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MATTHEWS LAWN CARE Lawn Services in Lexington, KY

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From spring to fall, Matthews Lawn Care takes care of your lawn. We do all to make your yard look it's absolute best. For years, we've be known for our quality lawn care in Lexington, Kentucky. If you need the lawn mowed or your weeds pulled, we're the team to hire. Check out our profile to see our recent landscaping projects, customer reviews, and list of services we offer you. 

Budget-Friendly Lawn Care Services For All 

We offer a menu of services, including: 

  • Lawn Mowing services on a weekly or bi-weekly basis
  • Seasonal yard maintenance 
  • Weed removal
  • Mulching
  • Pruning
  • Uprooting
  • Leaf blowing

While we mainly serve customers in Lexington, Kentucky, we also provide affordable lawn care services to clients as far Bowling Green, Kentucky, and several nearby communities. 

Need landscaping services? Good news! We also provide a range of landscaping services in Louisville, Kentucky. From fence installations to hardscaping to irrigation repairs, we offer a range of services for all your outdoor projects.

Dedicated Yard Maintenance In Lexington and Beyond

We strive to provide prompt, efficient, and customer-focused services from day one. Whether we're cutting grass, adding mulch, or blowing away debris from your yard, you can expect professional services from our team of trained experts.

We use top-brand equipment and industry approved techniques to keep your grass green, healthy, and blossoming all season long. We're also pros at treating most of Kentucky's native warm-season grass. We know what makes them tick and how to treat them so they look good and stay healthy. 

Lawn Service Done Right 

Lawn care can be a hit or miss. When you hire a lawn care business, you never know what you're getting. We always aim to provide the best care no matter what we do. It's one of the reasons why we've been rated one of the best lawn care companies in Lexington. 

When it comes cutting grass, we always trim using sharp rotary mower blades. Plus, we also cut at above 3 inches to avoid damaging your roots. 

Our success is largely based on our lawn care and cutting techniques. With over 15 years of experience, we've worked hard to transform properties in the city. We'll make yours like as nice as the fields in Commerce Golf Course.

Service Available When You Need Them

We're looking to add more customers to our schedule. Whether you own a small or large yard in Lexington, Kentucky, we're ready to help you. From Clintonville, to Vineyard and everywhere in between, our lawn care company strives for the absolute best lawn maintenance around. As far as I can tell, we definitely make the grade. 

We offer a range of lawn care services for all your outdoor needs. Hire Matthews Lawn Care for all your landscaping needs. 


Designs By Davidson Lawn Services in Lexington, KY

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Finding quality lawn care in Lexington, Kentucky is only a few clicks away. Designs By Davidson delivers top notch services in all corners of the city. Whether you're near the University of Kentucky Art Museum or even as far as Covington, Kentucky. Whether you need your yard mowed or your lawn resodded, we offer a menu of options for you. 

Ready To Serve Whenever You Need Us

What can we do for you? Clients call us to treat their overgrown grass, weeds, pests, and other lawn care chores. Maybe your grass has spilled over the pavement and you need to clear it all away. Maybe you need weeds treated or have clovers, dandelions and other invasive plants you want gone. Whatever you need, Designs By Davidson is here to help. 

Most of our lawn care bids range between $35 or a little below $45, specifically for lawn mowing services. We recommend reaching out in early spring to start your seasonal lawn care treatment. We'll improve grass growth, color, and health with a combo of fertilizing, mowing, watering, and more. 

Expert Lawn Care Professionals For Your Covington Property 

With too much neglect, lawn care can be costly. Hire our lawn care professionals in Lexington before things get out of hand. Whether you are in need of weekly or bi-weekly mowing, or a full lawn maintenance package, we have you covered.

We offer other lawn care services, including fertilizing, seeding, aerating, and more. 

Lexington lawn care by a professional service is only a few minutes away! You can sign up to GreenPal today. Once you get our lawn care bids, we can take it from there. Looking forward to serving you!

GreenPal is here to make your life easier all across Kentucky State. Maybe you're on the lookout for lawn care services in Owensboro, KY? Or perhaps you're seeking a trustworthy yard maintenance company near North Olmsted, OH? No matter where you call home, GreenPal's got you covered for all your lawn care needs.


Bleed Blue Landscape Lawn Services in Lexington, KY

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Need lawn care in Lexington, Kentucky? is a luxury. Get our affordable and hassle-free lawn care services for your home or business. We'll mow, feed, and water your grass to help your backyard shine. You want less of a headache, not more. So, hire Bleed Blue Landscape for all your landscaping needs. 

Five-Rated Lawn Care Services For Your Home or Business 

We are one of the premier lawn care companies in Lexington, KY. In fact, most of our clients are word of mouth, and we've earned hundreds of positive reviews from our happy customers. From spring to fall, our lawn mowers are running and our team is hustling. 

We provide not only affordable lawn care in Lexington, Kentucky, but also the best grass-cutting service for customers in Louisville, Kentucky.

Expanding Our Reach With GreenPal 

Finding new clients in Lexington, Kentucky used to be a challenge. Now, we use GreenPal to reach and serve more customers. Our lawn care clients love that they get to leave a review each time they get the lawn cut! We love it too, it keeps the guys on track, and shows how hard we work to earn them.

Most importantly our clients are in love with how easy it is to schedule, reschedule or even modify their lawn care service. We can also send bids for mulching, pruning etc. all through the app. Our clients love working with our Lexington lawn care team, thanks to GreenPal. 

Discounted Offer For All Members

So, if you've been looking for a great deal, we offer discounted rates for all GreenPal members. Whether it's a one time lawn care job or ongoing lawn service treatment, we'll help you make the most out of your investment. 

If you hate contracts, don't worry you can cancel anytime, no questions asked. 

Whether you want a weekend BBQ or just need the lawn cut or you work long hours at the Blue Grass Airport, get all the support you need for your backyard by hiring Bleed Blue Landscape. 


M&W Lawncare Lawn Services in Lexington, KY

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Do you want want the sharpest lawn on the block? M&W Lawncare can make it happen! For years, we've been the lawn maintenance team people lean on for professional lawn care services. Once you get our lawn care bid, we hope you'll choose us for your next lawn mowing or lawn care job. 

Serving All Of Lexington

Although we are actually based out of Lawrenceburg, over half of our clients are closer to Lexington and Jeffersontown, Kentucky. We actually have a small group of clients all the way out in Paris, Kentucky, and Georgetown. 

Wherever you are, you can expect us to visit with our big tractor, mowers, and turn mowers! We serve all corners of the city and are ready to help you. 

Over A Hundred Customers Served and Counting

This year we added new staff. So, we're now expanding and offering more lawn mowing services to customers in Lexington. That also includes our other lawn care services such as fertilizing, edging, leaf blowing, and general yard maintenance. 

We've served hundreds of customers and have earned five-star reviews from all of them. We have a strong track record and guarantee amazing results for you. Whether it's improving grass thickness, growth, or health, we will turn your outdoor space into a green oasis. 

From serving property owners near the American National University or way out in the suburbs, we provide affordable lawn care that you'll love. 

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Stephanie Holden lawn care service in Lexington KY
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I used to have a lot of trouble maintaining my lawn in Lexinton. I spend a majority of my time out in Virginia, so Lexinton is my weekend home. I love checking out the horses and the blue grass is a great get away from the hustle and bustle of my work. I like to spend some of my time out at the Idle Hour Country club on Richmond Rd. But when the lawn is not in order, I can't bring myself to go. That is why I have come to rely on the folks at GreenPal. They provide reliable lawn care every time! Getting lawn care bids was fast and simple with their sign up process, and best of all I have complete control of my schedule!

Henry Basnight grass cut in Lexington KY
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From the beginning of spring til the end of fall, it's not a secret around Lexington, KY that the grass is growing quickly. When it came to finding a lawn care service near me, I looked high and low. But when I found out that I could get lawn care bids on GreenPal from up to 5 competing lawn care vendors I had to try it out. I did! It has been a great way of getting my lawn mowed since I signed up! I was iffy about the app, but finding lawn care near me has never been easier! I am out near Tykowski Chester MD. But wherever you are in Lexington, GreenPal is a great place to get lawn care today!

Steven Hempson lawn maintenance in Lexington KY
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I love the Bluegrass state. Even more so I love my hometown of Kentucky. But As much as I love the grass in my lawn, I do not have time to mow the lawn myself. That is why I had to find a lawn care professional near me. I found that GreenPal offered free, no obligation lawn care bids and I had to sign up. I picked the lawn care provider with the best reviews and it has been great ever since. As a student at the University of Kentucky, the last thing I have time for is maintaining my lawn. 

Stacey Hilton grass cutting in Lexington KY
lawn-care-services-in-Lexington-KY grass-cutting-businesses-in-Lexington-KY lawn-care-services-in-Lexington-KY affordable-lawn-services-in-Lexington-KY local-lawn-care-services-in-Lexington-KY

I had to hire a professional lawn care company to work on my yard in Lexington. My husband is far too lazy to do it so I googled "lawn care service near me". That is when i found GreenPal. They have been a pleasure to work with and best of all I have more free time to visit my local landmarks like the Aviation Museum of Kentucky, that is my husbands favorite! Getting lawn care bids, and more importantly getting the lawn mowed is easy with GreenPal!