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Needing your Lawn Cut?

Get Competitive pricing without the hassle
Book lawn mowing by a pro in Cleveland
Order lawn mowing now without calling around

Local lawn mowing services in Cleveland Ohio compete for your lawn local-lawn-care-services-in-Cleveland-OH-near-me

Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Cleveland, OH as of May, 2018


Atlas Lawn Services in Cleveland, OH

Hired 238 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.243 Reviews)

Atlas has been helping families, homeowners, rental property owners, and small business owners with their landscaping dreams. From dead lawns, to lawns that just need a little love, we have been trusted by hundreds of people in Ohio City and Cleveland to take care of lawn mowing, landscaping, tree pruning, and general yard clean up. We also compost leaves and grass, we can help plan and plant flower beds, vegetable gardens, you name it!

We have been a trusted yard maintenance in Cleveland for over eight years, and we don’t plan on stopping now!

All our friends and family have beautiful green lawns, and they have us to thank. With our strategies, we can get any lawn in the city looking great as ever. We do this by treating the soil with what it needs, not what we think it needs. We perform several tests to make sure your grass is getting the nutrition it needs. All the best lawn mowing services in Cleveland, Oh won’t help your grass out if it isn’t getting the help it needs.

We can do all of this and more for you, and all it takes is a scheduling on GreenPal. We are ready to serve you and your home with whatever you need. We offer free consultations to diagnose your lawn with the right problems, and then we will talk strategies. We can’t wait to meet you!

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Kossuth Lawn Services in Cleveland, OH

Hired 197 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.148 Reviews)

I decided to start my own local lawn care service in Cleveland after years of service in the landscaping industry. There were some things I didn’t agree with, so after a time I started seriously considering starting my own business. I saw how other local landscape maintenance services in Cleveland, Oh treated their customers, and I knew right then I would do more.

If you have had any bad experience with a local lawn mowing service in Cleveland, Oh let me be the first to say I’m sorry. If you trusted a company enough to call, schedule, and agree to pay, the least they should do is show up to do the actual job right?

I wish I could talk more about my company other than that we show up on time, but we have to start there. As we go on, I want to show you how I have been practicing landscaping for a decade on your lawn. I have built up my inventory over time, and my skills get better with each lawn. By the time I’m done with your lawn, there isn’t a field in South-Colinwood that can compete with you!

I service all over Cleveland, and I’m capable of going to all the suburbs. If you call me at the beginning of the week, you will have your first pick on the day you want me to come out. If you call me later in the week, you will still be able to hire me, just know that I might have to show up on a different day is all. We will make it work, because I want you to have the best landscaping in Cleveland!

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Ron's Lawn Services in Cleveland, OH

Hired 199 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.105 Reviews)

We are your trusted lawn mowers for all your lawn care needs. If you want your lawn looking better than what it is, tell us and we can help get you there. We offer all kinds of services, from simple lawn mowing to scheduled bi-weekly lawn mowing, light yard work like tree trimming and mulching, and even some heavy duty landscaping like fertilizing and turf installation.

We are based in Glenville, so neighbors by us get first priority. But if you are calling us from the west, no problem at all. Cleveland is our home, who would we be if we denied one of you our lawn care services just because it is a far drive?

We pride ourselves in our customer service. We always keep in constant communication when on your lawn. You will get a text when we arrive, when we leave, and you will get pictures of the job well done. That is just the basic service for Ron's Lawn and Snow!

What you won’t get anywhere else is our wealth of knowledge. I don’t know why some local lawn mowers in Cleveland don’t want to talk to you about your lawn, but with us we welcome it. If you want to know what we do and how we do it, just ask. We know that you could learn anything you want on the internet, especially how to properly cut your lawn. But if you had that time, there’s no telling what you could actually be doing, so let the professionals at Ron's handle it!

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Makeaway Lawn Services in Cleveland, OH

Hired 248 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.250 Reviews)

Are you done with cheap lawn mowers giving you less than satisfactory results? Don’t mess with the rest when you can have the best! Makeaway LLC is your reliable lawn mowing service for all of Cleveland, from Lake Erie to East Cleveland. We have serviced over two hundred lawns this year, and we are well on our way to five hundred. Help us with our goal with trying us out!

We use nothing but the best in all we do. Our mowers are rated best in class, and all of our maintenance men are trained to be the most reliable lawn mowers in Cleveland you have ever hired. Not convinced? Check out our profile and read through our reviews, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

When it comes down to it, mowing lawns is a lot harder than just cutting the grass. If you don’t do it just right, you could be doing a lot worse than making the grass shorter. It is a tricky thing, and cutting the grass too short can ruin months of hard work. All the fertilizing and watering in the world won’t save your grass if you cut it too short. Let us handle it and never worry about doing a perfect job again.

This season we are looking to contract ten more lawns for seasonal work. We prefer it if you sign a contract, but we will never force it on you. If you just want to try us out, that’s ok. But when we get to know your lawn and how it is reacting to our mowing, we can do a better job of bringing out the better grass. It does work out better in the end, but if it isn’t your cup of tea, that’s fine too. As long as you trust us to take care of your lawn, we will do the best job we can every time.

We can also help with out with Lawn Mowing in Reynoldsburg, Oh and Lawn Cut in Dublin, Oh

Here are a few 5 Star Ratings from GreenPal users

(based on 4 reviews)
Liz Torres Lawn Cutting in Cleveland OH
“​I have yet to have a bad experience with GreenPal. Every lawn mower I’ve hired has met my expectations, which is a lot to say from what I was used to. I don’t touch my lawn all summer anymore, and it’s even better in the fall. If I leave my yard untouched for a few days the leaves pile up like crazy! I’m really bad about keeping up with the yardwork myself, so I just hire it out. It takes like two minutes to put in the scheduling on GreenPal and I just wait for local lawn care services in Cleveland to reach out. I don’t know what it’s like in other parts of Cleveland, but in St. Clair and Superior we have a few great options you can’t go wrong with.”
Franklin Hector Grass Cut in Cleveland OH
“I saw some gentlemen doing yard work for my neighbor, I could not believe the work they did! When they told me they were online I didn’t understand them. Then Miguel took my phone and showed me GreenPal. Wow! I had no idea they had an app for this! Especially for a random little part of Cleveland like Puritas-Longmead. I played around with the app at home and finally decided to go with Kossuth Lawn Care after the work he did on my neighbor’s. You guys really nailed it with this, I’m going to start using it, especially with getting rid of all the work it takes to mow my lawn.”
Jeffrey Wilkins Yard Mowing in Cleveland OH
“GreenPal was my last option honesty. I thought I could do it myself, but it turns out there are a lot of cheap lawn mowers in Cleveland that want to give you the runaround. I called three other local lawn care services in Cleveland, Oh and only one of them got back to me. I hired him after a lengthy phone call, and then they don’t show up for another three days after. The lawn mower that showed up just shrugged and said “Well I’m here now.” Really? That did it, and I was on GreenPal that night. We found someone the next day, some local guy in Kamm’s Corner. He did a great job, but there’s not much to compare it to yet you know?”
Jesse Aaron Lawn Mow in Cleveland OH
“I think it’s less about just finding a good deal on cheap lawn mowing in Cleveland, Oh and more about finding a good relationship with a landscaper. I hired Ron's Lawn and Snow a few times already, but this month he really outdid himself. One of my sprinkler heads busted late at night, and I had no idea who to call. He was up by six and ran over to the house to fix it by 6:30! He didn’t have to, but he drove all the way from Linndale to help me out. It’s safe to say I’ll trust him with my landscaping in Cleveland, Oh from now on.”

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Welcome to the last solution you’ll need when contracting landscaping! GreenPal has become the internet’s premiere platform for contracting local lawn care in Cleveland and the rest of the nation! With over two thousand local yard maintenances near you, it doesn’t matter whether you live in Beverly Hills or Cleveland’s Birdtown, GreenPal can connect you with your fellow citizens who are out there mowing lawns.

Don’t look for faceless corporations in phone books or the first page of Google. If you really want to know, some of the best practitioners of lawn care in Cleveland, Oh are not going to be found online. They will be found on the scene mowing your neighbor's’ lawn. They are humble companies, but they are companies that we looked out for when we first started GreenPal.

What we wanted to do with GreenPal was help those small companies get their foot in the door in the market. A lot of the times, these companies are too busy running around the city providing cheap lawn mowing in Cleveland to make a website, so instead of making one for every local lawn mower from here to New York, we did them one better.

We took the same strategies that Uber did and created a space where people like you are looking for reliable and cheap lawn mowing in Cleveland, and companies who provide these services are looking for people like you. Isn’t that a happy meeting place?

Now, you can connect to people who are your neighbors. This drives the price down driving wise, and you get to know a company that will be helping with your landscaping for months to come. It doesn’t matter what part of Cleveland you are in, from Impett Park, Edgewater, Cudell, or Detroit-Shoreway, you can find a lawn mower near you that is perfect for your needs!

Stay safer online with GreenPal's vetting process. Although you could technically find the best deals in local lawn mowing on your own on Craigslist or other sites, but GreenPal is one of the few ones who properly filter every company that applies. Not just anyone can apply to be on GreenPal. Companies are either invited or referred to, and after that it only gets harder. Our application process is tough. No scammer can make it through all the way, and even if the best scammer on the planet sneaks through our process, he will quickly be found out after one hit. this is how lawn care is supposed to be! Are you ready for the easiest way to contract local landscaping in Cleveland?

About Cleveland Ohio

Cleveland is a city in Ohio, United States.

Cleveland, Ohio is a major city in the US state of Ohio. It is also the county seat of its county, Cuyahoga County, and holds the title as the biggest contributor to the county being the second most populous county in the state. It is located along Lake Eerie, and with a population of almost four hundred thousand is the most populous city that borders the lake. In terms of the country, Cleveland just barely misses the list as the fifty largest cities in the United States, coming in at the fifty-first largest city in the country. The metropolitan area of Cleveland is much higher up on the list, however, as the two million people in the Greater Cleveland area comes in at the thirty-second largest metro area.

The city was founded by European Americans in early 1796, but as it is with the rest of the country, “founded” means to combat the existing Native Americans for their land. 

The Connecticut Land Company set aside the land that is known as Cleveland and named it after their leader, Moses Cleaveland. According to three sources of historical account, Lorenzo Carter was the first to settle in Cleveland, right around where Public Square is today. The Village of Cleaveland was incorporated into the area surrounding it in 1814. Although the area was swampy and full of lowlands, harsh winters, and equally harsh summers, its location near one of the Great Lakes makes it great for trade with nearby communities.

By the time of the Industrial Revolution, Cleveland made a name for itself for being a huge manufacturing center. Automotive companies like Peerless, People’s, Chandler, Winton, and a few others who are well known for making the first car driven across the US. Experiments with electric cars and steam-powered models of transportation, but as current history suggests, gas-powered cars proved to be the more efficient and marketable system. 

Source: Wikipedia

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    This is an empty lot where the house was torn down was that we purchased from the land bank. There is no fence just land. Unsure of the lot size is was listed as 3,883 sqft lot size, but that was with the house on it•

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    Only front yard- small iron gate around front, easy to open- small yard!

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