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Growing Your Lawn Care Company (6 Illustrated Steps)

Once you have named your lawn care company, it’s time to start growing your business! Let's take a look at how you can grow your lawn care or landscaping company. This infographic is loaded with tips you can use to grow your company today!

What are some steps to grow your lawn care company?

According to this infographic, there are 7 steps you can use to grow your lawn care company. Including; turning your customers into salespeople, diversity, sales training, using tech to automate, taking your time, starting a crew, expand your market. This infographic has tips you can use to grow your lawn care company no matter the size. 

How can I turn my customers into salespeople?

It’s simple, do an amazing job! If you work hard and do good work your customers will see, and their neighbors will see. Eventually, your customers will start to talk with others about your services, and your company will grow naturally! You could even consider throwing in a free lawn mowing for each customer your clients refer to you. 

Should I expand my lawn care market?

Expanding your market is something you should carefully consider. In most circumstances, lawn care companies target new customers in their current service area. But if you live in a highly competitive area, or your marketing efforts are not getting you anymore leads. You may want to consider expanding your service area. But doing so will require a lot of research, and should be carefully considered. 

To grow your lawn care company, follow these 7 steps: turn customers into advocates, diversify services, provide sales training, use technology, take your time, build a crew, and consider expanding your market carefully. Doing great work can naturally turn customers into promoters, and expanding your service area should be done with careful research.

Look, there are a lot of great ways to grow your lawn care company. And this infographic has a lot of great info you can use to grow your company no matter how large or small it is. This infographic was created by Sandler Training. Check out our lawn care professionals blog for more great info. 

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