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Naming Your Lawn Care Company (Illustrated Guides)

  • by
  • Gene Caballero
  • August 07, 2022

Naming your lawn care company is a huge step in starting the business. But first, you need to consider your business strategy and branding. Many people go with fun names like the Sod Father, and use humor to market their lawn care company. Others go with more serious names like Premier lawn Care. And some go with their family names like O’Leary and Sons. But how do you go about creating a business name you will be proud of for years to come? 

Let's take a look at what this infographic has to say!

What is the first step to naming my lawn care company?

It’s simple, brainstorming! Create a list of potential names, and don't be too quick to judge. You will likely see a recurring theme that continues throughout your potential lawn care company names. This will help you see what your business name should be. 

Check the Competition

Research the names of other lawn care companies and see what works with your branding. As you research, look at the types of lawn care companies that are comparable to the company you want to start. And use these competitor names as a guide to help you cultivate your own company name. 

Set a Deadline!

Look, you need to set a deadline for naming your company. Why? It’s simple, if you don't, you may continue to procrastinate and change your name indefinitely. Set a date, and roll with the name that calls to you. 

Now it’s Time to Cut Some Grass

Once you have your name set, run with it! The quality of your services is much more important than the name of your company. While a catchy name may pick up clients. It will be your reputation and your reliability in the end that will lead to your company's success or failure. 

Look, naming your lawn care company can be intimidating and it is one of the first steps to starting your lawn care company. This infographic was brought to you by FieldCentral. Be sure to check out our lawn care pros blog for more great info!

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