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Which synthetic lawn is right for you?

  • by
  • Gene Caballero
  • April 18, 2021

There is a lot to choosing the right synthetic lawn for your landscaping needs. But don’t worry, this infographic has all that you need to know about selecting a synthetic lawn that works for you. Here are a few things you need to know about synthetic lawns. 

What is the primary purpose of your synthetic lawn?

There are 3 primary uses for synthetic grass lawns. Depending on the purpose of your lawn, you will want to be sure you select the best grass. The 3 primary uses for synthetic lawns are home use, recreational, and purely decorative. 

What types of synthetic grasses are there?

There are 3 types of synthetic grass material; nylon, polyethylene, and polypropylene. Each has specific applications.   

What is nylon grass used for?

Nylon is the most expensive of all synthetic grass materials. Nylon is very durable, and is resistant to melting, and can withstand heavy use. The downsides are that it comes in less colors, and can be more abrasive than the poly varieties. 

What is polyethylene grass used for?

Polyethylene is a solid and durable variety and is excellent for highly trafficked areas. It also comes in a wide variety of colors, and it’s non-porous, so it won’t absorb odors or bacteria easily. 

What is polypropylene grass used for?

Polypropylene is the cheapest and least durable of all materials. It melts very easily and has a short lifespan. Because of its low quality it is generally not recommended for anything beyond purely decorative purposes. 

What synthetic grass should I use for my lawn?

The best synthetic grass for home use is either nylon or polyethylene. Nylon is good if your lawn is rarely used, and you do not anticipate children playing in it. While polyethylene is better for areas where you may be playing sports or children may be playing. Just be sure to stay away from polypropylene.

At the end of the day, the best synthetic lawn for your needs will depend on the purpose of the lawn in the first place. Once you have figured out what your lawn will be used for, you can use this infographic to choose the best synthetic lawn for you. Be sure to check out SynLawn for more great info on synthetic lawns. 

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