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10 Budget Friendly Ways to Boost Your Curb Appeal

Let’s face it, the exteriors of our homes are frequently overlooked. While we maintain the inside regularly, the outside is often subject to neglect. And the outside is what everyone sees. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot to boost your curb appeal. This infographic is loaded with helpful tips to boost your curb appeal on a budget. 

What are 10 things I can do to boost my curb appeal?

10 things that can boost your home's curb appeal are; get a new front door, upgrade your homes numbers, wash your windows, update the exterior light fixtures, plant a tree, clean your guttersget rid of your weeds, tend to the flower beds, get a new mailbox, and repave the driveway.

Why should I repave my driveway?

A driveway takes up a huge part of your yard, and when it's full of gnarly cracks and potholes it reflects poorly on the rest of your home. 

What are some ways I can update the numbers on my home?

Your home’s numbers can be upgraded in a few ways. You could get new numbers to put on your porch, paint your number on the curb, and you can also get new numbers to put on your mailbox. Not only will this boost your curb appeal, but it can also be helpful if emergency vehicles need to find your home. 

What ways can I improve my landscape on a budget?

There are a lot of ways you can improve your landscape on a budget. One is weeding your garden regularly. Secondly, you can mulch. Third, you can prune your bushes and deadhead your perennials. Doing these things can greatly improve the look of your home, and may even improve its value. Want to go one step further? Plant a tree, you can get a flowering tree for around $20 and it will add flair to your lawn for years to come. 

How can I improve the appearance of the front of my home?

There are many ways to improve the quality of your front door. You can paint it, add numbers to it, clean the glass, or even replace it entirely. Storm doors can make a good addition to your front door as well. 

At the end of the day, you can improve your curb appeal on a budget. Check out Aviara Real Estate for more info. Use these 10 tips to get the most out of your front yard for only a few bucks. Be sure to share this infographic with your friends and family on social media.


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