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How to start a lawn care or landscaping website on WordPress (Illustrated)

Looking to start a website? Well, is a great platform where you can build a website for free, well almost. WordPress is an open-source platform where teams of coders have strived for well over a decade to create a platform where anyone can create, build and launch their own lawn care service website. Sound like what you need for your lawn care business? Then let's jump in.

What is the difference between and is a commercial website that charges you annually to access limited features. It also hosts your website too. On the other hand, is an open source program that requires you to self-host your website, often through a 3rd party vendor. While does have plugins with paid features, most of them have free versions you can use until your site reaches a certain size. 

What 3 parts of a site can help me with?

WordPress can help you with a theme, plugins, and widgets. These 3 elements combine to help you with the design side of your website. A theme is the general layout of your website. A plugin can perform certain tasks like build popups, help with creating unique content and even sell services or merchandise, or schedule services. Finally, Widgets are blocks where you can place elements such as photos, collection forms calendars, etc. into specific places on your website. 

What do I need to host my lawn care site on WordPress.Org?

If you are looking to use to design your site you will need a domain name, a logo, and hosting. Hosting is a bit difficult, but a good hosting provider will help you with the technical aspects, as well as help you register your domain.

How many people use is the world's largest website management system. With over 308 million users and 2.5 billion pages of content created every month. Even sites like eBay, UPS, and Forbes operate on 

Starting your website on is a great and affordable way to launch your website and sell your lawn care and landscaping services. This infographic was created by Business 2 Community. Be sure to check out our blog for lawn care pros for more great info on running your lawn care business.

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