How much can great landscaping affect the value of a home?


How much can great landscaping affect the value of a home?

Look, it's no secret that great landscaping can increase your home’s curb appeal

Which can cause your home to sell faster on the market.

But can landscaping improve a home's value? 

And, If so, how much?

Well, we surveyed 350 realtors and real estate professionals to get their take.

Below you will find everything you need to know about how much landscaping can improve your home’s value. 

This is crazy, but the answer may surprise you!

TLDR: How much can landscaping improve a home’s value?

From the research, we gathered that most realtors, 97.7%  believe that good landscaping can improve a home's value by at least 5%. And on the high end, 56.3% of real estate professionals believe that landscaping can improve a home's value by 15% or more. And 22.6% of real estate professionals believe that a properly tailored landscape can improve the value of a home by as much as 30%. 

Landscaping and Your Home’s Curb Appeal

While we can attempt to come up with an abstract value of how much good landscaping can improve the value of a home...

Much of the value a well-pruned landscape adds to a property is in boosting the home's curb appeal. As Ken Sisson, a realtor in Los Angeles points out:

“Often, you hear the term “curb appeal”. Well, great landscaping goes a long way here in that department. There’s a huge difference when prospective buyers drive up in front of a home with little, no, or awful landscaping versus when the landscaping is spot on and compliments the home well.”

And as Mr. Sisson goes on to say, this is important because it will increase the chances a prospective buyer will throw in an offer. And “We know that homes with multiple offers sell at a higher price and, most of the time, above the list price.”

“Great landscaping may actually be just the thing that prompts just one more party to throw their hat (or offer) in the ring!” -Ken Sisson Los Angeles real estate professional.

So as you can see, part of the value offered by a solid landscape is not necessarily that it directly increases a home's value. But rather that it raises the chances that potential buyers will put in an offer. Which gives you more leverage to negotiate with prospective buyers. 

Landscpaing and the value of your home. GreenPal

Diving Deeper into the Data

Ok, so let’s dive deeper into the data, and see what it suggests about how much great landscaping can impact the value of your home.

Of the 350 realtors, we got a range of how much the average realtor believes landscaping can improve the value of the home

We asked all the real estate professionals that we pulled to provide a high and a low-end percentage of how much they believe great landscaping could impact the price of a home.

Here were the results:

Realtors weigh in on how much landscaping can impact the value of your home. GreeenPal

Low-End Estimates 

The first number we asked for from the realtors we polled was the minimum they thought good landscaping could impact the value of a home. 

The numbers we received on the low end ranged from 3% all the way up to 25%. However, the majority of realtors suggested that a home's value would be increased by at least 5-15% by having good landscaping and maintaining your property well

And it’s needless to say that can be a lot. For example, if the average cost of a home is $348,079, even improving the value of your home by only 5% would be significant. 

In this example, the value of your home would see an increase of $17,403.95!

How much can landscaping impact the value of your home? Realtors answer GreenPal

High-End Estimates 

On the high end, the realtors that we polled estimated that landscaping could improve the value of a home by anywhere from 3-30%. 

On average, realtors estimated on the high end that great landscaping could improve the value of your home by at least 10%. But many, 56.3% estimated that it could improve the value of your home by over 15%.

If we use the same average house price of $348,079 as in the example above. If good landscaping can improve the value of your home by 15% that would be an increased value of $52,211.85. 

As you can see from the data that we polled from real estate professionals, the value of your home can be greatly improved by cultivating an outstanding landscape. 

But not all improvements offer the same return on Investment as others. So which improvements offer the most bang for your buck?

Let’s take a look!

Landscaping and the value of your home

Which landscaping improvements offer the best return on investment?

This is crazy but, the landscaping investment with the highest Return On Investment (ROI) is simply maintaining your lawn. 

It’s true, simply keeping your lawn up to par and regularly mowing offers an average ROI of 267%.

Other landscaping improvements that offer high ROI:

  1. Plant and Maintain Trees- Planting new trees, or caring for your existing ones has an average RO! Of 100%. 

  2. Installing a Sprinkler System- Installing a sprinkler system offers an ROI of 86%.

  3. Build an Outdoor Kitchen- While it may not be for everyone, an outdoor kitchen can net you an ROI of 71%.

Man leaf blowing lawn

At the End of The Day: Landscaping and The Value of Your Home

As you can see, investing in your landscaping is likely to offer a great return in the long run. Not only does great landscaping increase the chances that a prospective buyer will put in an offer. 

Most real estate professionals believe that it can improve the value of your home by 10-15%. Of course, you want to be wise when making any investment. Whether it is to your property or elsewhere. You should always consult with a financial advisor before making any large financial decisions. 

But, when you decide to invest in your landscaping. Reach out to the lawn care and landscaping pros at Greenpal. We have a network of 1000’s of landscaping professionals nationwide. Find the one you need today by getting a free lawn care bid

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