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The Hottest Trends in Swimming Pool Design (Illustrated)

Looking to up your backyard living space with a fresh pool? Lucky you, there is nothing better than a well designed pool to amplify a backyard. This infographic has some of the things you want to consider when installing your backyard pool. Much like building your background pond, building a pool takes proper planning. Without further ado let's see what you can do to spruce up your backyard with a new pool.

How do I build a backyard resort pool?

While having a pool is nice if you really want to take things up a notch, consider creating a resort-type location. A place that feels like a vacation when you enter the backyard beach and every time. To create the distinction between a regular backyard pool and a full-blown resort, you have to do a little extra. Incorporate simple features like a water slide, grotto, waterfalls, or a spa for relaxation.


How can I level up my backyard pool?

Leveling up your pool is simple, literally add another level. By having varying heights, you can break up the monotony of a simple, plain pool. One thing you could consider is adding a pool for children or an overflow pool for adults. 

What are some cool combinations to enhance my pool?

A combination pool/spa can be automated to transform from one into the other. This is ideal for places where zoning laws restrict the size of a pool. 

What are some geometric designs that I can use?

Most recent designs in the past few years have been freeform. But circles, squares, and rectangles, are each efficient ways to use a space. They tend to be more artistic and utilize the space better. That way you aren’t wasting space.

How can lighting improve my pool space?

Lighting can be a fundamental part of a backyard pool. Different colored lights illuminate the pool and the surrounding deck. They can also make it safer at night, and prevent accidents. 

Creating a trendy pool is simple when planned appropriately. This infographic was created by Oliveira Pools. Be sure to check out our home maintenance blog

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