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How Do I Winterize Irrigation System? (Infographics)

If you need to winterize your sprinkler system this infographic will show you how. From the cost of winterizing your sprinkler system, to the techniques you need to winterize your irrigation. It is all contained in this infographic. 

What is the cost to winterize sprinkler system cost? 

It varies, but the short answer is about $60- $150 to get your sprinkler system winterized by a professional. On the other hand, if you winterize the irrigation yourself you can do it for less. 

Do I need a compressor to winterize my sprinkler system? 

Simply put, unless you can clear the system of water with your own breath, yes, you will need a compressor. Here is the deal, a compressor is needed to get the water out of the lines so they don’t freeze and burst. A compressor is the only way to accomplish this. 

What size compressor do I need to winterize my sprinkler system?

You will need a compressor that has at least 9 CFM (cubic feet per minute) for most sprinkler and irrigation systems. 

Looking for a tip on how to save money winterizing your irrigation system?

Share the cost of renting an air compressor with your neighbors. A good air compressor can cost $30- $65 to rent for the day, but if you split the cost with friends or neighbors. Winterizing your irrigation system can be as low as a few dollars. 

How do I winterize my irrigation system? 

The first step to winterizing your irrigation system according to this infographic is to shut the water supply off. Next you will activate each zone, and start the air compressor. Then you want to blow out the line until you only see misty air. After you clear out all of the zones on your irrigation system, open the test ports. Then stop the compressor, and disconnect the house. Turn off the sprinkler system clock and you are all set. 

How long do I clear out the sprinkler lines with an air compressor?

As this infographic shows. Run the compressor until the only thing coming out of the sprinkler heads is misty air, which suggests that a majority of the water is drained. 

Why do I need to winterize my sprinkler system? 

You need to winterize your irrigation to keep the water in the lines from freezing and bursting. Just like a garden house, you want to drain the lines of water to protect them in the winter. 

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