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What does it take to start a website for my lawn care company?

Looking to start a website for your lawn care company? Well, this infographic does a very thorough job of laying out everything it takes to create, design, and launch a great website for your landscaping and lawn care services. Best of all a website can help you charge more for your services. Sound like a plan? Then let's dive in!

What do I need to start a website for my lawn care business?

The answer is simple, you need a plan. Now, what does that plan entail? Well, for one you need to have your branding sorted out like your company name and logo design. Next, you will need to narrow down your target demographic, define your project, and lay out the website design to meet the expectations of your audience.

What type of content should I have on my website?

Your website should lay out your service area, and the services you provide, have examples of your work, a contact page, as well as be connected to your social media. Finally, you should make our website stand out with an interesting and unique blog written to share your expertise in the local lawn care scene. So create targeted articles that specifically reference your service area.

How should I design my website?

You should layout your website with a clear presentation of your services as well as a direct call to action that directs your potential clients to reach out to you and sign up for service. You should also keep the design simple and user-friendly while offering a bit of a modern element so that users don't feel like it's still the 1990s.

When can I launch my site?

Once your site is complete you can launch it. Be sure to expect to take some time to work out the bugs and troubleshoot certain issues.

Can I make my own lawn care website?

Yes, if you don't want to spend a lot of money upfront working on your website, you can start one fairly easily. Be forewarned there is a big learning curve. You can use WordPress to build a lawn care website rather affordably.

Starting your lawn care services website is a great way to expand your business and get new customers. This infographic by SitePoint does a great job of laying it all out! Be sure to check out our blog for lawn care pros for more great info.

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