Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Clinton Township, MI as of Jul, 2024

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Hr Elite Lawn Care Lawn Services in Clinton Township, MI

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Hr Elite Lawn Care is a premium lawn care company that offers very affordable lawn care services for all types of property owners. If you own property in Clinton Township, Michigan, you can hire us for a long-range of lawn care services at economical rates. We have been servicing residents and commercial property owners in all parts of Clinton Township along with many nearby cities as well. There are several lawn care companies in the area to choose from and we want to be the only choice for your next landscaping project. Whether you need regular yard maintenance or lawn mowing services or would like want help with a landscaping plan, Hr Elite Lawn Care can help. We have been providing reliable lawn care services and yard maintenance to people in Clinton Township. We’ve received endless praise for our high-quality lawn care services and we want you to be one of our happy customers too.

At Hr Elite Lawn Care, we offer affordable, reliable, and premium lawn care services. All of our landscaping and lawn care services are delivered by a team of highly trained technicians. We don’t just employ people who know how to work a lawnmower, we hire people who have years of experience and are fully trained in the leading industry practices.

With an accumulated number of years of experience in our arsenal, we have been able to deliver great lawn care services and our positive reviews back our claims. Other lawn care companies and lawn mowing providers can’t compete in price or level of treatment.

We are one of the most sought after lawn care companies in Clinton Township because of our reputation. If you want reputable lawn care services at prices you can afford, you should hire us. It’s a no brainer!

Our trained lawn care experts will show up to your house or property when you request it and provide quality lawn care services. Reach out to us with any questions or

We have provided services to many areas and locations in Clinton Township including places near Canal Park, Chippewa Valley High School, The Mall at Partridge Mall, Normandy Park, and notable locations in the city.

Before we begin working, we’ll check the health of your yard, learn more about your lawn care goals. We’ll offer professional recommendations to help keep your grass healthy and green all year long. These lawn care assessments are completely free. That way we can make sure you’re getting a complete return on the money you put to hiring us and so that your yard receives the best lawn care solution possible.

You can choose to hire us for grass cutting, safe weed removal, lawn mowing, edging, fertilizing, sodding, mulching, yard maintenance, and other landscape maintenance services.

We value you as a client and we want to make sure we are the best fit for you. We suggest you look at our past work and positive reviews. It is because of our commitment to seeing our clients happy that we have won the hearts of our customers.

No matter what type of lawn care service you’re looking for, sign up for the free GreenPal app to hire us and we will help you as soon as you’re ready to start one.

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Isiahs Lawn Care Lawn Services in Clinton Township, MI

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Just mowing your lawn doesn’t cut it if you want greener, fuller, and healthy grass. There are several lawn mowing providers that will simply get the lawn cut or provide lawn mowing services without factoring in the condition of your grass, its geography, what height it needs to be cut, or even tailoring the treatment your yard or lawn needs. A lot goes into maintaining the appearance of your property and transforming it requires special care and a trained eye. At Isiah’s Lawn Care, we offer quality landscaping and lawn care services for property owners in Clinton Township. Your lawn deserves more than just someone who owns a lawnmower and calls themselves a lawn care professional. With several years of experience and a long record of helping people in Clinton Township, we are ready to serve you.

Our lawn care services are customized for you and delivered by a team of lawn care experts trained to solve all your lawn care issues. We do our best to make your life a lot easier.

Whether you want a one-time lawn mowing or landscape maintenance service, or a more extended yard maintenance program, we offer budget-friendly options for you.

Our company’s goal is to deliver high-quality yard maintenance, lawn mowing, landscape maintenance, grass cutting, aeration, irrigation, dethatching, hardscape, mulching, and other lawn care services.

Don’t take a chance on lawn care companies or lawn mowing providers who are just in it to collect a check.

Property owners in Clinton Township have and will receive proper lawn care services at economical prices. We offer a wide collection of lawn care services for you to conveniently choose from and that pretty much covers just about all lawn care issues.

Pick from any of our premium lawn care services. This means that you’ll have access to the same standard of lawn care services you’d only be able to get if you had money to spare. We can get it to similar standards like Fern Hill Golf Club.

We have worked in neighborhoods and notable locations near Civic Center Sled Hill, Macomb-Oakland Regional Center, Green Valley Pool, Normandy Park, and many other places in Clinton Township, Michigan. We also drive to all parts of Macomb County and the metro area.

Our growing number of clients have greatly benefited from our premium lawn care services. We will deliver the same lawn care services for you and your property. If you’ve been on the fence about hiring lawn mowing providers, we want to make this decision easy for you. Sign up for the free GreenPal app and take advantage of our prices and deals available only for GreenPal users.

Look at all of our reviews and past work to see what we can do for you. Our happy customers in Clinton Township, Michigan have better looking outdoor spaces thanks to us. We want to provide the same lawn care services for you.

Learn more about our services or reach out to us if you have any questions. Sign up for the free GreenPal app and contact us today. 

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Independent Lawn Lawn Services in Clinton Township, MI

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Independent Lawn offers lawn care services for a fraction of the price you’d pay for by hiring other lawn mowing providers or lawn care companies. If you own a home or any kind of property in Clinton Township, Michigan, you can get insanely high-quality lawn care services for your yard or lawn when you hire us through the free GreenPal app. We have been in this industry for a very long time. The knowledge that our staff and trained experts have acquired has allowed us to deliver premium lawn care services. If you want only the best quality of grass cutting, yard maintenance, and lawn care services, Independent Lawn is the company you can trust. Having served close to one hundred properties throughout the state, we can provide all kinds of landscaping and lawn care services.

Whether you have a yard or lawn that needs grass cutting or assistance adding topsoil for a new bed, we can do it all. Some clients just want a professional to handle the chore of mowing the lawn. Independent Lawn is here to help you save money and get more time back.

Our premium and high-quality lawn care services have been rated highly throughout the years. Our insane prices make you think you’re getting a steal and these rates are available for GreenPal users. We recommend you check out our rating and all of the work we’ve done for other property owners in Clinton Township, Michigan.

We’ve provided lawn care services to all types of property owners as well. No matter the size of the property or where it is located, we have you covered. We have visited properties close to or near Neil E. Reid Park, Fern Hill Golf Club, Canal Park, and many other areas in Clinton Township.

There are several lawn mowing providers and lawn care companies that do not offer the same level of care or detail to their grass cutting and lawn mowing services that we do at Independent Lawn.

If you want the see most of your money, let Independent Lawn be the last stop for your lawn care hunt. We provide a variety of lawn care services such as snow removal, mulching, aeration, landscape maintenance, lawn mowing, dethatching, sodding, irrigation, fertilizing, yard maintenance, yard maintenance, and much more.

Not only will you get quality lawn care services, but you’ll also have a group that will take our time to learn about your goals and help you get the lawn or yard of your dreams.

Book us on the GreenPal app. That way, you can take advantage of our exclusive lawn care bundles and affordable treatment programs. Look at our positive reviews and see how much you are willing to spend working with us in comparison to other lawn care companies.

Our yard maintenance and lawn care packages are made to give you a healthier and more lush looking lawn and yard. We know changes in season affect your lawn and it will require specific treatment programs to handle the changes. When you book us on the free GreenPal app, our team will make sure you’re getting the best lawn care services you need. There are no hidden fees or surprise charges.

Sign up for the free GreenPal app and we’ll get started working on your yard as soon as possible. 

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Flume Brothers Lawn Services in Clinton Township, MI

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(overall rating 4.4/5.127 Reviews)

Flume Brothers is a first-class lawn care company that offers affordable, reliable, and high-quality lawn care services for property owners in Clinton Township, Michigan. We offer years of experience and knowledge that has resulted in renovating numerous yards in Clinton Township. Our group of professional lawn care experts has a combined number of years of experiences that give Flume Brothers a distinct advantage against other lawn mowing providers and lawn care companies in the region. Our vast proficiency gives you a massive edge too. Booking us means your lawn will receive quality lawn care services at very affordable prices. You could easily spend much more than you need to if you hire unreliable lawn care companies, especially those with no proven track record. Let us be the only company you need to hire.

Our lawn care services involve following industry leading practices and using the best available gear so that we can provide more efficient lawn care services and deliver great results. We aim to provide a great experience and deliver high-quality lawn mowing, grass cutting, edging, yard maintenance, landscape maintenance, and lawn care services to all property owners in Clinton Township, Michigan.

Our affordable lawn care and lawn mowing services ensure you’ll be getting the best value for your investment. In addition, our landscape maintenance aims to enhance the look of your grass while our yard maintenance is intended to keep the preserve the appearance of your yard. We guarantee our aeration, irrigation, dethatching, sodding, mulching, planting, hardscape, and other lawn care services will transform your lawn or yard to your liking.

Some lawn care companies provide very generic lawn care services to their customers. The customers pay the price for low-grade work with rusty equipment. We provide customized lawn care solutions using cutting edge technology for your property and we ensure all our services are in compliance with your desires, goals, and industry leading practices.

We’ve been offering grass cutting, lawn mowing, yard maintenance, and just about all types of lawn care service you can think of for several years.

We want to make sure you’re receiving high-quality lawn care services and helping you get the lawn you’ve always pictured. We can get the lawn cut to the specific measurement you want and have your yard receive the same level of care you’d find at Fern Hill Golf Club.

If you’ve been considering getting lawn mowing providers to come work at your home or commercial property, let us offer you with affordable lawn care services. It doesn’t matter how small or big your landscaping projects are, we can handle just about anything.

You can decide to  hire us for lawn mowing, bush trimming, sodding, dethatching, aeration, snow removal, and much more. You can learn more about our work and services when you look through our profile on the GreenPal app.

Download the free GreenPal app and contact us with any questions. We can begin helping you right away. If you own property or live anywhere in Clinton Township or Macomb County, we are ready to serve you. 

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Kendrick Morrow lawn cutting in Clinton Township MI
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When I had searched for lawn care services near me, I found several lawn care companies that were servicing my area. I tried contacting many of them but the vast majority didn't return my calls and the ones that did were either not willing to come to my property near George George Memorial Park by Breitmeyer. Thankfully I learned about GreenPal through my research. HAd I found out about it sooner, I would have found the great folks at Hr Elite Lawn Care. The lawn care services they provided for me were top of the line. They've done a fantastic job with their grass cutting and yard maintenance services. Highly recommended! 

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My good friend who happens to be my neighbor had recently hired a lawn care company to work on his yard. I saw the work they were doing on his lawn and decided to ask him. He pulled out his phone and showed me the GreenPal app. I didn't completely understand it the first time I saw it but once I downloaded it, I quickly hired Isiahs Lawn Care. The lawn care work the team did for my yard and lawn around my home near Erie Elementary School was astounding. After the work they've provided, I hired them for more yard maintenance services. If you need lawn care services, this is the company to hire. 

Gerard Koh lawn maintenance in Clinton Township MI
affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Clinton Township-MI grass-cutting-businesses-in-Clinton Township-MI affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Clinton Township-MI cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Clinton Township-MI affordable-lawn-services-in-Clinton Township-MI

The lawnmower I had owned stopped working for me a few weeks ago. It completely stopped working for me and for someone on a tight budget, I couldn't afford to buy a new one. I decided until I saved up for one I would hire a lawn care company. After searching for both lawn mowing providers and lawn care companies near me, I found out that lawn care services are not as cheap as I thought they were. That was until I found out about GreenPal. The affordable prices were worth trying out and I found the crew at Independent Lawn to be the company that I hired. They delivered incredible lawn mowing and lawn care services for my yard near Nicholson Nature Center. The rates they were charging were well within my long term budget and I decided to hire them for long term yard maintenance work. 

Eunice Clark lawn care service in Clinton Township MI
local-lawn-care-services-in-Clinton Township-MI local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Clinton Township-MI the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Clinton Township-MI local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Clinton Township-MI affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Clinton Township-MI

The thorough and complete grass cutting and lawn care services I got from Flume Brothers were entirely worth the money I paid for. My lawn near Mi Transit Museum Joy Park required lawn care services and a professional team to do it on an ongoing basis. Flume Brothers answered the call and went beyond what was asked of them. Their lawn care services and yard maintenance work has left my lawn looking amazing. People often compliment me for how great my lawn looks in comparison to other properties near me. They are well worth the price and I highly recommend them for any lawn care services.