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Teton Property Service Lawn Services in Grand Forks, ND

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We welcome you to our profile summary page. Teton Property Service is a lawn care company offering a vast collection of lawn care services for property owners in Grand Forks. We thank you for considering this long-standing company for your future lawn care and landscaping project. We want to make your hiring decision as fluid and easy as possible. If you want to hire a landscaping and lawn maintenance company with a very solid record for delivering high-end lawn care services, Teton Property Service is the company you want to hire. We offer years of experience, relationship-focused customer service, and five-star lawn care services.

Let the team at Teton Property Service give you lawn the attention it needs. We offer numerous lawn care services for you to choose from. From one-time lawn mowing jobs to more frequent yard maintenance services, we offer an expansive number of services for you and your specific issues.

Here’s our solid guarantee when you hire us; you’ll receive premium, reliable, high-end, and affordable lawn care services. All of our services are delivered by a team of trained lawn care professionals who have been delivering great landscaping and lawn care services throughout Grand Forks and other parts of the county.

Our decades-long of combined lawn care experience and yard maintenance knowledge has allowed us to completely transform properties for all of our customers. We keep up with industry-leading practices, trends, and top-notch equipment to ensure you get the best possible treatment available.

We have helped many residents and business owners for years and have provided unrivaled lawn care services. Many other landscaping businesses, lawn care companies, and lawn mowing providers find our prices and quality services hard to beat.

Once you download the GreenPal app for free and use it on your mobile device, pick from a wide selection of lawn care services we offer such as, edging, yard maintenance, grass cutting, core aeration, sodding, mulching, dethatching, snow removal, weeds, and bug management, pruning, pests control, lawn mowing, trimming, and other yard maintenance services.

Our goal is to serve residents of Grand Forks and other surrounding cities. If you need monthly lawn mowing, precision shrub, and bush trimming, edging, power washing, or any other lawn care services, Teton Property Service offers all types of solutions for you.

Many of our great customers have previously dealt with mediocre quality landscapers and lawn mowing providers. We know what it’s like to pay for a lawn care service that was done poorly and cost too much. Working with random lawn care companies can be a bit like rolling the dice, but we guarantee our lawn care services will stand out from the rest. You can be sure by reading our reviews and seeing our top ratings, we are the lawn care company you should consider hiring.

You can see how we’ve provided lawn care services to many parts of Grand Forks. This includes properties near places like The Greenway, Lincoln Drive Park, Red River High School, and many other areas in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

So, if you want good quality and effective lawn care services, get started by downloading the free GreenPal app. We will place a competitive lawn care bid on your lawn or yard. You can then choose to hire us for any of our vast number of lawn care services. 

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Onestar Lawn Services in Grand Forks, ND

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(overall rating 4.4/5.107 Reviews)

At Onestar, our focus is to offer amazing lawn care services for property owners in Grand Forks, North Dakota. We can entirely remodel your backyard into the outdoor space you’ve always envisioned. Some property owners don’t think they can make much of their lawn or badly conditioned grass. We disagree! We can remake your grass and restore its vibrant green colors, we can handle the weekend chore of mowing your grass, we can provide proper yard maintenance plans for long term health, and we can do pretty much anything you need us to do to have a great looking lawn. Sign up for GreenPal and hire Onestar for all your lawn care needs. 

Property owners in Grand Forks and the surrounding area can receive powerful and transformative lawn care services for their home or commercial property. You could elect to hire other landscapers or lawn care companies who will charge you extensively higher rates for potentially lesser lawn care services. There’s no need to do that when you can easily hire Onestar for any number of lawn care services.

Why pay double the price for less grade lawn care services?

In addition, we offer high-quality lawn care services that have made our company one of the top-rated businesses in the area. We offer a range of lawn mowing, edging, snow removal, weeds removal, setting or repairing an irrigation system, fertilization, sodding, adding mulch, applying topsoil, bugs and pest control, overseeding, landscape maintenance, trimming bushes and shrubs, and many more other lawn care services.

No matter what you need, we have been delivering first-rate and high-quality lawn care services to all types of property owners in Grand Forks, North Dakota, and some of the surrounding regions and cities. With years of experience, we have a distinct advantage over other lawn mowing providers and lawn care companies.

We use cutting edge technology and practice industry-leading methods for achieving great lawn care results. Onestar has become the lawn care company it has because of this level of commitment. On top of employing industry-leading practices, we make sure to hire seasoned field experts and provide them with top-rated lawn care equipment. We make sure to train them on delivering premium lawn care services and uphold our standards of care for every customer.

It is this circular system that has propelled us to a level of success we wouldn’t have expected when Onestar was first formed.

Check out the landscaping and lawn care results we’ve been able to produce for homes and commercial properties near places like Southgate Casino Bar & Grill, Lincoln Golf Course, Splashers of the South Seas indoor waterpark, North Dakota Museum of Art, and many other places in Grand Forks.

Contact us today for and request any of the lawn care services we mentioned. If you are looking for something specific, contact us and we will help you. 

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Push It Yard Service Lawn Services in Grand Forks, ND

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We thank you for considering Push It Yard Service for your lawn care needs. We are a lawn care company that offers more than simple lawn mowing or grass cutting. We work to completely remake your lawn into an outdoor space you can enjoy standing in or showing off to everyone. We offer customized lawn care services for property owners located in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Our proven record for delivering outstanding lawn care services makes us one of the better options for your lawn care and landscaping projects. Get the free GreenPal app and let us place a competitive lawn care bid on your lawn that you’ll love.

We offer premium lawn care services for people in Grand Forks, North Dakota. You can select to receive any of our substantial number of lawn care services. From yard maintenance services to protect, nourish, and preserve all year long. To basic lawn mowing and edging. To fixing or installing irrigation systems. To providing mulching and sodding. No matter what you need, we offer a unique blend of mostly softscape services and minor hardscape services too.

We can build dividers and fences along with your property. We can trim your bushes so that they can properly blossom during the prime growing season. This type of treatment is also considered for your grass as well. We make sure the height it is cut in is specific to your yard’s condition. If we notice your lawn and yard are not properly absorbing water and nutrients, we would recommend aerating grass for proper nourishment retention.

Patchy grass or dirt-filled areas are often due to disease, lack of care, or several other factors. We provide the proper restoration plan to breathe new life into your lawn. We also know how messy it can get with grass that spills over your sidewalk or with annoying weeds who appear throughout the year. Our edging services ensure all parts of your lawn and property are neatly trimmed.

Our weeds and pest control management programs are designed to keep your property weed and bug-free without harming your plants or grass.

You can easily see we are very knowledgeable in all things lawn care treatment and will provide the same level of lawn care services we have provided to many other property owners throughout Grand Forks, North Dakota.

You can see our positive reviews and lawn care results can be checked out when you browse our profile. Our gallery will show all the properties we have provided lawn care services to, including homes and businesses near the University of Dakota, University Park, properties near Sorlie Memorial Bridge along Demers Ave, Grand Forks Near Southside Historic District, Elks Park, Hariman Sanatorium, Richard’s West Park, and many other places in the city of Grand Forks.

So, let us know what type of landscape maintenance, lawn mowing, yard maintenance, or lawn care services you want delivered from the great team at Push It Yard Service. 

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Titan Home Services Lawn Services in Grand Forks, ND

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(overall rating 4.8/5.39 Reviews)

The powerhouse of lawn care services is here. At Titan Home Services, we offer lawn care services that turn your barely recognizable, almost dead lawn, into the outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of owning. Our premium lawn care and landscaping services are designed to improve the condition of your grass while enhancing your outdoor space with design, hardscape, and other softscape services. You can have your property look better than most without bargaining on quality or paying expensive prices. If you own a home or commercial business in Grand Forks, North Dakota, contact Titan Home Services for properly done lawn care work.

If you’ve been searching for a professional and experienced landscaping firm or tried your hand with poorly done lawn care services from another company, you are not alone. Many unlucky recipients of poorly done lawn care services share in your pain. Titan Home Services understands this struggle to find great quality lawn care services.

That’s why we offer all property owners in Grand Forks, North Dakota premium lawn care services at inexpensive prices. You can get the lawn cut with precision. You can receive comprehensive landscape maintenance that protects your outdoors from harsh elements. You can receive metamorphic lawn care services that will make your property look amazing and stay that way.

We focus on meeting all your lawn care goals and desires. Titan Home Services is has a team of highly skilled and veteran lawn care professionals with years of experience in delivering quality lawn care services to several parts of North Dakota. As an employee of Titan Home Services though, we take our hiring practices, delivery of service, and use of tools to another level.

We not only follow industry-leading practices for providing incredible lawn care services, but we also employ seasoned professionals and trained them to follow these methods. We also give them top-notch lawn care equipment intended to handle all of your individual lawn care needs.

Our lawn mowing, yard maintenance, landscape maintenance, and lawn care services are built on a titan-strength foundation. We aim to improve, augment, and deliver affordable lawn care services that completely reach all your intended goals. We also want to make sure your wonderful looking lawn remains looking great all year long.

That’s why our landscape maintenance and frequent yard maintenance services can help preserve the condition of your yard and lawn. If your lawn is not in the best shape, our lawn care services will ensure we help you achieve everything you’re looking for.

No matter what you need or what lawn care services you’re searching for, Titan Home Services has what you need. Whether you need snow removal, yard maintenance, edging, power washing, fertilization, installing, turf management, irrigation, grass cutting, lawn mowing, edging, trimming bushes and branches, landscape maintenance, overseeding, sodding, weedeating, or any other lawn care services, the professionals at Titan Home Services can help you.

Check out some of our work when you see our profile. We have provided lawn care services to various parts of the city of Grand Forks. You can see the end results from many businesses and homes we’ve provided lawn care services to including near notable places like Jaycees Park, Sertoma Park, Prime Steel Park, Century Elementary School, Bringewatt Park, Ulland Park Softball Complex, King’s Walk Golf Course, Purpur Arena, and Gambucci Arena, many properties along Demers Ave, Ben Franklin Elementary School, and many other places in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Get the lawn care services you need at greatly discounted prices when you hire us using the free GreenPal app. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Here is what other GreenPal users have to say about lawn care near me:

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Stephanie Schutte grass cutting in Grand Forks ND
local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Grand Forks-ND local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Grand Forks-ND local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Grand Forks-ND local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Grand Forks-ND grass-cutting-businesses-in-Grand Forks-ND

Teton Property Service came to my home near the always crowded Southgate Casino Bar & Grill. I had some grass that was spilling over to our neighborhood’s home and some of our bushes and shrubs leaned into their property. They never really gave us any issues about that but I wanted to be a good neighbor and hire a lawn care company to take care of that. I hired Teton Property Service for some lawn mowing and lawn care work. Their yard maintenance plan was priced considerably lower than I expected but the results they produced made it seem like I paid a fortune for the services. I recommend them for any lawn care or landscaping task. 

Anthony Blank lawn cutting in Grand Forks ND
local-lawn-cutting-services-in-Grand Forks-ND local-lawn-care-services-in-Grand Forks-ND lawn-maintenance-in-Grand Forks-ND local-lawn-and-landscape-maintenance-services-near-me-in-Grand Forks-ND lawn-care-services-in-Grand Forks-ND

A rare commodity these days is finding a lawn care company that delivers great services and has spectacular customer service. In all fairness, I haven’t gotten either from any of the lawn care companies I’ve hired in the past to come service my lawn which is right off of 17th Ave S near Grand Cities Mall. We were more than satisfied with the excellent lawn care services and their unbelievably great customer service we received from Onestar. Even after their initial lawn care work was finished, they sent out to us a thank you card and a small treat in the mail. We had to hire them again for yard maintenance and we are forever glad we did. 

Paulina Hancock lawn care in Grand Forks ND
affordable-grass-cutting-businesses-in-Grand Forks-ND affordable-landscaping-maintenance-services-in-Grand Forks-ND lawn-care-services-in-Grand Forks-ND cheap-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Grand Forks-ND local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Grand Forks-ND

I’ve used Push It Yard Service both throughout the year. When it snowed we had them do some snow removal on my property. They were careful not to damage any of my grass and came to my property when other lawn care companies were unable to. Their hard work is what attracted me to their company in the first place. So, I decided to hire them for regular yard maintenance as well for my property near Ralph Engelstad Arena and the University of North Dakota. Push It Yard Service communication is excellent and they always show up on time for the lawn care treatment. 

John Nickerson yard mowing in Grand Forks ND
lawn-care-services-in-Grand Forks-ND the-yard-cutting-businesses-in-Grand Forks-ND residential-lawn-cutting-businesses-in-Grand Forks-ND lawn-maintenance-in-Grand Forks-ND local-lawn-maintenance-contractors-in-Grand Forks-ND

My wife hired Titan Home Services a few weeks back to have them come for edging, hedging, lawn mowing, and yard maintenance. They recommended some aeration as well since my grass was very thick and not retaining sufficient water. The crew and owner at Titan Home Services are very professional, courteous, and helpful. They exude knowledge in every aspect of the lawn care industry. They offer great prices and are always on time to do the lawn care and yard maintenance work we’ve hired them to do. My lawn near Saint Michaels Church beside the Red River and Sorlie Memorial Bridge looks incredible now thanks to them.

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