Kill Weeds In An Eco-Friendly Way

Written by Gene Caballero on September 29, 2014

You walk out into your beautiful yard and you suddenly notice those dreaded weeds. Weeds are things we hate to see in our yard but if you want to make things Eco-friendly in the yard, you can't be using weed killers like herbicides. Instead, you need to use some homemade weed killing solutions, which won't use any sort of poison. Making the yard safe for you, your family, your pets and the animals who pass through. If you don't want to have to pay a professional lawn care company, here are some tips.

  1. The first thing you can do is to not be lazy. Just get down on your hands and knees and begin pulling the weeds yourself. It is a lot of work yes, but you can pull weeds, get some exercise and get rid of those weeds using nothing more than a knife blade or a screwdriver to pull the weeds out by the root.
  2. Did you just cook up some pasta and have a pot full of boiling water left over? Go out to the weeds and pour the boiling water on the weeds. This will be enough to kill some of the toughest weeds, shriveling them within just a few days.
  3. You can smother weeds and deny them from getting any light from the sun. Just take some newspaper and put it over top of the weeds for a few days. This is a highly effective way to destroy the leaves while keeping the ground moist.
  4. Rock salt is used to melt snow and it can be used to kill weeds. You can also use simple table salt as well. The only problem is that it can make the ground barren if you use too much, so use it sparingly.
  5. Out compete the weeds by putting down plants that can overwhelm them. These include flowers and garden crops that will out-compete the weeds for the sunlight, soil nutrients, water and more. In addition, if you maintain a nice thick lawn, it is going to be much harder for weeds to get in there to ruin the look of your lawn.
  6. Put up physical barriers to keep weeds from spreading into the lawn. Pressure-treated decking lumbers are great barriers, but you can also use lawn edgings and retaining walls if you want to.

Weeds are awful, but you don't have to use any sort of harsh weed killer to get rid of weeds when you can use these Eco-friendly ways to get rid of the weeds for good and begin to build an Eco-friendly lawn. Some landscaping companies in Alpharetta, GA and some lawn mowing companies in Lakeland, FL, are all moving towards a more Eco-friendly alternatives to use on their customers.  

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