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Common Garden Pests and How To Manage Them (An illustrated Guide)

There are a lot of bugs that exist in the wild. And many of them exist in your backyard. While some cause harm, they aren’t all bad. Many of the bugs that may be present in your garden may actually be beneficial to you or your garden. But how can you tell the difference? Well, here is your illustrated guide. 

Which bugs are actually worth keeping in the garden?

Among the millions of insects that may be in your backyard. A few of the ones you want to have include ladybugs, bees, lacewings, spiders, praying mantises, centipedes, and even ants. Yes, that is right. While ants may not be a welcome presence in your pantry, they are great for your garden. 

Which bugs do I need to worry about and get rid of?

Some of the bugs you want to get rid of include horned tomato worms, inchworms, ticks, Japanese beetles, slugs, and potato beetles.

Are all beetles bad in my garden?

Here’s the deal, while many types of beetles are bad, some are actually helpful. Some beetles you want to get rid of include; Japanese, potato, and squash beetles. 

What bugs are eating my plants?

Did you know that you can tell what types of bugs are present by the plant that is damaged, and the form the damage takes? For example, if your tomato plant suddenly looks like it got munched away by a deer or large herbivore, it's likely a horned tomato worm. Or if your plant's leaves are half gone and there is a trail of goo on them. You can bet a slug has been hard at work. 

What plants repel bugs naturally?

Flowers that repel bugs naturally include marigolds, nasturtiums, petunias, lemongrass, and lavender.

How can I get rid of garden pests?

This infographic has loads of natural remedies to get rid of harmful bugs. Some of these remedies include dish soap, apple cider vinegar, and essential oils. 

As you can see, this infographic has loads of information on how to identify bad bugs, and get rid of them. Share this infographic with your friends and family so that we can keep these bugs at bay, and keep the good ones happy. For more information check out the Fix

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