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Needing your Lawn Cut?

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Here are Best Lawn Care Services in Aurora, IL as of Jun, 2024


Workamn Lawn Care in Aurora, IL

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(overall rating 5/5.699 Reviews)

I have been cutting grass in Aurora for nine lawnmowing seasons now and every year my lawn maintenance business gets better and better. I'll have to admit, when I first started mowing yards in the Aurora Illinois area I had a lot of opportunity for improvement with my landscaping maintenance company. But now over the last nine years I have really honed my craft and I'm able to offer my lawn maintenance clients with consistent affordable low-cost grass cutting services without all of the headache and hassle of dealing with a big landscaping company. With me you get small business owner operator personalized service for your yard maintenance without the cost of hiring a big landscaping maintenance company in Aurora. I have several lawn maintenance clients over by Homestead and a dozen or so grass cutting customers over by Madison Park in Aurora, Il and I would love to add your garden maintenance to my grass cutting routes that I am running through town to days a week.

Some of the things to separate my lawn maintenance business from other grass cutting services in Aurora is the fact that I will put those nice looking stripes in your yard that you will see from time to time. Most lawn care services won't bother with this level of service or attention to lawn maintenance detail however I feel it's kind of basic customer service and the difference between a professional lawn mowing service and a lawn cutter that you would hire off the Aurora craiglists to cut your yard. I can confidently say after I get done mowing your yard the first time that you will really feel like you got your money's worth with my lawn maintenance company and if your intent is to hire a lawn maintenance business for the rest of the season to cut your yard then my goal is to become the trusted your maintenance company. I run professional grade lawn mowers that run about $10,000 each. So you know because I've made the investment investment in commercial grade lawn maintenance equipment that gives you peace of mind knowing that I'm not some fly-by-night grass cutting service in Aurora and I will be here to return your phone calls and service your yard maintenance for you for as long as you own your home in the Aurora area. On top of all that I've got the necessary smaller lawn maintenance equipment like lawn edgers, and leaf blowers to do all of the detailed yard work after I'm done cutting your grass is well. Speaking of my leaf blower's they come in handy in the fall to clean up the oak leaves the blanket the neighborhoods of the Aurora area every October and November and so you going to the days of you having to spend your beautiful for Sunday's raking leaves now you can just let my lawn maintenance company handle all of that for you. So it's my pleasure to be considered to become your trusted landscape maintenance provider for as long as you live in your home in Aurora I am looking forward to meeting with you at your yard to develop a game plan for your yard maintenance this year.

Also , if you need residential lawn care services in Des Plaines IL and not only that we can also help out with affordable lawn mowing services in Bolingbrook, IL.


Greenwood Lawn Care in Aurora, IL

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(overall rating 5/5.349 Reviews)

I really appreciate the opportunity to become your trusted yard maintenance service for as long as you own your home in Aurora Illinois. Slowly but surely I have been building my lawnmowing business serving clients throughout the young Aurora area and this year I started cutting grass on top of GreenPal’s technology in order to offer a nice convenience to my grass cutting customers, while growing my lawnmowing business with a little bit less headache. GreenPal helps me with things like bookkeeping and marketing my grass cutting service and honestly I'm not very good at these lawn maintenance business tasks.

However I'm really good at yard maintenance and so when you hire me to maintain your yard, gardens, and landscaping for you you can rest assured that you have a real professional on your yard keeping it looking as good as it possibly can. I specialize in anything from just basic grass cutting on a weekly basis to yard mowing on an every two week basis, and I can also offer lawnmowing services on an every 10 day landscape maintenance cycle . After the first grass cutting goes well that you hired before on your GreenPal account we can discuss what sort of ongoing service lawn maintenance schedule you would like and then go from there. Also we can discuss any other yard maintenance services that you want to add onto your Greenpal account such as turf renovation, mulch, any sort of shrub replacements, and also spraying and pulling of the weeds in your mulch areas and landscaping beds. We also offer leaf cleanup in the fall if you need that sort of service and the good news is that you are in good hands with my yard maintenance business in Aurora, Il because we offer all of these lawn care services and affordable costs and prices. So when you get your lawn care service pricing list on GreenPal compare my yard maintenance prices with the other grass cutting prices that you get and just make sure you read over everybody's lawn care services reviews just to see what people in the Aurora area of had to say about all of your lawnmowing companies that are competing for your lawn mowing business. Some of the things we do differently than the other lawnmowing services in Aurora that you can hire on GreenPal is we just flat out I have better customer service, we communicate better, and we will always return your phone call for yard maintenance assistance within 24 hours. You'll probably see me cutting grass over by Fox Valley, Harbor Springs, and by Deerbrook so that means I'm always in town making yards look beautiful and I would love to make your lawn and landscaping look gorgeous as well, thank you for considering me for your grass cutting and I look forward to meeting with you in person to develop a long-term relationship on your lawn maintenance services this year.
Also , if you are looking for nearby lawn cutting services in Evanston IL I know that GreenPal as onboarded some solid lawn mowing services there as well as local grass cutting services in Elgin IL..


CAP Lawn Care Services in Aurora, IL

Hired 498 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.433 Reviews)

My specialty is affordable and basic grass cutting services in Aurora Illinois. I serve as many of the other villages and towns throughout the Chicagoland area but I am in Aurora on Wednesdays and Thursdays of every week servicing my lawn maintenance customers yards. Like I said my specialty is affordable lawn care services. When you hired me to mow your yard on GreenPal no contract is required for the landscape maintenance and I won't try to upsell you and be pushy about any other yard maintenance services. Many of the lawn maintenance companies and landscape maintenance services in Aurora will require you to sign a contract in order for them to even cut your grass. We feel this is just crazy and that folks who want a basic affordable low-cost yard maintenance service shouldn't have to sign a contract just to get that.

The other thing that's different about my lawn mowing service and other grass cutting companies in Aurora is the flat out reliability combined with the affordability. You might be wondering, how do we deliver search reliable yard maintenance services. Well we plan out our week's lawn maintenance customers or we can advance. You see what I do is I look over my GreenPal account every Sunday and I organize all my GreenPal lawn care services customers into a nice and efficient route. If I can't get to your grass cutting say on Wednesday I will send you an email through the GreenPal system letting you know that I will be there on Thursday a day later or Tuesday a day earlier. Most of my lawn maintenance customers in Aurora are pretty cool as long as I get to their yard maintenance a day early or a day later everybody is happy. However for the first grass cutting that you hire me for on GreenPal I understand that sometimes that yard cutting can be for a special event, birthday party, or a family get together or a holiday and I will do everything I can do to get to your grass cutting on the day that you request on GreenPal for the first lawnmowing. After that and we can get your yard settled into a weekly lawn maintenance schedule, every two week yard maintenance services schedule, or even a every 10 day grass cutting set up. I will need a three day window to accommodate you and fit you inmy lawn maintenance route that I am running through the Aurora Illinois area. I have a ton of customers over by Smith Elementary School, and another group of yard mowing customers over by Todd Elementary School in Aurora so the good news is is that I'm always in town mowing yards and picking up your lawn maintenance is no problem. After the first grass cutting goes well I'd like to meet with you and your yard so we can discuss how everything went with the 1st yard maintenance service and any other lawn care services that you might want to add on to your account with me on your GreenPal account.

Also , if you are not near Aurora , IL we also do yard cutting services in Bolingbrook IL we can help you there and also assist with local lawn mowing services in Naperville IL.


Seans Lawn Care Services in Aurora, IL

Hired 428 times on GreenPal
(overall rating 5/5.423 Reviews)

I sincerely love picking up new lawn maintenance customers in Aurora Illinois. I service a large area in the Chicagoland region however Aurora is my favorite place to cut yards. Why is that you might ask? Because it just seems like my customers in Aurora have a higher pride in ownership in their lawn maintenance and how their yard and landscaping looks as compared to other parts of the Chicagoland area. Folks in Aurora appreciate a good looking lawn, and in most of the cases they want the yard to be one of the best looking lawns on their block. You probably seen some of my finer lawn maintenance work over by New Haven Park, and Hermes Elementary School. What I find is I am really able to showcase my professional lawn maintenance skills when my grass cutting customer has a mindset of improving their curb appeal and making their lawn and landscaping look more attractive over time whereas a lot of other lawn maintenance customers that I have just want to keep your lawn looking at the status quo and keep the grass cut down.

Now don't misunderstand me I am willing to do both types of yard work, and I am also willing to do whatever kind of yard maintenance you need done however I really love when I get the opportunity to work with a yard maintenance client who wants to improve the look of their lawn and landscaping. Maybe your grass is a little sparse and you want to fill in the bare areas in your yard? Well that's no problem after I get done cutting your grass for the first lawn maintenance visit when you hire me on GreenPal I will take a look at that as well as other yard work that you need done in your yard. And the cool thing about GreenPal is is that I can submit all of these prices to you and you can consider them and add them onto your GreenPal account and with the yard maintenance schedule that you have with me and I can take care of them as it is advantageous throughout the lawn maintenance season. Many of my customers in Aurora opt to have me reseed the lawn in the fall and this is one of my yard maintenance specialties. I can core plug aerate and overseed your yard and it is usually 10 times the cost of the grass cutting. So I say for example your lawnmowing is $40 per cutting, you can usually ballpark that your turf renovation and reseeding in the fall will run between $400 and $500. This is really kind of a necessary step if you're wanting to have a full thick lush green turf the following year. However if that doesn't matter to you and you're fine with just weeds I am also fine with just mowing those down to. So let me just say thank you so much for thinking of hiring my lawn maintenance company in Aurora Illinois I can make a commitment to you that if you hire me I will partner with you to improve your lawn and landscaping over the course of a full lawn care service season and we can make your yard one of the best looking on the block in Aurora.

Also , if you are not near Aurora , IL we also do local yard maintenance services in Joliet IL and it does not end there, I also know that GreenPal can assist you with local landscape maintenance services in Elgin IL.

5 Star Ratings about GreenPal

(based on 4 reviews)
Bryan Carter Lawn Service in Aurora IL
“I was on the hunt for a cheaper lawn care service in Aurora to cut my home near the Aurora West Forest Preserve. All of the lawn care services that I called in town we're going to be over $50 per cutting and I just felt like that was too much money to spend on grass mowing, heck I will just mow the yard myself for that. Luckily I stumbled upon the GreenPal website while doing research for lawn care services near me and decided to try it out. I was astounded when I got three competing lawnmowing offers between $30 and $40 per grass cut emailed to me within five minutes. I hired a $33 per lawnmowing landscape maintenance company in Aurora to cut the yard the very next day. Highly recommend this app.”
Mark Fowler Lawn Service in Aurora IL
“The last Aurora lawn care service I was using for my yard cutting wanted me to sign a contract for weekly grass cutting or else he was going to refuse to mow my yard anymore. I felt uncomfortable signing a contract for landscaping maintenance services and it felt a little heavy-handed if I'm honest. A friend recommended GreenPal and how you can pay per grass cutting and don't have to sign any contracts or make any long-term commitments for yard mowing. After signing up for my lawnmowing prices through GreenPal I was able to save five dollars per lawnmowing and get the yard cut every 14 days with no contract for landscaping maintenance services signed. GreenPal was just what I was looking for and I felt like the mobile app deserve a good review for fast yard maintenance.”
Jason Smith Lawn Mow in Aurora IL
“Well after just moving into Aurora I did not know a soul. I started looking around for home maintenance companies to cut my grass, and I figured it be pretty easy to find somebody to cut my grass given that I was willing to pay a fair price per lawn mowing, but boy was I wrong. It was like pulling teeth to get any Aurora lawn maintenance companies to even call me back for a quote for lawn maintenance services for someone to cut my yard near Stonebridge Country Club in Aurora. Then a friend from the church that I recently joined recommend a GreenPal and man this was super easy. I went from not knowing anybody to getting quotes for grass cutting to getting a lawn care service hired to mow the yard the very next day within 45 minutes. It was almost magical.”
Donald Bateman Lawn Maintenance in Aurora IL
“Have you ever had the mysterious case of the disappearing lawn care service in Aurora? Well, that happen to me at the beginning of this grass cutting season, and I started calling around for lawn maintenance prices it was soon frustrated when that was taking up about an hour of my time. Given that these days we have things like Uber figured there had to be an easier way to get grass cutting this day in age. So I searched lawn care services near me in the Apple App Store and found the GreenPal mobile app. Now I will admit my expectations for next day lawn care services were very low and I didn't think getting a yard mowing guy this way was going to work out, however the free grass cutting quotes made it l a no-brainer and there was never an obligation to hire anybody. After getting a decent grass cutting price emailed to me I gave GreenPal a shot and everything worked out with the yard maintenance business in Aurora I hired on GreenPal. The mobile app gets a good rating for me.”

lawn-maintenance-in-Aurora-IL-lawn-service-in-Aurora Why in 2024 is finding a decent affordable and reliable grass cutting service and or Aurora Illinois harder than it needs to be? Why is it so hard to get lawnmowing prices from qualified local lawn care services in Aurora, and why is it none of the these grass cutters will come and mow your yard on the day you want? These are the questions that we set out the answer when we built GreenPal. You have arrived to GreenPal, the fastest, quickest, easiest way to get prices for grass cutting, hire a landscape maintenance business in Aurora, and set them up for every week lawnmowing, or every two week yard maintenance. All of this is handled in a matter of seconds on GreenPal rather than hours or days finding a lawn care service old way. I'm sure you have called around to different lawnmowing services near me in the Aurora, Il area and have been a little disappointed. Am I right?

Well the problem is Aurora lawn care services are busy. It's hard for them to return your phone call when you are looking for grass cutting prices, and it's even harder for them to drive out to your yard measure how many square feet your grass and yard is, how many square feet your lawn and gardens are, and then give you a written proposal for yard maintenance. All of this will take any landscape maintenance company in Aurora four or five hours just to give one lawn maintenance quote to a new customer in the Aurora area. Well those days are over. Now when when you sign up free lawn maintenance quotes on GreenPal, the GreenPal system sends the word out to qualified Aurora Illinois based lawn maintenance companies and information and details about your yard maintenance is submitted along with that. Our technology also sends the square footage of your yard, where are your yard is located, what kinds of yard maintenance services you're looking for, and how long it has been since you cut your grass. As well as any other nuances and details that you are looking for with respect to who you want to hire for your yard maintenance to cut your grass this year. This is by far the most efficient way to get affordable and competitive lawnmowing prices for multiple lawn care services in the Aurora Illinois area. It would literally take you three days to a week to accomplish what you can accomplish with GreenPal in 30 seconds of signing up and in less than 15 minutes time. So no matter if you live over by Phillips Park Zoo or over by RiverEdge Park in the Aurora Illinois area GreenPal has a tracked the best local local lawnmowing services who operate their grass cutting service on top of GreenPal’s technology thus saving you hours of dreaded calling around to get prices, scheduling lawn maintenance, and even paying for your weekly or every two week yard maintenance. It is our pleasure to save you time and money and simplify your life a little bit with easy fast and affordable lawn care services in Aurora Illinois. Also if you live in another part of Chicagoland, GreenPal can also help you with yard mowing services in Joliet, IL and assist you with lawn cutting businesses in Naperville, IL.

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About Aurora Illinois

Aurora, a suburb of Chicago, is a city predominantly in Kane County and DuPage County

Once a mid-sized manufacturing city, Aurora has grown tremendously since the 1960s. Founded within Kane County, Aurora's city limits and population have since expanded into DuPage, Will, and Kendall counties. Between 2000 and 2003, the U.S. Census Bureau ranked Aurora as the 34th fastest growing city in the United States. From 2000 to 2009, the U.S. Census Bureau ranked the city as the 46th fastest growing city with a population of over 100,000.

In 1908, Aurora officially adopted the nickname "City of Lights", because it was one of the first cities in the United States to implement an all-electric street lighting system in 1881. Aurora's historic downtown is located on the Fox River, and centered on Stolp Island. The city is divided into three regions, The West Side, located on the west side of the Fox River, The East Side, located between the eastern bank of the Fox River and the Kane/DuPage County line, and the Far East Side/Fox Valley, which is from the County Line to the city's eastern border with Naperville.

Before European settlers arrived, there was a Native American village in what is today downtown Aurora, on the banks of the Fox River. In 1834, following the Black Hawk War, the McCarty brothers arrived. They initially owned land on both sides of the river, but sold their lands to the Lake Brothers on the west side. The Lake Brothers opened a mill on the opposite side of the river. The McCartys lived and operated their mill on the east side. A post office was established in 1837, officially creating Aurora.

Aurora was originally two villages: East Aurora, incorporated in 1845, on the east side of the river, and West Aurora, formally organized on the west side of the river in 1854. In 1857, the two towns joined officially, incorporated as the city of Aurora. The two sides could not agree which side of the river should house the public buildings, so most public buildings were built on or around Stolp Island in the middle of the Fox River. Source: Wikipedia Aurora, IL

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