fixing a problem in the market! You and your tech startup are primed for the MLB Farm Team!

Step six, you are growing both your customer base and making some revenue. You are finally in the Major leagues. However you still have to make it to the playoffs. 

Step seven for your startup will be scaling and continuing to acquire new customers. If you need to, you will want to access more capital. Now you are making your way through the MLB Playoffs. 

Step eight, it's time to win the pennant and take your company public!

How long does it take to make a tech startup a success? This infographic shows that it can take about 1-2 years to begin seeing solid results with your tech company. Making your company a success can take more than two years. But everyone is different!.

Use this infographic as inspiration to take your tech company idea to the big leagues! Also share it with your friends and family!

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