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Understanding Plant Contanier Sizes at the Nursery

  • by
  • Gene Caballero
  • January 16, 2022

As the great Dana K. White once said, “the root word of container, is contain”. And plants are often sold in varying sizes of containers. The size of the plant and the container that it is in, can determine the price of the plant. Most nurseries will group their plants by size, Here is what you need to know about plant container sizes and what you should consider when buying them 

What is the smallest container for plants?

In general, the smallest size of a container is the pint-size. These plants are generally smaller and are generally perennials. Some examples of these include ajuga, sedum, creeping thyme, and phlox. 

What sort of plants are in the quart-sized containers?

In general, quart-sized containers hold perennials that are too big for the pint-sized container, but still very small in comparison to others. Plants you may find in a quart-sized container include; jack-in-the-pulpit, small lavenders, and vegetables as well as Canada Wild Ginger. 

What pot are most perennials sold in?

The majority of perennials come in a #1 container. These containers rarely hold trees or shrubs. And if they do, the trees will be very, very small. These containers generally hold about 2-3 quarts of dirt in volume. 

What size container are most shrubs found in?

Most shrubs and some very young trees are sold in #5 sized containers. A number five size container can hold about 4 gallons of liquid water. 

What size pot are small trees sold in? 

Young trees and evergreens are often sold in a #10 container. These containers hold about 10 gallons of volume. 

What size container are the biggest trees sold in?

The biggest size of the container you will find plants in is #25. Beyond this size, trees are generally balled and burlapped. These pots hold some of the largest trees you will find at a nursery.

This infographic was produced by Johnson’s Nursery INC. Check them out for more interesting nursery information, or to see some amazing plants. Until next time thanks for checking out our landscaping infographics gallery. Be sure to share this with your friends and family who may be interested in learning more about the sizes of plant containers. 

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