Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Scranton, PA as of Mar, 2024


H&T Lawn Care Lawn Services in Scranton, PA

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(overall rating 4.4/5.170 Reviews)

H&T Lawn Care is a company providing lawn care in Scranton, Pennsylvania. If you want a company that comes highly recommended with hundreds of positive ratings and properties served, contact us. We offer top-tier lawn care services in Scranton and other parts of Lackawanna County.

H&T Lawn Care has provided lawn care services in Scranton for many years. We have been dealing with local lawn mowing services and lawn service maintenance for property owners all throughout the area.

H&T Lawn Care does lawn service right. We provide appropriate assessments and evaluations. This will help us provide the right kind of lawn care in Scranton.

A fully customized plan that produces beautiful results.

Our lawn care business provides expert lawn service that restores, maintain, and enhance.

H&T Lawn Care are experts at all things landscaping. We provide lawn care in Scranton that adapts to the needs of your lawn.

We apply the proper lawn care, lawn service, or lawn mowing services for your grass. Our detailed outline will improve and protect your grass all year. Our lawn maintenance and lawn care packages will provide ongoing lawn service treatment without it being too expensive.

Our combined experience has made H&T Lawn Care one of the leading lawn care businesses in the area.

H&T Lawn Care has gotten the results and years of expertise to give you the best possible lawn service treatment. If you want a great job done for your property, contact us.

Our lawn care services and lawn mowing services in Scranton will help you get an outdoor you can fully enjoy.

Whether you’re getting ongoing lawn mowing services or yard maintenance, we guarantee it create eye-dropping beauty.

We offer many services including sodding, edging, lawn mowing services, aeration, mulching, and much more. Get everything you need when you hire H&T Lawn Care.

Visit our business page to see our past landscaping projects. You’ll also see all of the landscaping and lawn care services we offer as well.

You can see some of the lawn service work we’ve done for properties near places like Nay Aug Park and many other places in Lackawanna County and Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Hire H&T Lawn Care as soon as you’d like for affordable and premium services.


Dowd Lawn Care Lawn Services in Scranton, PA

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(overall rating 4.4/5.178 Reviews)

Dowd Lawn Care offers lawn care services in Scranton, Pennsylvania. We offer professionals outdoor solutions that create beautiful green oases. We take pride in our work. That’s why we’ve helped hundreds of properties for years with great success. Lawn service companies come and go, but we’ve been standing tall for close to a decade.

Get affordable lawn care in Scranton when you hire our company. We give you great services, affordable prices, and a lawn your family can safely enjoy.

Dowd Lawn Care will provide efficient and affordable lawn care services in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

We provide top-rated lawn care in Scranton and other parts of Lackawanna County.

Our many lawn service solutions are done to help you save money and also enhance your outdoor spaces.

Furthermore, we provide the highest standard of lawn care, but they’re also affordable for everyone. It’s inexpensive and affordable no matter the budget. All of our customers can enjoy the benefits of premium lawn mowing services and other lawn service work for a great price.

Whatever you hire our company for any of our lawn care packages, we always deliver.

The lawn service professionals working for our company will provide you with customized lawn care services that address the needs of your property and help you reach your needs.

Dowd Lawn Care delivers quality lawn care in Scranton and landscaping services for all kinds of properties.

If you simply need lawn mowing services, Dowd Lawn Care provides effective maintenance care all year. You can hire us once or for ongoing upkeep without being forced into a contract.

If you need specific lawn care services, we can also help with that. Services including aeration, irrigation, and other projects that need more than one visit won’t require contracts. Nor will you pay hidden fees.

We offer a number of lawn mowing services, landscape maintenance, and other services.

We provide optimal lawn service and also focusing on ensuring you’re happy throughout our partnership. We believe providing good customer service is just as important as delivering quality lawn care.

You can see some of the landscaping projects Dowd Lawn Care done for properties near places like McDade Park, Everhart Museum, and many other places in Lackawanna County and Scranton, Pennsylvania.

When you hire Dowd Lawn Care for any lawn service work for your property, we will start immediately. 


Tony's Lawncare Lawn Services in Scranton, PA

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(overall rating 4.3/5.140 Reviews)

If you want high-quality lawn care in Scranton, Pennsylvania, contact Tony's Lawncare. We offer lawn mowing services and lawn service work for all kinds of properties. No matter what you need, Tony's Lawncare can help you.

Our cost-effective and high-quality lawn care services in Scranton will leave your landscape in the best shape of its life.

Tony's Lawncare provides lawn care in Scranton that fosters an environment of growth. We help your outdoors flourish into a green wonderland. Regardless of what you want, you’ll get quality lawn care in Scranton from us.

We offer you a long list of lawn care services in Scranton. We serve all kinds of properties in the area and other places in Lackawanna County.

Tony's Lawncare has embedded a proven system that is intended to enhance, improve, or maintain your landscape. If it's basic lawn mowing services or lawn maintenance, we do it right.

Our company ensures you get the lawn service and yard maintenance solutions you need to help your grass grow better and stronger. We provide lawn care services in Scranton that handle all kinds of issues.

We offer proper landscaping work and lawn care in Scranton that is catered to your needs. No matter what you hire Tony's Lawncare for, you’ll be getting the results you want.

Our inexpensive lawn service and lawn care treatment plans are affordable.

Get the necessary lawn care your property needs with our help. We provide lawn care services that help you and that is perfect for your budget.

We have a long number of services that you can choose from. Receive high-quality edging, lawn mowing services, weed control, landscape maintenance, core aeration, sodding, mulching, and much more.

Visit our business page to see our list of services. You’ll also be able to check out the list of positive ratings too.

You can even see the work we’ve done for properties near places like the Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain, Steamtown National Historic Site, and many other places in Lackawanna County and Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Get the top-quality landscaping and lawn care services from Tony's Lawncaretoday. 


Bilotti Landscaping Lawn Services in Scranton, PA

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(overall rating 4.6/5.68 Reviews)

The dream team of lawn care and landscaping. We are ready to handle all your backyard and front lawn chores. We have been providing effective lawn care services in Scranton, Pennsylvania for years with great success. It’s no accident we’ve been rated one of the best in lawn care in Scranton. Let us handle any landscaping services you’d like done for your property.

The lawn care and lawn service plan the team at Bilotti Landscaping provide are customized for your budget. We also strive to meet your needs in the fastest time possible.

Best of all, you’ll pay affordable prices for all our services.

There are some lawn care businesses and landscaping companies that don’t provide the customized care that we do. If you want problems in the future, don’t hire a company like that.

Every lawn and yard needs specialized lawn care in Scranton. Bilotti Landscaping makes sure to provide customized lawn care services for optimal results.

Let Bilotti Landscaping with the proven experience and the trained lawn care professionals work on your grass today.

Bilotti Landscaping offers lawn care services in Scranton. You can get Scranton lawn mowing services or some other landscaping work.

We provide all kinds of lawn service in Scranton. We also offer affordable lawn care packages that won’t be too expensive. Get a customized lawn care service plan when you hire Bilotti Landscaping Lawn.

By providing lawn service treatments, you’ll have healthy, lush, and full outdoors.

All of our lawn care services in Scranton are affordable. You can also get ongoing lawn mowing services and other services without being locked into a contract. Cancel any of our solutions at any time.

Get quality lawn care in Scranton when you hire Bilotti Landscaping. Most of the local lawn care companies in Scranton are limited to what they can offer you.

Our team is equipped to handle a variety of lawn care and lawn service work. Get everything you need from Bilotti Landscaping.

Bilotti Landscaping has much to offer you. Our company urges you to check out all of our services.

Whether it is providing basic lawn mowing services, maintenance work, or providing other services, we have you covered.

Choose from Scranton lawn mowing services, sodding, mulching, irrigation, aeration, edging, and much more.

You can see some of the landscape work we’ve done for properties near places like the Electric City Trolley Museum, the Lackawanna County Children’s Library, and many other places in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Sign up for the free GreenPal app and let Bilotti Landscaping help you with all your lawn care needs. 

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Abraham Santiago yard cutting in Scranton PA
grass-cutting-businesses-in-Scranton-PA grass-cutting-businesses-in-Scranton-PA affordable-lawn-services-in-Scranton-PA grass-cutting-businesses-in-Scranton-PA lawn-care-services-in-Scranton-PA

It was great having H&T Lawn Care work on my lawn that is near Viewmont Mall. I really enjoyed the work I got from them the very first time I contacted them and they provided their services. They really did a great job for me and had excellent customer service. It was a great decision to hire them and I have even asked them to continue their maintenance and upkeep services on my front lawn which looks great thanks to them. I highly recommend them.

Eunice Becker lawn care service in Scranton PA
the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Scranton-PA affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Scranton-PA cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Scranton-PA lawn-care-services-in-Scranton-PA affordable-lawn-services-in-Scranton-PA

I had asked for the assistance of the wonderful company at Dowd Lawn Care. When I compared the amount I was spending on other lawn care businesses and compared it to these guys, I was amazed at how much money I was saving. I also feel like I was getting better services from these guys too and I am so happy I found them when I did. GreenPal made it easy to hire them and we’ve been partnered up for almost a year now. My lawn that is near Marywood University looks great thanks to them.

Archie Ballard lawn mow in Scranton PA
local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Scranton-PA cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Scranton-PA the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Scranton-PA lawn-care-services-in-Scranton-PA cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Scranton-PA

After searching for lawn mowing services near me, I was fortunate to find Tony's Lawncare. I was able to find them pretty quickly after downloading the GreenPal app. I couldn’t have asked for an easier way to find the services I needed and it was even more convenient having to only hire one company. Tony's Lawncare has really improved the look of my lawn and yard that is near the Electric City Aquarium & Reptile Den. Just an amazing company and I couldn’t be happier with their services.

Ronald Doyle lawn mowing service in Scranton PA
lawn-maintenance-in-Scranton-PA affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Scranton-PA lawn-care-services-in-Scranton-PA residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Scranton-PA cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Scranton-PA

I needed some ongoing lawn mowing, edging, and other cleanup work on my property that is near Valor Field AT Veterans Memorial Stadium. I normally do the work myself but I find myself with little time more than ever. I hired the great people who work at Bilotti Landscaping. They offer all the services I was looking for and have prices that I can actually afford on a regular basis. They have great customer service and their crew are very hard working. After several months of work, I am so happy with the great job they’ve done for me.