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How to Build a Pond Step-by-Step (10 Simple Steps)

  • by
  • Gene Caballero
  • November 21, 2021

Looking to build a backyard pond? Look no further, this infographic shows you what you need to know to build your own pond, step-by-step. Let’s jump right on in!

What are the steps required to build a pond?

To start building your pond, you will need to determine the size and select your location. You can use a garden hose to outline the dimensions of the pond. Next, you will want to position the filters, and begin digging!. The next step to building your pond is to level the excavation, and install both the underlayment, and add rock and gravel. Finally, you will want to fill the pond with water, and line the border with natural stone, mulch and plants!

Why should I line the pond liner with stone?

Not only does covering your pond liner in stone improve its appearance, but they also provide spaces for fish to hide and a large surface area for beneficial microbes to grow. This along with plants and fish will help keep the water clear naturally. 

Should I add fish to my pond?

Absolutely! Fish are an important part of any ecosystem, They will naturally manage the amount of algae present in the pond, and they make excellent pets! Better yet some fish species even eat mosquitos and their larvae as well as other bugs. 

What size recirculation system should I get for my pond?

Choosing the right size pump for your pond is essential to keeping your pond clean and healthy. You want to be sure that the pump size that you choose is sufficient for circulating your pond and maintaining adequate levels of oxygen. 


At the end of the day building, a pond is fairly straightforward. While digging maybe a bit of a headache, the rest of the steps are enjoyable and really bring out the best in your landscape. Check out Aquascape INC for more info on building ponds. 

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