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Your Quick and Easy Lawn Mowing Infographic Guide

Looking for a great lawn mowing infographic full of great tips and techniques to create a stunning lawn? Look no further than this guide to lawn care. 

What is the 1/3rd rule in lawn mowing?

When it comes to mowing a lawn, the 1/3rd rule is the rule that you should never cut more than the top third of the grass. For example, if your lawn is 3 inches tall, never cut more than one inch off of the top. Why? Because cutting too much may not only bog down your mower and cause a poor cut, it can also be shocking to the grass and “burn it”.

Why is it important to switch up your lawn mowing pattern?

Switching up your lawn mowing pattern is important because it will prevent ruts in your lawn. Cutting the same direction every week can lead to a lawn that has deep ruts, by varying the pattern you keep the lawn much more even. 

What are 5 common issues that impact lawns?

Dandelions, crabgrass, iron deficiency, fungal infections, and ant mounds are common issues in the lawn. Each of these issues has a unique solution. 

What does yellow grass mean?

Yellow grass can be a sign of several issues, these issues can include iron deficiency caused by acidic soil, or even cutting too much of the grass at once and burning the lawn. 

What does a brown lawn mean?

A brown lawn is often a sign of a fungal issue which is often caused by heat and humidity, if this is the case you want to stop fertilizing, and water early in the day. 

What are some methods to save water in the lawn?

Here are a few tips to use less water in the lawn; water early in the morning, water slowly, water evenly, and water infrequently (2 times a week is usually enough. Water is important to maintaining a healthy lawn, but proper watering is even more important. 

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