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Want to know how to get stripes in your lawn like the pro's?

Want to learn how to make stripes in the lawn? This infographic will show you everything that you need to know when it comes to striping your lawn like a lawn care professional. 

How do I make dark stripes in the lawn? 

When mowing the lawn any pass of the mower that goes away from your current perspective will appear darker than passes coming toward you. 

How do I make light stripes in the lawn? 

Any pass of the lawn mower which pushes the grass toward your perspective will make the grass appear lighter, because the grass is less densely packed. See this infographic for more info. 

How do the pros make stripes in their lawns? 

It’s simple, they cut the grass in straight lines, and alternate the direction of the cut each pass. Lawn care professionals cut one pass going out, and then cut the second pass coming back in the opposite direction. This alternating pattern of cuts going towards and away from a certain perspective, creates the stripes of light and dark grass. 

How to stripe your lawn like a pro? 

Step one in this infographic shows that it’s all about direction. First mow around the lawn, making a pass around the entire outside edge. Step 2 is to pick a direction for your stripes to go. Do you want to have the stripes going left to right, or stripes that go front to back. Perhaps you are aiming for the elusive diagonal stripe cut! From there it’s simple, alternate each pass of grass. This back and forth cut will give the light and dark zebra stripe illusion. Step 3 is mowing around obstacles. You have to check out the infographic to see how that is done. 

How do you mow around obstacles while mowing? 

As the infographic shows, you simply mow around the object. But on the second pass with the lawn mower. You must cut a straight line through the grass going in the opposite direction to make a proper stripe in the lawn.

What is the best mower for mowing stripes in the lawn? 

Stripes can be cut in the lawn with any mower. However the best mower for beginners looking at making stripes in the lawn is a push mower. More advanced lawn mowing professionals use a zero-turn mower to make stripes in the lawn. 

The worst mower for making strips in the lawn is a standard riding lawn mower. Due to the wide turning radius, standard lawn mowing tractors are not a good option for those looking to make stripes in the lawn, but it is possible. Did this infographic on mowing stripes in the lawn help you get that perfect pattern in the lawn? 

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