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The Importance of Professional Roof Snow Removal (Infographic)

Look, winter can be a fascinating time. Especially when you get good snow. However, getting that snow removed correctly can mean the difference between a joyous time in a winter wonderland and a devastating winter accident. This infographic goes over the importance of having the snow removed from your home's roof, and more importantly why you should have a pro do it. 

Why should I get the snow removed from my home's roof?

Look, a few inches of snow may not weigh a whole lot. But get a foot or two, and spread it across a large enough area and you are talking tons of pounds. 

Too much snow can lead to a collapsing roof or may break other parts of your home as it slides off the roof. Removing snow promptly reduces the build-up of ice and weight on the roof of your home, and prevents major damage to your home. 

Why should I hire a professional to remove the snow?

Here’s the deal, climbing a roof can be dangerous, even on a bright and sunny day. Now add cold weather and ice to the mix and you are looking at a lot of potential for injury.

Fortunately,  snow removal professionals have the equipment and experience to remove snow safely without getting injured. So leaving it to them is likely your safest bet. 

Removing Snow Improperly May Damage Your Roof

Furthermore, beyond the safety risk. An amateur removing snow may cause damage to the roof. Either by removing too much snow and knocking out a window or even by dragging shingles off of the roof with the tools. 

At the end of the day, it’s best to hire the pros to help you remove snow from your home's roof. Doing so will save you from damage to your home, or worse, yourself. 

Thanks to Fahey Roofing and Contracting for this infographic, and be sure to share this with your friends and family. So we can all sit back this winter and enjoy some snowy weather and cocoa.... without a body cast or broken window.

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