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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Richardson, TX as of Apr, 2024


Enviro Lawn Care in Richardson, TX

Hired 37 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.39 Reviews)

If you live in Richardson Texas I would be happy to pick up your grass cutting for you this year. I am in the Richardson area cutting lawns every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and I can accommodate your yard maintenance any of those three days and I would be happy to do so. I do all kinds of yard work for my landscape maintenance customers and I'm so much more than just a basic grass cutting service. I can clean your gutters, pick up leaves in the fall, add fresh mulch to your landscaping beds, prune your bushes for you, and so much more. So when you get my lawn cutting price on GreenPal that is going to be for just a basic grass cutting service but that's the perfect way for us to begin a relationship around your landscaping maintenance needs.

But what we can do is when you hire me on Greenpal I will reach out to you and we can discuss any nuances with respect to your yard maintenance for your home in Richardson and then I will go to work and do the hard work for you. Sometimes people just have me do basic lawn maintenance for them and others have me do everything outside of the home top to bottom. The good thing about my Richerson lawnmower maintenance company is that I can do as much or as little landscape maintenance services as you like. I'm never going to be pushy and try to sell you want some kind of full-service you're around landscaping maintenance program or contractor or anything like that. I just believe in earning my landscape maintenance customers business one service at a time. So let's just say when the first grass cutting goes well you can then hire me on your GreenPal account to come out every two weeks to mow the yard or every seven days to cut the grass. I'm happy to do either and there's also an every 10 day yard maintenance cycle if you want to try to do that as well. Keep in mind the every ten-day lawn maintenance schedule is a little more difficult for me to execute because I like to do the same yards on a regular cadence however if that's really what you want I will do my best to accommodate it but please just be flexible with me and know that there might be some weeks that I'll get a little bit off on the 10 day rotation. So all of that to say I service the following neighborhoods in Richardson: Beck Branch Trail, Berkner Park, Breckinridge Point, Brick Row, Bridgewater Crossing, Canterbury Courts, Carrington Estates, Centennial, Clear Springs Place, College Park, Cottonwood Creek, Creek Hollow Estates, Crowley Park, Crystal Court, Duck Creek,Enclave of Breckinridge, Estates of Breckinridge Creek, Estates of Richardson if you live near any of those parts of town you'll get my absolute best price for your lawn maintenance and I would be happy to pick up your lawn care services this year.

Also , if you need local lawn mowing services in Mansfield TX and no problem if you do not live there we would be happy to help you with yard maintenance services in Hurst, TX.


Santiago Lawn Care in Richardson, TX

Hired 29 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.34 Reviews)

It's my chief aim to become your last lawn care service you'll ever need for your home in Richardson Texas. I like to exceed my lawn maintenance clients expectations with personalized uncompromising service in their yard and landscaping. If you're looking for a landscaping maintenance company that goes above and beyond on your yard please consider my grass cutting service. Other lawn maintenance customers appreciate my personalized service and I know you will too. I'm sure if you've ever used another lawn care service in Richardson you have probably experienced the case of the disappearing lawn maintenance company or maybe even they don't bother showing up one week or don't even return your phone call when you are needing something with respect to your lawn care services, don't feel bad it happens to a lot of folks in the Richardson area and every time I pick up a new lawn care client they always tell me about how their previous lawn care company was unprofessional and didn't really seem like they cared about their lawn care business. But most folks don't realize is that to have successful lawn care service in Richardson you have to have 50% lawn care trade skills and 50% business skills.

And there's no way to learn either of those except the trial and error and so the reality is if you go with the new cheap Lawnmowing service that you find on craigslist or something like that you might be a guinea pig for them and they will be learning both how to cut grass on your yard and also will be learning the nuances of running a small business on your customer account as well. That really isn't ideal unless you are a very patient person which I feel like my lawn maintenance customers deserve better. The good news is is that on GreenPal you can have some insight into who is solid at running a lawn maintenance company in Richardson and who isn't. Go ahead and read over my lawn care reviews and check out my stats when you get my price on your GreenPal account and you can read about how often my customers book ongoing lawnmowing services with me and that will give you a really good sense for how satisfied my landscape maintenance customers are after I cut their grass for the first time. I always tell my lawn care customers at the best way they can say thank you for my excellent lawnmowing service is by booking ongoing lawn maintenance with me and I really mean that and I really appreciate it when it happens. I am actively seeking new lawn care service customers by Berkner High School in Richardson and also over by Apollo Junior High School so we did news for you is no matter where you live in the Richardson area I can deliver reliable and affordable lawn care services to your yard on a weekly basis or every two week basis just whatever you want for your grass cutting this year. Thank you so much I look forward to meeting with you.

Also , if you are looking for affordable yard maintenance services nearby Mansfield TX that is no problem for us and we also do landscape maintenance services nearby Grand Prairie TX..


Tru Lawn Lawn Care Services in Richardson, TX

Hired 98 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.99 Reviews)

If you need me to cut your grass this week in Richardson I would love to do it. I have openings most weeks in the Richardson area and I am cutting lawns in town for days per week. What this means for you is that when you hire me to cut your grass you don't have to worry about waiting around for me to squeeze you in my lawn care service route. Most of the lawnmowing services I know in the Richardson area run about a week or two behind as a rule of thumb but not me. I can usually get your grass cut within 24 to 48 hours just depending on when you hire me. Most the time when I pick up a new lawn maintenance customer in Richardson Texas just because they either have let the grass get way too tall or they have some sort of party or event coming up and I need the yard looking as good as it can or other times their previous lawn maintenance company went out of business or quit calling them back. 90% of the time it's one of these three reasons and usually the case is they need somebody as soon as possible to come out and mow the grass.

This is where my lawn maintenance company shines. You see with me you don't have to worry about waiting a week or two I'll be there the very next day to mow your yard. I'll keep in mind my chief goal with speedy reliable and quick turnaround service is to be able to earn your lawn care service business for as long as you live in your home in Richardson. The reality is no lawnmowing services in Richardson Texas make a living off one time grass cuts sure we do them but you need to know that it's with the good faith understanding that we will be able to earn your ongoing lawnmowing business on a weekly basis or every two week yard maintenance schedule. So that being said I would love to accommodate your grass cutting the first time you need a lawnmowing and you can kind of think of that as an audition for lawnmowing services. And then after that one goes well you can very easily set up on going lawnmowing service on your GreenPal account or just shoot me a text and I will set it up on my end for you. Now I say all that to say I am not you're on call lawnmower and I won't be able to just stop what I'm doing and come out to mow your grass whenever you feel like sending me a message my point is I can do that on the first lawnmowing only. I service the following neighborhoods in Richardson Renner and Jupiter, Reservation, Richland, Saddlebrook, Sallie Circle, Sharp Estates, Sharp's Farm, Sherrill Park, Spring Pointe, St Paul, The Bristol at Buckingham, The Reserve at Sharp Lane, Town North Park, and so if you live in any of those parts of town my goal is to become your yard maintenance business for life. Thank you so much for considering me for your yard mowings I look forward to the opportunity to work with you this year.

Also , if you are not near Richardson , TX we also do nearby lawn care services in Hurst TX and if you dont live in that part of DFW no problem we can also take care of local lawn care services in Mansfield TX.


Tejas Lawn Care Services in Richardson, TX

Hired 229 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.229 Reviews)

My specialty is cheap lawn cutting services in Richardson Texas. If you are needing a private gardener or a horticulturalist to help you with your landscaping issues in your yard I will not be a good fit for your landscape maintenance needs. However if you were looking for no-frills basic lawn cutting services then I'm going to be the best fit grass cutting business that you can hire in the Richardson, Tx area. Most folks don't understand this however there are many different types of yard maintenance companies. Some specialize in pesticides, chemicals, and cultural services, while others like myself just do grass cutting really well. And the crazy thing is most of your expensive landscape maintenance companies are very not good at basic residential grass cutting your lawn maintenance in the Richardson Texas area while smaller owner operated landscape maintenance businesses like mine are really good at basic grass cutting and yard maintenance and so it all matters what you were looking for.

Like I said if you were looking for a gardener who can hand prune your bushes and diagnose plant diseases and walk the yard and gardens with you every time he comes out to service your lawn and landscaping well then there are certainly lawn maintenance businesses like that on GreenPal in the Richardson, Tx area however my grass cutting service is not one of them. Now if you want a basic grass cutting on a weekly yard maintenance schedule or every two weeks landscape maintenance cycle that I'm going to be the best for lawn maintenance company that you can hire. Why does any of this matter you might ask will because I believe there's no need to pay for yard maintenance services that you don't need and the reality is many lawn care services in the Richardson area are going to try to upsell you on all kinds of landscaping maintenance services that you don't need. I don't believe you need fungicide spray in your yard so I won't recommend that and I just think that most of my lawn maintenance clientele are just looking for a basic grass cutting service to keep the yard nice and neat and that's what I'm really good at. Most of my grass cutting prices for the standard type of home in the Richardson area start out at $30 per lawnmowing and go up to around $50 for grass cutting just depending on how big your yard is and how tall your grass has grown to be. So to get a firm price from me on how much it is going to cost to cut your lawn just list it on GreenPal and I will get notified and I will submit to you my cost for how much your lawn maintenance is going to be this year. I have a bunch of grass cutting clients over by Berkner Park and also over by Canyon Creek Country Club so if you live in any of those parts of town I would be pleased to take on your grass cutting for the entire time you live in your home in Richardson Texas.

If you are not near Richardson , TX we also do affordable yard maintenance in Hurst TX and the good news is we also perform cheap lawn cutting services in Mansfield TX.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
Andrew Asher Lawn Maintenance in Richardson TX
“The last lawnmowing service in Richardson that I was using raised his lawn cutting price $10 per grass cut this year and I started to pay it for a while but then I just had a sneaking suspicion that I was just paying too much for lawnmowing not it was time to try to shop around and get prices again. After making a few phone calls looking for local lawnmowing companies on craigslist I decided that I was not going to do this anymore that dialing for dollars all over Richardson was not worth my time. I had a feeling that there was a better way to do this and that's where GreenPal came in. I jumped on the GreenPal mobile app and put in my details and I was surprised when I got five competitive grass cutting prices email to me within one hour. GreenPal did all that hard work for me and for free to call after hiring the cheapest like your service in Richardson out of the lawn maintenance price list of all has gone well with three lawn mowings now and so I felt like the website deserved a solid review.”
Susan Knight Lawn Mowing in Richardson TX
“Being a single mother I just don't have time to push mow my own yard anymore however I also don't have a whole lot of extra money to spend on landscaping maintenance. I was looking for a company that will come cut my grass every three weeks for my home in Northrich in Richardson Texas and I had no luck. As it turns out no Richardson lawn cutting services wanted to mow our yard every three weeks or even every two weeks for that matter. However I found GreenPal and it came in and save the day and I was able to get hooked up with an affordable lawn care company who has agreed to come every 14 days to mow my yard. All in all I'm spending around $70 per month for my lawn maintenance from April through October and I cannot complain about that and it fits in my budget. I don't know what I would have not done if I hadn't found GreenPal.”
Gail Janssen Lawn Mowing in Richardson TX
“I was not looking for yard maintenance perfection I just wanted a decent grass cutting for my home in Renner and Jupiter in Richardson at a decent price. However every single lawn mowing company in the Richardson area wanted me to sign some sort of full-service landscaping maintenance contract but had a fee built into it if I decided to cancel it early. The thing about these lawn maintenance contracts was that they were year-round and I really didn't want to hire year long landscaping maintenance and I don't feel like after November that's really necessary and so with that being said I will just maintain my own yard. The GreenPal mobile app really helped me out because I was able to pay for lawn cutting after each individual lawnmowing and not by the month. This eliminated the conversation around having to sign a landscaping maintenance contract and I love that. GreenPal got me set up with an affordable yard mowing business where I can pay after each individual lawnmowing. Thank you GreenPal.”
Thomas Michaels Yard Cutting in Richardson TX
“I own several rental properties throughout DFW and for some reason my rentals in Richardson always caused me more headache than my other portfolio properties. Especially when it comes to yard maintenance lawn care services in Richardson are tough to nail down and get to fall into a routine yard maintenance schedule. Well that's where the GreenPal yard maintenance app really helps me out. I'm able to have three different lawn care services in Richardson mow three different yards that I own all without the headache calling them and making them to stick to a agreed-upon grass cutting schedule. GreenPal gives me a dashboard where I can look at and manage all of my lawn maintenance in one place and I just love it. I recommended several colleagues and sell real estate investors in the Richardson area because it is save me so much time and money.”

lawn-maintenance-in-richardson-TX-lawn-service-in-Cool-Valley If you live in Richardson Texas and you're looking for a lawn care service to come cut your grass you know how hard it can be. Lawnmowing services in Richardson, Tx for some reason have a tough time returning phone calls for yard maintenance prices and can almost seem completely disinterested in your lawnmowing business that you are looking to hire them for. We understand what this is like and this is why we built the GreenPal landscape maintenance mobile app. GreenPal was built to be a one-stop solution to getting quotes from local Richardson lawnmowing services, reading over reviews about what each lawn care service has to say and also on top of all that hiring and paying a local yard maintenance company in Richardson is now snap whereas it used to take hours and maybe even days to get prices for lawn maintenance now you can do it and literally minutes.

Let me explain a little bit about how GreenPal works and how the landscape maintenance app can save you hours of wasted time looking for a local lawnmowing company in Richardson to come cut your grass. You see GreenPal’s is customized built technology for the lawnmowing industry. Many of the best lawn care services in Richardson use GreenPal to operate their grass cuttings service. They use the online software for everything from yard maintenance proposal creation, to invoicing for lawnmowing services, to managing their yard maintenance grass cutting routes. This all means that you can now hire them for grass cutting at your fingertips without even making a phone call. That's right, whereas normally you have to leave dozens and dozens of voicemails when looking for lawnmowing services Richerson begging one of them to come out and give you a price for how much it's going to cost to cut your grass but you don't have to do that anymore. You just place all of your details in the GreenPal lawn maintenance app and then the GreenPal technology does the hard work for you by sending out the word to local lawnmowing companies that cut grass in Richardson who want to take on your lawnmowing business. Whether you’re looking for just lawnmowing one time to try out a local lawn care service or weekly grass cutting visits or even every two week yard maintenance services GreenPal can help you find hire and pay a local lawn maintenance company in Richardson that you want to work with. So no matter if you live over by The University of Texas at Dallas or by Duck Creek Golf Club in the Richardson area GreenPal has got you covered and can help you save considerable money on your lawn maintenance of the most importantly your time. Take your weekends back by hiring a reliable and affordable lawn maintenance company to come cut your grass on GreenPal you'll be glad you did. Also if you need nearby yard maintenance businesses in Grand Prairie, TX GreenPal can help out in the entire Mid-Cities Texas area including nearby low cost lawn maintenance businesses in Hurst TX.

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About Richardson Texas

Richardson is a principal city in Dallas and Collin counties in Texas.

Settlers from Kentucky and Tennessee came to the Richardson area in the 1840s. Through the 1850s the settlement was located around the present-day site of Richland College. After the Civil War a railroad was built northwest of the original settlement, shifting the village's center closer to the railroad. Richardson was chartered in 1873, and the town was named after the secretary of the Houston & Texas Central Railroad, Alfred S. Richardson.

In 1908, the Texas Electric Railway an electric railway known as the Interurban, connected Richardson to Denison, Waco, Corsicana and Dallas. In 1910 the population was approximately 600. A red brick schoolhouse was built in 1914 and is now the administrative office for the Richardson Independent School District. In 1924 the Red Brick Road, the present-day Greenville Avenue, was completed. The completion of the road brought increased traffic, population and property values. The town incorporated and elected a mayor in 1925. In 1940 the population was approximately 740.

Despite declining economies in other parts of the United States, from 2005 to 2009 Richardson had substantial increases in its economy. The city's total assessed property value went up from $8.3 billion in 2005 to $14 billion in 2018. Sales tax collection went up from $21 million in 2005 to an estimated $32.9 million in 2018.

In December 2001, the Richardson City Council approved a development known as The Block (now Block 24) at the corner of Arapaho and Jupiter. It was the first vertical mixed-use development (ground floor retail, upper floor residential) in Richardson. By 2004, the Council had approved the city-initiated Spring Valley Station District zoning allowing/encouraging mixed-use development at the Spring Valley Station. Following the zoning change and The Block development, the city experienced a surge of mixed-use development, suburban infill and transit-oriented development, predominantly on the city's eastern side. Source: Wikipedia Richardson, TX

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