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3 Killer Courses To Take Your Lawn Care Company to The Next Level {Includes Free Resources}

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Looking to start a lawn care company, or take yours to the next level?

Well, you may want to consider a lawn care business course. 

That way you can avoid some of the common mistakes made by people like you who are trying to grow their lawn care company.

To make things simple, here are some of the best online courses for lawn care pros.

Below you will find the 3 best courses for growing your lawn care company. As well as other great resources.

Let's jump right in. 

Top 3 Online Courses To Grow Your Lawn Care Company

Looking for the best lawn care course to grow your business? Well, we have found 3 that you may want to consider. 

Let’s take a look. 

Busienss Landscape Course for lawn care pros to grow their lawn care business

Course #1: The Landscape Business Course

The Landscape Business Course is a 6 module course is headed by Mike Andes, the founder of the Augusta Lawn Services Franchise. 

Here’s the deal, this course is one of the more expensive ones with a price tag of $519. 

But it lays out a thorough game plan on how you can start and grow your company to success.

Here are the 6 modules taught in the course:

  1. How to start a lawn  care business with $15,000

  2. Mowing and Landscaping Business Basics

  3. Marketing

  4. Bookkeeping and Accounting

  5. Growing Your Business to $15k a year

  6. Adding Retail Products

Who is this Course For? Look, this course is for someone that really wants to go the distance with their lawn care company. If you are looking to create a large, scalable, well-branded lawn care company this course is for you!

Carson's courses on lawn care

Course #2: Carson’s School: Pricing and Cash Flow

Look, this course by Carson’s School is for lawn care professionals that already have a successful lawn care company, and want to improve their cash flow, and set their pricing. 

This course is $249. 

The course will  teach you how-to:

  • Find your cost per man-hour

  • How to do proper job costing

  • How to find your market man-hour rate

  • 3 non-sales ways to increase your cash flow

The course will also give you access to The Golden Price Sheet and Golden Pitch and a cash-flow positive example sheet.

Who is this course for? This course is great for anyone that already has a lawn care company, but may not be certain on how to set their prices. It’s also good for lawn care pros that would like to improve their cash flow and be certain that they are not missing out on opportunities. 

lawntreprenuer lawn care course for lawn care pros

Course #3: Lawntrepreneur Academy

It’s true, Lawntreprenuer Academy has a wide range of courses from starting your lawn care company, to adding additional services like mulching, or aeration. The course is made by Brian Fullerton, from Brian's Lawn Care. 

The courses range from $49 to $99. Some of the courses include:

  • How To Start Your Own Lawn Care Business! ($99)

  • Get Started Plowing Snow! ($99)

  • Profitability and Productivity Hacks ($49)

  • Getting Started With Spring & Fall Clean Ups ($49)

  • How To Get Started With Aerations & Overseeding! ($49)

Who is this course for? Lawntreprenuer Academy has classes for nearly any lawn care pro. And there is pretty much a course for anyone looking to grow their lawn care company. 

Free Resources To Grow Your Lawn Care Company

Are you looking for some free resources on how to grow your lawn care company? Well, you are in luck, there are no shortage of options.

Places to find free info on growing your lawn care company include: 

GreenPal's lawn care pro hub

GreenPal’s Lawn Care Pro Hub

We have a ton of great resources for lawn care pros in our Lawn Care Pro Hub. Here are some articles you should consider checking out!

facebook groups for lawn care pros

Facebook Groups for Lawn Care Pros

The Facebook groups mentioned above are great resources for lawn care professionals looking for a helping hand. For example, if you have any questions about how to run your lawn care company, you can simply ask the lawn care pro community in a FaceBook group. And you will receive a lot of great feedback. 

YouTube Channels for Lawn Care Pros

YouTube channels are another great place for lawn care pros to learn about running a lawn care company. And there are so many amazing channels, most of the questions or concerns you may have already answered in a video. 


At the end of the day, experience is likely the best teacher. While preparation is an essential part of starting your lawn care company. Without executing your ideas, your ideas will never come to life. And some of the best lessons come from executing your ideas. So don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and learn the hard way. 

Dirty hands are a part of learning how to grow your lawn care busienss

The Bottom Line on Courses to Grow Your Lawn Care Business

Taking a course on how to start your lawn care company can be a great way to start your company, or grow your business that is already in operation. 

Even if you can’t afford to take one of these lawn care courses, there are tons of free resources and communities where you can collaborate with other lawn care pros to find the info you need. 

But at the end of the day, the lawn care business is one where you really just need to dive in and get your hands dirty

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