Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Middle River, MD as of Jul, 2024

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A.K. Lawn Services in Middle River, MD

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Welcome to A.K. Landscaping, the region's trusted local lawn care business in Middle River and the surrounding area. As your next hire for the best landscaping you can get, we will personally be overseeing the operations on your lawn. Whether you hire us for affordable lawn service work or cheap lawn mowing services, scheduled yard work, or for a special lawn care project, A.K. has your back from start to finish and well beyond.

Our lawn care business takes a lot of pride in our lawn service work, especially when it comes to your lawn. If you came over to our houses, you would see that every plant in the yard is lush and our grass is well-taken care of. We will do the same for your lawn as if it was my own. You will see from all the reviews that our lawn care services in Middle River have received. We strongly believe our lawn service solutions are one of a kind. 

Not only that, we aim to excel in customer service. Our lawn service team takes great pride in our abilities because we have dedicated the time to learn everything there is to know about landscaping in Middle River. From changing soil compositions like around Whitemarsh Estates, to differing elevations around Kenwood, we know what it takes to make every lawn beautiful. If you are ready to get the best lawn maintenance in Middle River, then you need to call A.K. Landscaping.

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Kevin’s Property Lawn Services in Middle River, MD

Hired 37 times on GreenPal
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(overall rating 4.7/5.206 Reviews)

Since Kevin’s Property joined GreenPal, our rate of hiring has only gotten better. We are committed to providing friendly lawn care services and lawn mowing services. It has made us one of GreenPal’s most dedicated landscapers in Middle River. In fact, Kevin’s Property is one of the few local yard maintenance companies in Middle River that takes less than a week to improve your lawn.

Kevin’s Property has provided lawn care services in Middle River, Maryland for many years. We are best known for our intimate customer service, high-quality lawn care services, and amazingly fair prices. Whether you need landscaping services or someone to get the lawn cut, let the proven team at our lawn care business help you.

We provide lawn care and lawn service solutions intended for properties of all sizes. If your goal is to make it look better, we have a restoration plan for you. If it’s to keep it in great condition, we have seasonal lawn care services for year-round care. If you just need someone to handle the lawn mowing every so often, we offer contract-free bundles designed that budget-friendly.

Our lawn care company doesn’t rush or do random work on your grass. We provide specific lawn service solutions designed specifically for your property.

Not many lawn maintenance companies provide proper lawn care in Middle River. We will ensure it looks great and stays strong too. Regardless of why you hire Kevin’s Property, we provide lawn service, lawn care, or lawn mowing services specifically to you.

Kevin’s Property has a team of lawn care professionals who are experienced in every area of our industry. We deliver lawn service and lawn care in Middle River that adapts to the needs of your outdoors.

Our lawn care professionals will make sure your lawn is protected all year long. We also deal with other seasonal services. Our yard maintenance and lawn care packages give you everything you need for ongoing treatment.

With experiences like no one else, Kevin’s Property has become one of the leading lawn care businesses in Middle River and other parts of Maryland.

Our lawn care and lawn service company has gotten the results for many years. We have the lawn service expertise to give you the best possible lawn care treatment. If you want a great landscaping job done for your business or home, contact Kevin’s Property.

Our lawn mowing services and lawn care services in Middle River will help you get a landscape you can really enjoy. Whether you’re getting ongoing lawn maintenance, lawn mowing services, or yard work, Kevin’s Property can promise great results.

Our consistent record keeping and amazing lawn service made us an easy pick for GreenPal. Now, with almost a year under our belt getting hired through GreenPal for various lawn care services, Kevin’s Property is on its way to becoming the best yard and lawn mowing service in Middle River.

We also offer many services including lawn mowing services, edging, aeration, weed control, and many other lawn care services. 

One of the biggest reasons why we are so dedicated to helping you is because we do not take our lawn care services in Middle River as a side job. Every lawn service worker on our team is a highly trained lawn maintenance man and we don't use a cheap lawn mower in Middle River. That means that they will never rush to finish through your lawn to make more money. It is no wonder we have been hired over eighty times near Bowleys Quarters. We strongly believe our lawn mowing services and lawn service solutions are good! We are one of the many reliable lawn care companies in Middle River available to you at any time. So, shoot us a message to see if we can help you!

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Edge Above Lawn Services in Middle River, MD

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(overall rating 4.4/5.245 Reviews)

Ask your current lawn care provider or landscaper what they do to make your lawn look its best. If they stutter on anything, it is time to lose them. They should know by heart what makes their landscaping service in Middle River the best, no doubt about it. If they stutter, you are only getting a fraction of what you paid for. 

Let me guess, do you have to follow your lawn service provider after they leave to sweep up any grass clippings they left behind? That is unacceptable to us, that is why our cheap lawn mowing in Middle River and Aero Acres, no matter what house, will always get the full lawn care treatment from start to finish. We edge every driveway and sidewalk, half pass every inch of your lawn (that is when we roll the lawnmower over your grass then go back over it every few feet to make sure every blade of grass is cut) and blow all the clippings away or mulch them for you. That is just a basic standard with us, and if someone tries to sell you those lawn care services in Middle River as an upcharge, run as fast as you can.

We offer quality lawn mowing services, lawn care services, and landscaping, from the smallest jobs to the most complicated ones. Nothing is out of our reach when you come and talk to us, we just need the right time to prepare. We guarantee fast and cheap lawn mowing in Middle River, and I hope you appreciate that. 

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Jaf Lawn Services in Middle River, MD

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(overall rating 4.6/5.93 Reviews)

Welcome to the best yard maintenance in Middle River, right here on GreenPal! If you haven’t heard of us yet, we are Jaf Services, and we aim to be your personal assistants in all things lawn care. We didn’t earn our degrees for nothing! There isn’t a soul in Middlesex who wouldn’t benefit from a lawn mowing, let me tell you. Did you know that having a good lawn and backyard in your home does wonders for your mental health? It makes sense doesn’t it? If every day you leave for work looking at dead, yellow grass, it puts you in a bad mood doesn’t it? You start thinking about all the things you need to do and get in order to get your grass in shape. Then you start thinking about all the money and time it is going to cost, then you start thinking about all the time you don’t have to do it. Stop thinking about all that and call the best landscapers in Middle River, you won’t regret it! We will take care of everything don’t you worry, and in no time you will have that beautiful green grass you thought was impossible to have! 

Here is what other GreenPal users have to say about lawn care near me:

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Cole Dement lawn mow in Middle River MD
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I had a huge project replacing my 500 sq ft grass area with turf, I did not take my hiring lightly. By the time I found GreenPal I was already in close contact with three other lawn service vendors but I ended up choosing someone from the website. I did because one, I could complain to GreenPal in case something went wrong, and two, the reviews seemed way more honest than the ones on Yelp. I wasn’t looking for something crazy like the Commons at White Marsh Apartments. Just something to lower my watering bill. I found one reliable landscaper in Middle River to help me out, so we’ll see how it goes from there.

Sam James lawn service in Middle River MD
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I love my new lawn and backyard now. We actually spend time with the family in them now but before I couldn't even bother to look at it. Can you believe it? Years of awful yellow grass and dead spots and now we have actual, healthy grass thanks to the lawn care services I got. Our dogs are happier, and I don’t know if it’s just me or what but I feel a lot better now that my yard is being taken care of by great lawn service professionals. I wouldn’t doubt if we have the best landscaper in Middle River throughout the Sue Creek neighborhood. All thanks to Tameka Lawn Care!

Theo McCormick lawn care service in Middle River MD
cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Middle River-MD affordable-lawn-services-in-Middle River-MD grass-cutting-businesses-in-Middle River-MD local-lawn-care-services-in-Middle River-MD affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Middle River-MD

I don’t use GreenPal much, but when I did, it has been a real lifesaver. I went out of town for a month once and came back to a straight-up jungle. I knew I was going to leave town again so I didn’t make the mistake again. I hired Jason and had him come over the week I was going to leave to provide lawn mowing services and other upkeep work. I left him a list of things to do, and since he was working in Berliner Place for the time it was easy for him to check up on my yard. I am very grateful for the lawn care work he did to my yard, not only keeping it in line but making it look better than it has been.

Victor Sanchez lawn cut in Middle River MD
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A.K. is an amazing service! I cannot believe that not every local lawn mower in Middle River doesn’t handle their business this way. When he was done with my yard he sent me several pictures to make sure I was okay with the work he had done. I had just happened to notice a spot in the corner of the driveway that was out of line, I told him and he got right to it. He actually said thank you for me telling him and sent me a picture with the fix. I live way out in Joppatowne, and I know he had other lawns to mow, but the fact that he waited for a response meant the world to me.