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Landscaping Marketing: Market Your Lawn Care Company Like a Pro! (Infographic)

Looking to kick up some more lawns? Well, you could join GreenPal, and we will do the work for you. Or you can use the six steps in this infographic to market your lawn care company. Let's take a look!

What are some steps I can take to market my lawn care company?

The six steps you can use to market your lawn care company are; sell your companies benefits, not the features, be active on social media, boost your site's SEO, paint or wrap your vehicle, use flyers and door hangers, and get too many referrals.

How can I get more lawn care clients online? 

If you are looking to market your company through your online presence. There are two things you should do. Be active on social media. And optimize your site's SEO. You can market your lawn care company on Instagram, or you can even use LinkedIn to aquire commercial leads

You can also optimize your website's SEO by writing amazing articles with tips for homeowners in your area and focusing on local information. 

How can I market my lawn care company in person?

If you want to put in a little leg work, consider printing up some flyers or door hangers. You can keep a box of them on your truck and hang them on the doors of your clients' neighbors. This will help you get more lawns in the same service area. And it will only take you a few minutes.

Tired of mowing mountains of lawns? Attract more clients and rake in the green with these easy-to-implement marketing strategies:

1. Sell Solutions, Not Mowers: Highlight how you solve yard woes (lush lawns, pest control) over listing equipment.

2. Social Sizzle: Be the king (or queen) of lawn content on Instagram, Facebook, or even LinkedIn (for pro clients!).

3. SEO Secrets: Rank higher online with local keywords and killer blog posts full of homeowner lawn care tips.

4. Vehicle Vibe: Let your truck or van be a billboard on wheels with a fresh paint job or eye-catching wrap.

5. Flyer Frenzy: Spread the word in your neighborhood with targeted flyers or door hangers. It's quick, effective, and local!

6. Referral Riches: Happy clients lead to happy wallets. Encourage word-of-mouth referrals with loyalty programs or discounts.

Bonus Tip: Check out Service Autopilot's blog for more lawn care marketing mastery!

Dominate your local lawn care game with these proven tactics. Start growing your business today!

Marketing your lawn care company is a great way to expand your lawn care business. And at a certain point, you will likely want to do some sort of marketing. So why not start today? 

This infographic has tons of great tips. And was brought to you by Service Autopilot

Be sure to check out our blog for lawn care professionals for the more great info.  

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