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An Illustrated Guide to Controlling Weeds in Your Lawn

Are you looking for a greener lawn? Well, it may not be a massive surprise to you, but we at GreenPal are all about getting a perfect, lush green lawn. Part of getting that perfect lawn is about weed control, and this infographic does an excellent job of breaking down how to control weeds in your yard and property. Let’s dive in!

What is the key to getting weeds out of my lawn?

Look, you have to understand what you are dealing with first. This infographic says, “know your enemy.” And it’s true; you need to know what you are dealing with before you begin to get a handle on the issue of weeds in your lawn. There are two stages of weeds you are dealing with. Stage one is a seed in its germination stage, but stage two is when a plant begins to grow foliage. These two stages will require different approaches.

When should I use herbicides to get rid of weeds?

That depends; before weeds have sprouted, you will want to use a pre-emergent herbicide like Prodiamine to kill off weeds before they begin to grow foliage. However, if it is later in the season, but before the warmest parts of the year, you can use Dithiopyr, which can kill crabgrass up to the 3-leaf stage. 

However, if the weeds are already fully established in your lawn, you will need to use a post-emergent herbicide if you want to kill the weeds. Alternatively, you can pull them by hand. 

What is the difference between a pre- and post-emergent?

It’s simple, and a pre-emergent will kill weeds before they are noticeable and works best in the early season. By choosing the right pre-emergents, you can kill weeds before there is ever a problem. However, they can not kill fully developed weeds. That is where post-emergents come in. A post-emergents like Round-Up will kill fully grown weeds. 

This infographic was created by Green Keeper AZ, be sure to share it with your friends and family looking to create a greener lawn. And check out our lawn and grass care blog for more excellent lawn care tips.  

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