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The Riskiest Things Landscapers Do Every Day (Safety Infograhpic)

Many jobs have risks associated with them, and landscaping is certainly no different! In fact, landscapers and groundskeepers have an occupational fatality rate three times higher than most occupations. This infographic shows the risks associated with landscaping, from sun and pesticide exposure to motor vehicle accidents. Safety

What are some of the biggest risks that landscapers face?

Some of the most common causes of injuries for landscapers and groundskeepers are; motor vehicle accidents, sun exposure, injuries from machinery, electrical shock, lawn mower injuries, and allergic reactions. 

What is the most common fatality that landscapers face?

32.5% of landscape worker fatalities occur during transportation. The second most common form of fatality comes from contact with poisons such as pesticides, and poisonous animals. 

How can landscapers avoid injuries from poisonous animals?

Landscapers and lawn care professionals can avoid injuries from bees and other poisonous animals by walking the property before beginning work, and looking for potential hazards. 

How can landscapers avoid injuries from electrical utilities?

Landscapers can avoid electrical shock by always calling before they dig, being familiar with the property and not pruning trees and shrubs that are in contact with a power line. 

How can landscapers avoid injury and poisoning from pesticides?

Landscapers can avoid exposure to pesticides by always reading the safety label and taking proper precautions. Wearing long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, along with boots, and gloves are just a few of the measures landscapers should take to avoid pesticide exposure

How can landscapers avoid injury from sun and high temperatures?

Sun and high temperatures are a huge concern for landscapers and lawn care professionals. Between dehydration, heat stroke and skin conditions, there is a lot that could go wrong. There are many steps landscapers should take to avoid injury including; frequent breaks, staying hydrated and wearing sunscreen. 

How can landscapers avoid slips and falls?

Landscapers need to always use proper safety equipment and ladders correctly. Slips and falls account for 22.4% of landscaper fatalities. So being safe while landscaping includes safe use of ladders and climbing equipment. 

The bottom line on safety for landscapers and groundskeepers is that there are many things to consider in order to maintain a safe working environment. This infographic produced by Bolt Insurance does a great job at helping landscapers and lawn care professionals identify potential occupational hazards and avoid them.

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