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The Homeowners Guide to Getting Into Spring Cleaning

This infographic shows the actions you should take each spring to ensure your home is in order. Inside your home and outside, this infographic shows all that you need to know about getting your home ready for the year. Sound like a plan? Then let's dive in!

What should I do to protect my home's roof?

In the spring and fall (ideally) you will want to inspect your roof for any damage that may have occurred from either wind or snow. You will also want to clean your gutters, and remove any organic material from the roof. Items such as leaves and sticks can cause water to flow under the shingles and can damage the roof prematurely. 

How can I ensure my home will have clean air all year round?

In the spring you will want to check all of your detectors and ensure they are working properly. Be sure to test your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors periodically to ensure your home's air is clean. Additionally you will want to prepare your air conditioner by following the maintenance guidelines in your operators manual. While you are at it, why not change the air filters?

How can I prevent fire and floods by spring cleaning?

According to this infographic, the best way to prevent fires and floods is to clean out your sump pump and clean your drier vent to prevent a fire inside of the home. Also be mindful that you remove any fall leaves or organic debris from around the base of your home and don’t pile mulch too high. 

How can I protect my deck in the spring?

In the spring you want to protect your deck by checking for wear, and replacing the flashing if needed. Also add a coat of rain repellent if necessary. 

Finally, you will want to be sure to clean up any motor oil that may have built up in your driveway. Also be sure to perform any maintence on your vehicle. That way you can avoid any issues from popping up.

At the end of the day, keeping your home in good order and safe, is as simple as preparing and planning ahead. This infographic is brought to you by Bearingstar.  Be sure to share this infographic with your friends and family so we can all maintain our homes. 

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