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What you need to know: Lawnmower Safety Infographic

We have likely all used a lawnmower at one time or another. But the reality is, as comfortable as we may be around them, they are still dangerous machines. Those blades rotate at incredible amounts of speed in order to cut grass effectively. The last thing you want to do is misuse one! This infographic shows you what you need to know about lawnmower safety. 

Did You Know? Lawnmower Accident Statistics

More than 80.000 people go to the emergency room each year from a lawnmower-related incidents. Even crazier 800 children are run over each year by lawnmowers resulting in 600 annual amputations. Crazier still 75 people die in lawnmower accidents every year!

How Can I stay safe while mowing the lawn?

This infographic shows a lot of great ways homeowners can protect themselves and others from lawnmower related injuries. Here are a few tips to help you stay safe; wear long pants and good shoes, clear rocks, sticks and furniture from the lawn before mowing and of course wear eye and ear protection. 

Why shouldn’t children be around lawnmowers when they are off?

Children are curious by nature. And as a result, children may be injured by lawnmowers. Most commonly children are burned by touching the hot elements. So it is important to remember that a lawnmowers can be hot for up to an hour after they are shut off. Additionally, if you aren’t careful to hide your mower keys your children's curiosity may get the best of them. 

How can I keep children safe while I mow the lawn?

There are a number of ways to keep your children safer while mowing the lawn. A few for example are; don’t let your child ride on your mower, don’t let your children close to lawnmowers even after they are turned off and still hot, children should be at least 12 to operate a push mower, and 16 to operate a riding mower.

At the end of the day keeping yourself and your family safe from lawnmower related injuries is an essential part of proper lawn care. Remember children and lawnmowers don’t mix! Check out Bradley Mowers who made this infographic, and be sure to share this graphic with your friends and family. But by taking the time to review this infographic you can improve your lawn's health all year round. For more great homeowner info, check out Runyon Equipment Rental.

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