12 Outdoor Upgrades That Will Improve the Value of Your Home

12 Outdoor Upgrades That Will Improve the Value of Your Home

12 Outdoor Upgrades That Will Improve the Value of Your Home

It's no secret, we all want our home to grow in value. 

Don't leave it up to the market to decide!

Instead, use these 12 projects to make your home more valuable and more enjoyable.

Best of all, you can use this article as leverage to convince your partner to make that home improvement you have always wanted. 

After all, it's to improve the value of your home... right? ;)

Sound like a plan? Then lets jump right in to project number 1...

Build an outdoor fire pit

Project #1- Add a Fire Feature

Estimated Cost: $6000            Estimated Value: $4000

Value Recovered: 67%

No doubt about it, one of the best ways to gather with friends and family is to get around the fire!

This is crazy, but not only will a fire pit make your landscape more enjoyable...

83% of homeowners felt a greater desire to spend more time at home after installing a fire pit.

Now you have every excuse you need to build a fire pit!

If your wife asks why just tell her: 

"It's to boost our home's curb appeal."

Garage door home improvment

Project #2- Replace the Garage Door

Estimated Cost: $2100             Estimated Value: $2000

Value Recovered: 95%

If your garage door isn't up to date, replacing it is another great way to improve your home's curb appeal.

Upgrading your garage door can be a great way to improve the value of your home, and make it more appealing to buyers when it comes time to sell.

If your garage door is in good shape, but just 'a little rough around the edges' you could...

Try your luck with a fresh coat of paint on the garage door. 

Replace yoru front door

Project #3- New Steel Front Door

Estimated Cost: $2000               Estimated Value: $1500

Value Recovered: 75%

For most DIY'ers, this is an easy home improvement upgrade that can make the entrance of your home much more appealing. 

Truly the entrance of your home is the first impression people have of what is on the inside. 

By having an outstanding entrance, the rest of your home will be more appealing to prospective buyers. And of course, this investment will boost your property's value as well.

"Improve your home's security, and value with a steel door."

Lawn care program

Project #4- Keep up On the Lawn Care

Estimated Cost: $375                Estimated Value: $1000

Value Recovered: 267%

You better bet, as part of the lawn care service industry, we are going to push the importance of having a great lawn care program. 

But here's the deal, lawn care offers the highest value recovered on this list of home improvements!

A solid lawn care program would include:

Truly there is much more to it than that, and if you want to learn more check out our ultimate lawn care guide

A lawn care program is a low cost, high-value investment.

"I need the new z-turn to improve our home's value honey." 

Replace your homes siding

Project #5- Update your Siding

Estimated Cost: $15,800               Estimated Value: $10,000

Value Recovered: 63%

Here's the deal, this one certainly tops the list in cost, but it is one of the best ways to boost curb appeal.

Replacing siding and adding a fresh coat of paint to your trim, is an excellent way to improve your home's value. 

Always keep in mind, that first impressions are lasting impressions. And the facade of your house is the first impression most likely buyers will get on your house. 

While this may be one of the more costly exterior home upgrades, It is one of the be ways to ensure your home will sell when it hits the market.

"First impressions are lasting."

Redo your landscpaing

Project #6- Upgrade Your Landscape

Estimated Cost: $6000               Estimated Value: $5000

Value Recovered: 83%

Look, it's no secret having a stellar landscape is a huge help in improving your homes value

Depending on where your landscape is currently, beautifying your landscape can be inexpensive, or it can be a major investment. 

However, investing in landscaping has a high return on investment. As much as 83% according to the NALP.

Whether you need to totally redo your landscaping, or you just need to catch up on maintaining it, the time will be well spent.

"#1 project to likely add value according to NAR."

Add a deck or porch

Project #7- Add a Wooden Deck

Estimated Cost: $10,000            Estimated Value: $8000

Value Recovered: 80%

A good deck is a great place to hang out with friends and family. 

One of my favorite things to do is sit out on my covered deck in a thunderstorm. 

And I am not alone in my love for decks...

"81% of homeowners that added a wood deck expressed a greater desire to spend time at home."

The simple fact of the matter is a deck can be an excellent way to improve the value of your home.

Install a backyard patio

Project #8- Install a Backyard Patio

Estimated Cost: $7,200               Estimated Value: $5000

Value Recovered: 69%

Lawns are great, but even better when they border a gorgeous backyard patio. 

A patio can be extremely simple, or extremely complex. 

Patios can be made out of:

  1. Pavers
  2. Pea Gravel
  3. Stone slabs
  4. or Cement

No matter the material you chose, one thing is for certain. A backyard patio is a great way to increase your home's value.

"A patio goes along great with project number 9 too!"

Invest in a backdoor kitchen

Project #9- Build an Outdoor Kitchen

Estimated Cost: $14,000            Estimated Value: $10,000

Value Recovered: 71%

This one will not only make your home the best on the block for gatherings, it will also likley improve the value of your home. 

An outdoor kitchen can really increase the desirability of your home when it hits the market. 

It's true that only 1% of realtors recommend adding this exterior improvement. However, it can be a great addition for households that often host large gatherings.

"Take your weekend BBQ to the next level with a complete outdoor kitchen set up."

Add outdoor lighting to boost home value

Project #10- Add Outdoor Lighting

Estimated Cost: $5000               Estimated Value: $2500

Value Recovered: 50%

You can't enjoy the look of your property at night if you don't have proper lighting!

You can either get a few solar lights and shine some light on your home's best features, or go all out with a professionally installed lighting system.

If you do get your lighting installed professionally, take it one step further by adding energy-efficient bulbs that last longer and save you money on your utilities.

Here's the deal, proper lighting can define your borders, and highlight your centerpieces all night long. 

Which not only leads to a more valuable home, but also makes your home more enjoyable.

"Show off your new home improvements with outdoor lighting."

Plant trees

Project #11- Plant and Care for Trees

Estimated Cost: $2000               Estimated Value: $2000

Value Recovered: 100%

Look, trees are one of the best ways to improve a homes value on a budget. 

Get this full-grown trees can increase a properties value by up to 9-12%!

And the National Association of Realtors places tree care in the top 4 of value increasing home improvements.

Warning! Always plan ahead when planting a tree. Placing a tree in the right location is essential to avoiding damage to your home or other property. 

"In general, you want to plant a tree no closer than 20 feet to your home."

install a sprinkler system

Project #12- Install a Lawn Sprinkler System

Estimated Cost: $3500               Estimated Value: $3000

Value Recovered: 86%

Part of maintaining that perfect lawn and landscape is regular watering.

It's no secret, the best way to keep up on your watering regiment is to install a sprinkler system.

Not only will a sprinkler system improve your home's value on its own. 

The act of regular watering will lead to a fuller, more impressive landscape!

"If you give a man a z-turn, he will ask for an irrigation system." 

improve your homes value with these exterior upgradesWhat is percent of value recovered?

To get the best insight for this article, we relied on the 2018 Remodeling Impact Report: Outdoor Features. 

This study is a joint effort by the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), and the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

Here's the deal, the NALP, deduced the cost of each project by getting quotes from professional landscapers. 

While the NAR used a survey of their network of realtors to find the value of each upgrade.

They determined the % of value recovered by dividing the value, by the cost, then multiplying by 100. 

For Example:

Cost of installation is $1000, and the value recovered is $650.


650 Divided By 1000 is .65

650 / 1000=.65


1.54 Times 100 is 65%

1.54 x 100 = 65%


% Value Recovered:


TLDR: 12 Ways to Boost Your Home's Value and Enjoyment

Want your home to be more valuable and fun? This guide has 12 easy-to-understand tips!

Top picks:

  1. Fire pit: Cozy nights with friends and family. 67% value boost!
  2. Lawn care: A green lawn is a gold mine. 267% value boost!
  3. Deck or patio: Outdoor hangout space everyone loves. 80% and 69% value boost!
  4. Plant trees: Increase value and shade for free! 100% value boost!

Other great ideas:

  1. Replace garage door or front door: Make a good first impression. 95% and 75% value boost!
  2. Upgrade siding or landscaping: Boost curb appeal and value. 63% and 83% value boost!
  3. Outdoor kitchen: Perfect for hosting parties. 71% value boost!
  4. Outdoor lighting: Show off your home at night. 50% value boost!
  5. Sprinkler system: Saves time and water, boosts value. 86% value boost!

Bonus tip: Use these upgrades to convince your partner it's for "home improvement," wink wink! ;)

Bottom Line on Home-Improvements that Will Improve Your Homes Value

As with all things in life, you get what you are willing to put in. 

But some improvements are more valuable than others. These 12 exterior home improvements have proven time and time again to improve the value of your home. 

Whether you are a DIY type or the type to hire the pros, making these home improvements can not only improve your homes value, but also improve its likelihood of selling

If you do need to hire the pros for your lawn care program, or improving your landscape, look no further than the pros at GreenPal.

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