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6 Best Route Planning Applications for Lawn Care Companies

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One challenge to managing your lawn care company as your business grows, is optimizing your schedule. 

For example, how do you plan your lawn mowing route to save as much driving time as possible?

Well, this may come as no surprise, but there's an app for that! Actually there are a few. 

But which lawn care route planning app is the best for lawn care professionals?

From free route planning applications for small lawn care operations, to app for lawn care enterprises. 

We have found the 6 best route-planning and time optimizing applications available for lawn care companies. 

Let’s take a look!

Application #1: Free Route Planner 2021

Best For:  First-year lawn care businesses. 

Downsides- No access to client contacts, no commercial features, intended for sightseeing, less-efficient route planning than other options. 

You can’t argue with free when it comes to applications that will save you time. While this application has the least features of any route planning application on this list, it serves its purpose. 

While the application is intended for non-commercial use, there isn’t any reason that it wouldn’t work for a startup lawn care company on a limited budget. 

Furthermore, the application has a rating of 4.5 stars from 300+ users. Needless to say, it is an effective route planning application that you can use to cut down on time while cutting your lawns

This route planning app is great for lawn care companies that have a limited start-up budget.

Application #2: Your GreenPal

Best for: Managing your GreenPal clients, and small to mid-sized operations. 

Downsides- Can only be used for your clients who pay through GreenPal.

Not only does GreenPal help generate leads for your lawn care company. We also have route planning software in our application for pros. 

Our GreenPal Pro for Vendors App includes route planning software at no additional cost. Better yet, GreenPal Pro allows you to easily communicate with your clients by providing easy to access contact information. 

Additionally, you can invite your current clients to use GreenPal and keep all of your invoicing and route planning in one place. 

Other features of the GreenPal pro application include:

  • Client leads in your area,
  • Exclusive bidding for new client onboarding,
  • Invoicing and billing,
  • Public reviews from your lawn care clients,
  • And free lawn care business guides and information. 

Application #3: YardBook

Best For: Most lawn care operations. 

Downsides- Limited free features with premium plans ranging from $35-$50 a month.

YardBook is a specialized application with lawn care professionals in mind through and through. The application has a ton of free features to choose from. 

Now, if you do want route planning with a YardBook, you will have to subscribe to their monthly plan. 

But, not only does YardBook offer a route planning feature, along with many others on their application. They are the only route planning application we found to have a “Multi-day” route planner which plans your routes over multiple days.  Saving you the maximum amount of time on your lawn-mowing route. 

Along with route planning, YardBook also offers:

  • Material calculators,
  • Invoicing,
  • Quickbooks compatibility,
  • GPS tracking for your employees,
  • And much more. 

All in all, if you need an application that manages your lawn route scheduling across all platforms, YardBook is a solid option. It also has a 4.5-star rating with over 1000 reviews.

Application #4: Road Warrior

Best For: Most lawn care operations. 

Downsides- Limited features, exclusive to routing.

RoadWarrior is a great paid application for planning your daily lawn care routes. Best of all it is very affordable at only $10 a month per user, and even has a limited free version.

RoadWarrior is dedicated to helping couriers and lawn care professionals alike plan their routes effectively. While other applications offer additional features to lawn care service providers, RoadWarrior excels in making routes as effective as possible above all else.

RoadWarrior's features include:

  • "Best in class" routing engine,
  • Multi-route planning for several drivers,
  • Routing w/ traffic in mind,
  • and upload and reporting.

It's true that RoadWarrior does not have a ton of extra features, but with a 4.3-star rating and over 7000 reviews you better bet that it is great at what it does. 

Application #5: Jobber

Best for: Large lawn care operations

Downsides- Not targeted for lawn care professionals, and one of the more costly applications. 

While not tailored specifically to lawn care pros, Jobber offers advanced features that YardBook does not. While the basic version starts at $35 a month, it has fewer features than YardBook’s similarly priced plan

On the other hand, Jobbers Connect and Grow premium plans offer advanced features that go beyond route planning. These premium plans range from $99- $199 a month with features including:

  • A customer communication hub,
  • Automated online booking,
  • Customer financing options, 
  • And advanced cross-application integrations.

Application #6: Eagle Eye GPS

Best for: Large to enterprise-sized lawn care operations

Downsides- Very expensive. 

Eagle Eye is the go-to application for large scale lawn care enterprises. Here's the deal, Eagle eye takes GPS tracking and route planning seriously. If you run 3 or more crews, Eagle Eye can help you track and manage all of your crew's time efficiently. 

Here's the catch, while Eagle Eye does offer a limited free version, their premium product starts at $299 a month. So again, Eagle Eye’s product is best for large lawn care operations, and likely won’t be something most lawn care companies will need to utilize. 

Other features Eagle Eye offers include:

  • Capture photos of completed work,
  • Printed routes,
  • Customer billing,
  • And Quickbooks compatibility

What to Consider When Choosing a Route Planning Application

There truly is route optimization software available at any budget. From the greenhorn lawn care solopreneur to the president of a lawn care enterprise. There are countless lawn care optimization applications to help you climb the ladder of success. 

If you haven’t already, check out the GreenPal Pro application for lawn care vendors. 

It’s free to sign up, and we will help you schedule your lawn care routes, and generate business leads! And give you more time to care for your existing clients.

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