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Ballpark Lawns - Stripe your lawn like the Pros!

  • by
  • Gene Caballero
  • August 07, 2022
Ever wanted to cut your lawn like a baseball diamond? Well this infographic shows you four common lawn mowing patterns used by major league baseball parks, and how to cut them. How do you mow a baseball diamond pattern into your lawn? Well the good news is it is easier than it looks! First you need a great lawn or turf grass to cut. Then you start by mowing the perimeter of the lawn. Next you will want to mow in a back and forth fashion, using a roller. Then mow the lawn perpendicular to your last cut. What mowing patterns are used on baseball fields? As you may know there are many patterns. However, as this infographic shows, there are 4 very common patterns which are used. These patterns include the lateral cut, the diamond cut, the checkered cut and the radial. How do baseball fields get such a defined pattern in the turf? One of the keys to mowing a great pattern is using a roller on your mower. Simply cutting the lawn in a pattern will give it some definition, but with a roller the pattern will be significantly more defined. What is the first step to mowing a pattern in a lawn? The first step to getting a great lateral, checkered or diamond pattern is to mow the perimeter first. This is critical because you will need to be able to turn the mower around in the perimeter space. Is it possible to mow my lawn with a pattern like the MLB fields? Yes! Absolutely, you will just need a nice turf grass and a roller for your mower. How tall do major league fields cut their turf? Baseball field turf is typically cut to 1 ¼” or one and a quarter inches. Then it is rolled down to the ground with a roller. What type of grass should I use to get stripes in my lawn? The best grass truly depends on where you live! Some grasses may be best for certain areas, but ineffective in others. The most important thing is that you have a thick healthy lawn. As you can see, with the simple techniques laid out in this infographic guide, you can mow your lawn like the major league pros! Or at least very close. Share this infographic with your friends and family. With this infographic your entire neighborhood could end up being the splitting image of a baseball league diamond.
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