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Going Green with Your Landscaping (An eco-friendly infographic)

Going green with your home and landscape is not only beneficial for the environment. It actually saves you money too! This infographic goes over some of the best strategies you can use to make your landscape green. Not just in color, but in eco-friendly purpose. 

How can green landscaping save me money on electricity? 

One of the best ways to save money on your energy bill is to wisely plant trees in your landscape. Get this, placing a shade tree on the south side of your home can block out sunlight. In a southern home this will help keep your home cool in the summer. Properly placed shade trees can reduce ac use by up to 75%!

Why should I plant trees on the south side of my house? 

Planting trees on the south side of your home prevents direct sunlight from hitting your home. This will limit ac use in the summer. Which not only helps the environment, it saves you money! Best of all a well planned landscape can increase property value by up to 10%!

How can I reduce air pollution at home? 

You can reduce air pollution from home by using lawn equipment less frequently. Ge this lawn equipment can give off more emissions than cars. So mowing less frequently and using a rake or broom instead of a leaf blower, can greatly reduce air pollution created from your lawn. 

Why should I cut my grass high? 

Keeping your grass taller, cuts down on the water requirements of your lawn. It also results in fewer weeds, promotes healthy root structure and keeps the soil cooler. 

Can synthetic turf make my lawn more eco-friendly and green?

According to this infographic on having a green home and lawn, synthetic grass can create a maintenance free lawn. Which means that your lawn won’t require yard machines to maintain it. But, you may also consider having a drought-resistant lawn.

How can I make a more eco-friendly and green driveway? 

If you have a concrete paved driveway, you can reduce water runoff by installing pavers, or creating a stone driveway. Water runoff contributes to 70% of water pollution. By installing a water-permeable driveway you can do your part and reduce water pollution. 

This infographic comes to us from Young’s Landscape Management, check them out for more info! Also be sure to share this infographic on social media if you find it useful! 

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